Red Weber Kettle Limited Edition problems : Follow up

I spoke with Dale Wytiaz (President of Weber Grills) regarding problems with the Limited Edition Red Weber Kettle. We talked about why there are chips & cracks in the porcelain and what Weber is doing to fix it. We also talked about the smoke leak issue on my Weber Summit Charcoal Grill.

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Steven Emas says:

They should recall them all and replace them with a good quality grill.

Steven Emas says:

My Jumb Joe doesn’t leak but the 22″ ones do.

Smokey Ray's BBQ says:

Why do you need all those grills?

DDS Rdds says:

What about the leak , did they fix that

jerry hudson says:

When is your next video? We miss you!

Matthew Derickson says:

Well I just ordered my first Weber from Home Depot fingers crossed I bought the red limited edition 22” and a bronze brown 22”

CastIronSkillet says:

Great follow up! thanks for sharing!

Ron Mellum says:

Thanks for making this video and sharing using this forum. I, like you, have always had really good experiences with not only the Weber products, but also with their customer support when I have had the need, so I was really surprised with the red kettle episode and the Summit leak handling. After watching this, some of those nagging little doubts about their service have been removed. Thanks again, and thanks for producing some really creative and entertaining videos

Remi Bernard says:

Hi! I’ve just received my new Weber Original Premium Red limited edition that I ordered as prime member on Amazon. After I’ve watched you’re Porcelain Coating chip video, I was afraid that as soon I received it, it would have the same problems….Like I thought it had those porcelain chips and unfinished painting on the edges…So I received it first thing in the morning yesterday and I spent at least one hour on the photo explaining and sending pictures of the issues…24 hours later I still have no news…So I’m on stand by and waiting on that phone call…More news to come on my issue. By the way…I was really excited as well…

Carey Axt says:

Very nice video, but I feel the only reason you received a phone call is due to your channel. If you were a regular customer,you would have been out of luck. Just my opinion.

ben tackett says:

Go Weber!
I’ll be looking for a red kettle now….

Theron Miller says:

I own an operate an Ace Hardware store and I special ordered a red Weber Kettle grill for one of my regular customers. After using it 3 or 4 times, the red finish started flaking off around the edges. I called Weber and explained the issue and gave them the serial number. The lady in customer service could not have been more helpful. Without prompting, she offered to send a complete replacement lid with all of the hardware. I now have a thrilled customer plus a new admiration for Weber.

Diego Bellini says:

Thanks Justin for your videos about the Red limited edition kettle. Just bought one from Home Depot. Already assembled and looking good so far, actually my second Weber grill but first kettle I owe. I will inspect it more closely to check if all in good conditions and post again I case of any issue. I’ll subscribe your channel as you seem to be a very nice and gentle person, besides your bbq expertise. All the best! Diego

Peter Stevenson says:

I accidentally damaged the lid of mine while transporting it home. Took pics and have a new lid on the way!

Brian Coon says:

You do the best reviews! Do a review on M-grills M1!!!!!

Matthew Illian says:

I would like to add and something you did touch on in one of your previous videos. I would like to add that the Komodo Joe or any other ceramic grill or cooker does not work well in cold climate states like in Alaska where I live. The ceramics crack way to easy during the winter months.

All of the Weber grills work flawlessly even in below 0 weather. One only needs to has to start a little earlier in getting the temps up in below zero weather but as long as you have extra coals ready like Kingsford the temps stays right were you want them.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Weber grills in my opinion.

G. Florez says:

I stumbled across something friday lead me to ask you a question. Should the 26in weber kettle be seasoned rubbed down on the inside with peanut oil then high heat n flavored wood

Gabe511 says:

I had an issue that my lid was damaged when i opened the box. They were very helpful and are shipping me out a new one. However, when i asked about my red kettle and some black specks where the red didnt stick, they said it was normal. I guess i will have to live with it.

Michael Ebbs says:

Used to be made in America. Now “Born In America” i,e, Made in China, , I have a 17yr old summit made in America which I reckon will do another 17. I have my 7th Chinese BBQ in 7 years as well. Nuff said!

Big Lew BBQ says:

Very cool!

G. Florez says:

BBM I got a question brother T told me to ask you. I’m stuck between the 22in and 26in webber with slow and Sear so I don’t always have to fire up my Wichita yoder. From burgers ribs brisket to hotdogs. It gets cold in Kansas and I think a webber be easier to hold the temperature. What’s your thoughts.

Neville Chapman says:

Mate, hows you , your wife and kid. Well I hope. And im glad your bbq is ok.

Steven Emas says:

Bottom line, Big Reds leak and no solution. I’ve used alligator clips to help reduce the leaks. Ashamed they can’t fix the leak problem

will Gaskill says:

Was going to buy one guess I will wait thank you for honest reviews Like your cooking videos learned alot used some tips when useing my offset smoker thanks willy

lakorai2 says:

Ya considering the sky high margins on Weber Grills it ia bullshit that they make the grills in China now. The summit is nowhere near as good as a Kamado Joe and is more expensive.

Everyday BBQ says:

Sounds like they want to keep peoples business and trust. That’s the sign of a good company.

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