Perfect Grilled Steak? | GrillGrate Review

This week we are taking a look at GrillGrates and seeing if we can cook the perfect grilled ribeye.

Get them here:
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canonman223 says:

Nice review.  I like that Costco offers prime beef, but not a fan of the butchers there removing the rib cap part of the ribeye.  That’s the most tender part of the ribeye.

4score1957 says:

Great review….mine are coming next week!

Tabey Loccs says:

Hmmm idk lol I can get great results without those grill grates

Lloyd Bonafide says:

Why didn’t YOU reply to my comments hot shot?

PlayerMick - says:

can you speak slightly lower then say “i’m batman”

moogs74 says:

costco prime rib eyes are the only way to go

ts burn says:


spraguedawley says:

Love the spatch-cam!

No pressure Cooking show says:

Because of you I just ordered me some thank you

Lloyd Bonafide says:

“Grill marks” don’t mean a damn thing as to how good or bad a steak is cooked.

It is for amateurs that don’t know any better. Just like this “grill grate” SCAM……..

If grill grates were so damn good don’t you think Weber would have included them with their grilles? Of course they would have.

mellowflyer says:

Just got mine, tomorrow is gonna be fun.

Ritesh Verma says:

Grate marks is for noobs. Cold grates is the way to go.

CastIronSkillet says:

Outstanding review! Good video! Thanks for sharing!

T Dubb says:

Great review! I’ll definitely be purchasing some grates to try out myself.

Allen Albertson says:

I never understand the fascination with grill marks.

Capital BBQ says:

These are available to purchase online at

Brad Barrett says:

Bravo! Nice video! We enjoy doing taste testings like that and our friends do too! GrillGrate, Eat Well!

cooking with webby says:

Stakes look awesome


Awesome review on those grill grates .. man those steaks look killer you can definitely tell the difference from grill marks
And you can’t go wrong with that Montreal steak spice that’s one of my favorites I love it too really enjoy your channel man love the man cave like your style brother cheers


Mark R says:

Thanks for the video getting a set for my CC sear box

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