Is this the best cheap offset smoker? Epic Bayou Classic Offset Review

Full review of the Bayou Classic 36 inch offset grill/smoker. This could be the best cheap offset smoker available for the money.

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Joshua Deaver says:

Man I love your videos!

Chris Brown says:

I’m a huge T-Roy Dan. I saw the chat episode with you and Troy. Very nice job with your channel. This episode gives me hope to get an off set one day. Keep up the great work.

R Ryan says:

Wow!!! Justin awesome intro ha!!
Just curious how come we haven’t seen any cooks with the offset??
Also where does it rank among all the cookers you have?? Do you prefer the traditional wood smoking way or the WEBER WAY AND WHY?? Have a great day thanks.

Alonzo Luna says:

I’ve been shopping for a smoker for over 1 year and kept looking at the Old Country smokers at Academy but could never find one with a tight fit, too many spots for heat to leak out, then I ran across the Bayou Classic at BBQ’s Galore here in Ft Worth…they had it for $999 and I was so impressed by the quality workmanship that I almost bought it…luckily I held off and the next week I was at Costco where the exact same cooker was for $499. I wanted to buy it right then and there, but I didn’t have a truck to haul it home….I came back a few days later to purchase, they only had 1 left and to my surprise the price had dropped to $399…that never happens to me…must have been my lucky day. It’s been great to cook on and am more than happy I waited to find it…loved the video, you showed me a few things about the cooker that I didn’t know…thx!

KentG says:

Dude you have the best intros

raven Joyner says:

Thanks for this review I been looking for they do smoker this is the best review I seen

txhypnotist says:

good review.

Louisa Wiltshire says:

Where can I order this grill I done been through all those links you listed?

Lance Baker says:

GARBAGE!!! After 2 and a half minutes, no word spoke. No silent movies for me!!!!

preachers son cooking channel says:

Check out my new cooking channel preachers son cooking channel!! Tell me what ya think and enjoy it only is getting better!!


my question is i live in wisc and my prob is the cold blowing on the smoker i want to smoke but lost

Harald Sagholen says:

Hi Justin. Incredibly good video, you should really work in the advertising industry.
I like this model offset smoker.
For me, it’s not just jumping in the car to get one.
I live a little too far away.
So, is there any place online selling Bayou Classic for the same price? Or is it possible to shop online from the store you bought your smoker?
Do not think there are any manufacturers of such grills / smokers in Scandinavia, Landmann supplied three types, two of them in 2 mm sheet metal, one in 4mm steel. but it costs almost $ 1700 It is also quite small. Waiting for your answer
Best regards from Norway

Derrick Gray says:

Where can I find this smoker? How much is it?

tamenga88 says:

Holy Shit.
Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings got nothing on your Intro.

Mathew Hastings says:

T-Roy is very knowledgeable about grills, he gave me some good ideas.
Just bought the Char Griller smoking outlaw, I need to season it before I smoke with it, just not sure how to season a new grill.

pim1234 says:

In Europe you don’t find any of these good, cheap smokers. Just the she shitty kind or the very expensive…

gottafly125 says:

WOW. Am I saving the world or BBQing? What a video!!!.

DeVere Enterprises says:

Looking forward to see what’s next

Salvador Hurtado says:

Now I feel the need to fire up my smoker ! Good action movie got my blood pumping !! Eeeyeah

Frank Sotelo says:

That intro though amazing!!

nikolas nikolaou says:

The name of the song pls……

Steve Pool says:

Hey, Maniac, please show us a cook of ribs or something on your Bayou Classic.

Kent Barnwell says:

What’s the recipe for the rub with the Tang?

421ssrida says:

I just came across this video. And I’m wondering where can I find this combo grill. I went to the bayou classic website. And they have it for 1299.95 plus shipping, no way. I went to my local costco’s and they only have pellet grills. Where can I find this???

betoen says:


This fall…

The smokes…


Will tender the meats!!

Jason McKillop says:

2:29 I want an Olympic Medal in the form of a grill/smoker. Thank you

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