Pulled Pork Throwdown! Weber Summit Charcoal Grill vs Slow ‘N Sear 27 kettle | How to smoke Center

***disclosure update: Adrenaline Barbecue Company (makers of the Slow ‘N Sear) loved this comparison video so much they offered me a video deal to make videos for their social media. I love the SnS so much I accepted. It didn’t have anything to do with this video or anything else I say on my own social media accounts, but I feel like that’s important to disclose. Also, to clarify that relationship came AFTER this video was made. BTW, I’m very excited about this! lol)

If you like this Weber Summit smoked pulled pork video, you’ll probably like this one as well.

(Texas smoked brisket on the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. The Weber 27 (26.75) Kettle is not in the brisket cook video, but the Weber Summit is…and the bbq goodness that came off of it was amazing. One of my most popular videos.

In this video, I smoked Texas Style BBQ pulled pork in the Weber Summit Charcoal grill and compared it to pulled pork cooked in the the 27 inch Weber charcoal kettle (aka the 26.75 kettle) with the Slow ‘N Sear XL (SnS) manufactured by Adrenaline Barbecue Company.

I used Kingsford charcoal and monitored the temps inside the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill with the Maverick et-732 temperature controller. Actually there were 2 temp controllers. One in the Weber Kettle with Slow ‘N Sear (SnS and one in the Weber kamado.

The smoked pork shoulder was cooked to 160 degrees and then foiled (Texas crutch …when in Rome) for the remainder of the smoke session, however the Boston Butts remained inside the Weber grills for the remainder of the smoke.

The pork shoulder took 10 hours to cook in the Weber Summit Grill and the 27 Weber kettle and then it rested for 2 hours before it was pulled. It was great.

The pork butt in the Summit had a lighter smoke profile and tasted more like the rub that was one it. The pulled pork cooked with the Slow N Sear in the Weber kettle had a much heavier smoke profile and deeper smoke ring penetration. The outcomes were surprising different yet equally fantastic.

I liked the pork off the Slow ‘N Sear (SnS) a little better and my wife preferred the pulled pork off the Weber Summit charcoal grill but we agree both pork shoulder (boston Butts, pulled pork) turned out great.

Productslinks mentioned in this video (Amazon Affiliate link):
Weber 27 inch kettle (sometimes called 26 or 26.75)

Slow ‘N Sear for 22 inch kettle (most popular seller)

Slow ‘N Sear for the 26.75 kettle and all other Adrenaline BBQ Company products can be found here:

Maverick Et-732 Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer

The video I mentioned about Maverick remote thermometer

Thank you to Adrenaline Barbecue company for providing the Slow ‘N Sear. Check out their website at http://slownsear.com/?abc_ref=6 for more information.

Thanks to the guys at BBQbrethren.com and KamadoGuru.com for all the great information you’ve given me over the years.

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Harald Sagholen says:

Hey man, great video. You allways make me hungry. I hope you have a real well paid job, because the grills you have must have cost a small fortune. Here in Norway, they will have the insignificant amount of an average half-year salary.
After your demonstrations and good guidance, I think that the big weber summit is the thing for me. It is so versatile, considering all the equipment and different uses it has. A standard offset smoker does not come close to this.
It would be fun to see a comparison between an offset and a Weber summit. Grill on dude 🙂

Flex Tango says:

Man your editing is rocking brother!

Moosa Esfahanian says:

I am a total newbie in BBQing, Im thinking about buying a good grill to start and cannot decide between “Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker grill” and “Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch” Any help is appreciated.

Matthias Leute says:

Great content, humor, filming and music. 5 stars from me

Travis Edmiston says:

Great job baby back, I have a question about weber that I can’t seem to find an answer to. I recently bought a weber master touch thinking I was getting a top of the line kettle, after seeing this video I went to weber website and looked at the original kettle premium 26. The 26 has 2 features the master touch doesn’t. The 26 has a stainless steel one touch cleaning blades and stainless steel cooking grate. I wonder why weber decided not to upgrade the master touch with these? I’m considering taking the master touch back and getting the 26 because not just size, but quality. Let me know what you think.

Ed I says:

what’s the longest smoke you ever managed on the slow n sear without refilling the charcoal?

DH Dallas says:

Man I end up smoking around 6-8 pork butts a week. I can fit two butts on my 22.5″ kettle and smoke them both perfectly. I bet that 26.75 would make.it so much easier. How often do you use the 26.75″ now that you have the summit? Do you use the 26.75″ more.often than a 22.5″ kettle?

Egyptman36 says:

Great video, I have a slow n sear and have cooked amazing ribs and brisket with it. I’m going to get a 27 inch Weber and use the slow n sear for the 22 inch to add more grate space for more ribs. Does the slow n sear XL take a lot of grate space?

Gerald Gordon says:

Dude, you are freaking hilarious. I seriously appreciate the obvious effort you put into the production of your videos.

Dave Lawrence says:

David Parrish was wise to sign you up. You  brought the needed pizzazz (if that’s even a real word). Great comparison in this video and you had them both set the same. I’d have a hard time deciding. May have to try it myself just for the fun of it.

Kenneth Segovia says:

The best part is at 13:34!!!

David Orona says:

Haha! “First look” at the 3-1/2 hour mark, you said “this is what it looks like in the Kamado”! Reminded me of “It’s a Kamado”.

BM says:

Have you ever tried using butchers paper for wrapping?

R Ryan says:

shouldn’t you soak the wood chips first ?

Rocky Ruggiero says:

dude, i learn sooooo much from your videos. AND they are a HOOT. I love you. Just love you. Weber should PAY you. For real. Hey, what kind of “lighter” do you have? Looked like a nice small torch. Also, don’t you like to “use” a real torch to light your charcoal? Also, what kind of charcoal do you use? Is that wood birquets or charcoal birquets? AGAIN, MANY MANY THANKS

Bob Heale says:

just sub’d. love the videos and your sense of humour. ( unboxing, I ask my wife, etc). You may have talked me out of an offset and upgrading my kettle to a weber with a slow-n-sear

Randy Correia says:

Great video I have a funny story about 35 yrs ago I sliced a duraflame log into little pieces. I’d use them to start fires in my fireplace & BBQ. I’d tell my wife someone should sell fire starters with them. I missed out a huge money making them. Enjoy all your videos you deserve to have sponsors.

aavile01 says:

Great job with the editing, and attention to light and detail it kept me entertained and wanting more, just subscribed, I enjoy barbecueing.

Eric Schraven says:

how often during the cook do you need to add charcoal to the slow and sear

Mile High V says:

I hit like, cause you asked nicely. 😛

The Meat Stall says:

BOYLOOKAHERE……..I really enjoy your video and the way you edit your videos are outstanding. What program do you use for your editing potna?        Keep Smoking Potna

Brad Brooks says:

How much effort was it to control the temp on the kettle 26?  I would assume the summit was easier but just curious.

James Yue says:

nice backyard

Scottys Back Yard BBQ says:

great video brother

Hinds15 says:

Dude you’re going to have me in trouble with the wife today because she may come home and see a Weber 26 kettle. That’ll put me in the dog house 2 weeks because I need that slow n sear 2 lol

ray camacho says:

Just got a Weber kettle grill…
Learning how to grill is fun and I get better at it every time…

Aron Duty says:

after letting it rest for that long does the pork maintain a warmth for eating ?

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