Pellet grill vs Charcoal Rec Tec vs Weber Kettle BBQ Start up Time

Which BBQ grill will heat up faster, a Pellet Grill or a Briquette Charcoal grill? I’ve wanted to do this for a while so I put together a video of starting up my Rec-Tec 680 vs using my Weber grill with a Chimney Starter. This video is all about which grill will get you cooking faster if you’re ready to do some 400 degree or higher grilling.

Jerky Cannon (affiliate)
Perfect blend pellets
Rectec Pellets
Weber Chimney
Weber Kettle Grill
Fire Starter
Mini Rectec
My Grilling Store front

Camera Used

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Rick Short says:

Great video, I own a Traeger and love cooking on it.

non yobussiness says:

How does RecTec compare to a propane grill?

Dennis Steele says:

Apples and Oranges. I grill on my grill in minutes at 500′, but I smoke on my Pellet smoker in minutes at 250′ as well. I would never even think of grilling on my smoker or attempting to “Smoke” on any grill. Both will do either but they’re not made for it nor are they good at it.

5280 Street Dogs says:

Nothing beats the taste of the real cookers like charcoal and wood, pellet cooker which I also own are a lazy man’s way to come close.

Maddog8148 says:

If you put paper under the chimney with those two first sticks the charcoal would light and ash over faster.

Tommycod Fish says:

Should factor in the cost of each unit and the fuel it takes for each unit to cook. I wonder what unit is more costly to run to cook say a turkey?

mike farey says:

My RT miny will hit 400 degrees in half that . maybe because its the miny?

John Texas says:

I grill for one or two. I have a small charcoal grill. I don’t grill when I’m in a hurry or impatient. My little grill also smoked for 1-2 beautifully. I paid less than $100 here in TX for it. Will a pellet grill match its capability for under $100?

Randypzz says:

I have been very interested in a rec tec pellet grill, but the reality is that I cook mostly burgers and steaks.  Don’t get me wrong, I do cook ribs and tri tip and carne asada, but overall burgers and steaks are the primary things I cook.  With that in mind, do you think I should get a rec tec or stick with a gas griller?  My wife really doesn’t want multiple units in the back yard.  I did consider doing exactly what you’ve done, a rec tec and a weber charcoal grill (since the weber doesn’t take up a lot of space.  My main concern is that I like a really good sear on my steaks and I’m not positive I can get that even with the grill grates.  What say you?

Randy Correia says:

I own a Traeger it’s made my life easier. I never burn a nice piece of meat. I’ve smoked many briskets turned it to 225 & walked away. Thank you for the video it was a nice comparison.

Rusty KC says:

I really enjoyed this video. I’m a Weber guy but definitely not above a pellet grill…. I just lack the funds 😉 I would have lost this bet by a lot. I figured surely the Rec-Tec would have won this competition but the good old trusty Weber came out on top! Hope you get some more videos put up showing off our beautiful grills. cheers

EH CBunny says:

It’s easier to keep a pellet grill at a specified temperature than a charcoal grill I will never go back to babysitting a charcoal grill again.

alexsatevo25 says:

great comparison. Can’t beat old school charcoal. It makes flavor better too imo

Tom Horsman says:

Nicely done!

WHEAT H says:

There is no comparison the Rec Tec is a lot easier than the weber kettle and your temps stay consistent through out your cooking without checking you temp. you have to constantly check your coal and your baffle on the weber kettle to adjust for your temp. if you have a crowd or a guest I would rather be entertaining my crowd or guest than running back and forth to my smoker/grill

MarktheHunter says:

I smoke brisket,pork butt,ribs and all kind of chicken and turkey on my Weber performer,start chimney at 10 pm with only 5-6 and by 11 pm is ready. Put those hot coals in one spot on unlit coals around 10:30 crack bottom vent about 2/8 and top vent 1/8 and temp stabilize around 11,meat on and I go to bed not to worry about a thing.Naturally you have to setup your grill right,water pan, radiant heat deflector temp probes,etc but I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to check my coals,hell no. That kettle keeps temp like a champ,my digital smoker didn’t see action for years now, smoking, grilling and chillin all on that kettle grill.It takes little bit of practice ( almost burned my house down at first try) but is doable and matter of fact really simple.Setup I do gives me 12-14 hrs of constant temp between 225- 240 degree so there is no need to get up and check on coals in the middle of the night and meat taste’s great to.

J Liebs says:

can you keep unused pellets in the hoppers for next time or is there a concern about weather(rain, humidity)?  thanks

Michael Louis says:

And the pellet grill keeps adding pellets while the coal stayed with what you had originally used.

pablo almendarez says:

nice comparison !

Robert Steele says:

try lighting the charcoal on a com day! I had charcoal gas and now a pellet ! I will take the pellet!

FilthFlarn says:

Nice video, I’m interested in a rec tec when the funds become available. I heard that pellet grills don’t provide much of a smoke flavor when you BBQ, how has yours been?

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