How to set up a Weber or Kettle Grill by the BBQ Pit Boys

We’ve been cooking on kettle grills for years and this is the easy way to clean it, and set it up for indirect grilling. And it’s real easy to do as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys.-…Please Subscribe, Fav and Share us. Thanks..! We are YouTube’s #1 Cooking Show for Barbecue and Grilling. Are you looking for barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your Pit, family picnic, or tailgating party? Then put your Barbecue Shoes on because we’re serving up some delicious, moist and tender, and real easy to do cooking on the ol’ BBQ grill.

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partymanau says:

Slow, cantankerous and a general pain in the arse is the weber. Save ur money time and effort and buy a gas powered conventional BBQ.

Chau Tran says:

my grill is not dirty. It’s well-seasoned :3

Aaron Rodriguez says:

I love to travel with my weber smokey joe, portable, easy, Thanks Bobby and crew for all the great recipes all these years. I remember your epic and world famous “rib eye steak” The video that started it all!!

WindMage9000 says:

i’m gonna have to buy a chimney

Montie Easter says:

does it matter about the shift on the bottom? Where should it be? Completely closed or open a tad? Thanks

Daley Robinson says:

This is cool thanks. one thing…when you have quite a lot of meat say for a family of 4, keeping the lid open to do the sear for all that meat then means that it never really the gets that hot in the Bbq part of the process, assumingly because all the heat generated in the preheat escapes. any tips?

undertaker666dead says:

BBQ Pit Boys if you guys where going to build a BBQ from scratch what would you use to build it and how would you have it set up???

Rob Godwin says:

Brilliant. Thanks for showing me how it should be done.

Sky Man says:

thanks pit boy

FuriousGato says:

I clean my grill using this method every single time before I cook but somehow my food gets the smokey flavor that is of a dirty greasy smoke or something. Food doesn’t that nice… Has anyone experienced that? Could it be because of the greasy smokey residue left on lid and inside the kettle? I have tried to completely clean out both lid and kettle that are covered with a thin layer of grease. Oven cleaner does the job but am not sure if it damages my kettle at all? I can’t find on youtube anyone fully cleaning their kettle this way, just simple cleaning of removing ashe, cleaning the grate. Has anyone experienced the problem am having? BBQ Pit Boys please help..

Giovanni Masi says:

Thanks. That was real easy. Great Video.

Thomas Kennedy says:

Weber kettles for the win!

Abu Abdur Rahman says:

so the bottom portion which opens up the 3 holes will allow the charcoal to keep burning by allowing oxygen to keep fueling the charcoal right?

siriusbidness says:

you guys are awesome! I am probably asking a newbie type question but hell… you don’t ask you don’t know. Could yall do a injection recipe episode? Would help me out much. Keep up the good work either way!

TheKokojoe says:

What about the bottom vent, is it fully open or partially closed? I use the top vent, and still get high temp readings sometimes.

Daniel Olah says:

ty mate for the tuto 😀

Todd Tene says:

do you have your bottom vents all the way open?

Christian Fliether says:

I just watched German Kettle Grill videos on youtube… I felt as if I would have to stud BBQ at our University first… thanx god, I found yours as this is the first that doesn’t make BBQind into a science… thumbs up!

av5283471r says:

This is really a great and informative video. I live in an apartment and I wonder if I could use it on my electric cooking heater but I’m afraid the fire alarm would go off cause the alarm is right on top of my cooking heater…

Ludvig Borga says:

For chops or burgers, how long should you allow the meat to sear? Once you have the meat cooking indirectly how long should you allow each side to cook?

James Weber says:

Have a Weber grill now, about the size of yours. Was thinking of getting a larger grill, one that I could possibly use whole logs of wood for smoking. Is it worth it?!? I grill/smoke all my food

Thiago Zago says:

Love these guys!

tpt213 says:

screw my wire brush. im using foil 2 clean my grate.

lennym480 says:

Awesome videos!

Do you only use charcoal briquettes, or do you use lump charcoal as well?

Aaron Lunzmann says:

That is a huge amount of lit charcoal. Don’t need much more than. 10 or 12 lit coals. Love the recipes!! Keep it up fellas!

Aundrea Clark says:

Super helpful thank you!!!

ironhead rick says:

Just picked up a Weber. Great tip. Thanks!

Ray Thompson says:

I have a Weber medium size grill, love the thing. Usually do chicken, ribs, hamburgers and the like. I want to try a goose on indirect heat. Anybody have some experience. Thanks. Cheers (long live goose).

dirtybeatfreak says:

So I committed an offence with my Weber and forgot to remove the ash before I stored it in my shed with a cover on. This was a year ago last summer. Have removed the ash. What’t the best way of cleaning now? I were going to do a ‘cook’ but not cook any food, then wipe it down and cook again later with food. What I am worried about is the grill where you place the food? Does that need any special attention??

Watcher3223 says:

Why didn’t you use the One Touch feature on that Weber kettle to help sweep out the ashes?

rtrThanos says:

Oh…My…God…after years of enduring click-bait and children hurling insults, I’ve finally found Youtube’s “special purpose!” Thank you BBQ Pit Boys, for providing the important public service of showing people how to make good food through high quality videos!

joseph burtulato says:

Lol girly gas grill, also bbq gloves too

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