Member’s Mark Kettle Grill: Repair, Compare, Prepare

This is a follow up video to the unboxing /assembly video of the Member’s Mark 22.5 inch Kettle Grill. That video can be seen here:

In that video I made a mistake during assembly and messed it up. In this video I repair the damage, compare the grill to a comparably priced Weber, and prepare the grill by seasoning the cast iron and curing the paint and porcelain with corn oil the way the instructions say to do.
If you are curious about this grill I have lots of good information here.

I own both of these grills and have no affiliation with Weber or Sam’s Club.


CastIronSkillet says:

Awesome instructional and review video! Great job!

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Awesome Comparison Big Lew!!

Noname Please says:

Wow. I thought you talked fast before. Good review and I’m sure you are going to be happy with it for what it is.

Barlow BBQ says:

Very nice comparison/contrast between the two. Looking forward to seeing you put it into action!

Gregor Miller says:

LLLLEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!! Good stuff, keep’em comin.

manbeastx69 says:

Weber all day any day,great warranty,great customer service,parts are easy to find and get ,accessories are off the charts from Weber and third party manufacturers big and small .You have to have a membership to get MM grill and you might find that grill this year but next year its gone for good with no support or accessories for it anywhere to be found ever again.

DH Jam1 says:

I think the weber 22 grates might fit, you look like you have a Weber 18

Louis at R shack BBQ says:

Nice side by side comparison. Looks like a decent grill. Look forward in seeing how well the cast iron grate holds up.

steve kastner says:

Ok bro I like all your trolling on the members mark grill and I have one of those $150 Weber’s and just got the members mark grill and the members mark grill far exceeded the Weber in every way. Four legs cast iron grate . A much more stable and better quality grill for $50 less. Amazing grill. Above and beyond the flimsy weber

Everyday BBQ says:

Great comparison and explanations, Lou!

William Logan says:

Nice review and comparison Lew, but I was thinking you could have purchased an after-market 4-piece cast iron grate for the Weber at same price as the Member’s Mark Kettle Grill. Cheers and have fun grilling!

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

Hey Lew! Liked your fix for the out of round kettle……clever! Being a tall fellow……I’m with you on the height aspect of it. Looking forward to see what you do with it……Metal On!

MeatHead says:

Good fair honest review. That’s what you get with BIG LEWWWW BBQ!!

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Very good comparison, like the indepth.

Since seeing your video i have looked at a castiron grate here, but its actually more expensive than your whole new grill (not by far but still….) .. edit: found one for 50 dollars so i will go take a look after work 🙂

Everyday Life with Steve says:

Nice comparison and review.


Nice explanations Big Lew…….liking that cast iron grate!!! I’m sure someone will reproduce those soon!

Mack's BBQ Team says:

Luckily, I’m not allowed to buy anymore grills. I would recommend anyone looking to shop used kettles. Seems like there is always a $25 kettle on facebook

Biggs' Home Cookin' says:

Good review… Lew. Like the tourniquet you made… to get the lid to fit properly. I don’t think you mentioned whether you like the cast iron grate or not… lol. 3″ taller… thats a good thing! Thanks bigg guy : )

steve kastner says:

You also get customer service with the members mark grill too because it’s from Sams Club. Your review is flawed


Nice review and comparison Big Lew. Thanks to mama. Lol We both have new cooking devices, now we need to cook something.

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