Lump vs. Briquette Charcoal

This episode explains the difference between the two types of charcoal, and gives you tips for working with both.


Abhishek Patnaik says:

Ok GrandPaa.. I’ll do my home work

Black Diamond CharWood says:

Please feel free to try our Black Diamond CharWood @michael conner our Charcoal is 100% organic and has nothing other than premium hardwood in it and thats why its USDA certified organic .

You can buy it at your local Ace or True Value stores, in store or online !

mdf072 says:

I want to use the snake method with briquettes, however I am concerned. A friend mentioned that you should not cook on charcoal beads (heat beads, briquettes) until they are completely ‘whited over’ because it poses a health risk due to the chemicals added to them. Considering that the snake method is all about transferring heat to uncooked coals, if he was correct this could be a real problem. I’m not talking about charcoal here, I’m talking about heat beads or briquettes or whatever you want to call them. Does anyone know if there is truth to this, and can provide a link to a reputable source? Much appreciated.

thayne559 says:

I prefer Royal Oak lump charcoal for grilling and Kingsford Blue for smoking and indirect BBQing.

TheDukeOfLancaster says:

There’s no link in the description for your recommendations on the best brands for lump charcoal. I’m looking for a nice cheap all natural brand if there are any

Stacy Smith says:


#1 Pour small pile of lump charcoal.

#2 Place starter iron over small pile. (Available at Lowe’s in the wood stove/grilling section for $10)

#3 Pour another small pile on top of iron so that you have a normal sized pile with the iron in the center.

#4 Open a bottle of Miller High Life, holding only the neck while drinking, to avoid warming your beer with heat from your hand.

#5 After 10 minutes scatter coals and cook like a pro!

#6 Open another Miller High Life and enjoy it with your meal.

Michael Conner says:

BEWARE!!!! of Royal Oak all natural lump wood charcoal. I have been using Royal Oak for years from Walmart the last bag i bought I found insulation and pieces that resemble wood studs. Im dissapointed and concerned for my health now. please inspect your wood or charcoal.

Philly Scorpio says:

just got finish using Lump Wood Charcoal (yes I grill in the winter here in Philly… it’s a great time to try new things like Lump Charcoal before the spring hits). I have to say, I’m impressed! I love it! I’m switching to this… it gives that wood flavor you want from your food…plus I’ve added some Apple Wood to it to enhance it. I did Beef Ribs & Ribeye steaks. I use the Cowboy Brand… was really good. not bad in price either

csu111 says:

Dang. I had to get out my notebook. Good information.

Kain Nosgoth says:

Today I went and used some Cowboy brand lump charcoal and cooked some really nice whole and sliced potatoes to go with the huge sliced chicken breast my cousin cooked tonight (one of many I might add as we had guests.)

He commandeered the oven and I went outside with the Weber charcoal starter. I took 6 whole ‘taters, sliced em’ in pieces and put them on a bed of onions slathered with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and some Romano cheese sprinkled on top with the whole thing rolled in foil. 20-30 minutes later, there was a lovely pile of ‘tater slices with melted cheese, pepper and onions. Needless to say it was well received! The coals are STILL glowing as we speak, even after 3 hours.

Lump charcoal is the best..I started out green and really wet behind the ears and now it’s been a real experience each and every time I cook. Go with lump charcoal, it’s the best, it’ll never let you down!

stoney Alvarez says:

kool bbq videos thanks

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