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There are 9 million gas grills sold each year – making them the most popular choice for Americans. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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Consumer Reports’ experts walk you through key technologies and features to consider before buying – and also explain the pros and cons of other models including charcoal and electric.


Jamie Budkiewicz says:

Your sound level seems very low, I can barely hear it on my phone.

Martin Smith says:

Did anybody learn anything they didn’t already know?

mountainhobo says:

8-minute long teaser?

50hellkat2 says:

Doesnt stainless steel emit stuff that is not healthy?

Carlos Pereira says:

not very helpful, i didnt hear anything about an actual brand.

Juan Tubero says:

Just buy a simple 30 dollar grill from walmart and use charcoal….its all in how good of a cook you are…no need to spend hundreds and make shitty looking food like the ones on this video

Arcade Party says:

it’s aluminum that’s not healthy some say, not stainless steel. Right?

norm lor says:

this is a great video as I am looking for a great bbq with great value NOT costing $5K, however, I am part Asian and do a lot of wok cooking and it’s too bad a “Side Burner DOESN’T come with a pull-out burner and be able to insert a “Bowl” shaped one for just this purpose. I have many ideas and this one has been buzzing in my head for a couple of years!!

Mr. M says:

Didn’t talk about the types of even heat distributions.. which is the heart of the grill besides the burners. . (Heat shields, flavor bars, ceramics).. how is this supposed to help anyone buy a grill.. you basically made a video using different grills and didn’t give an option to which type of cooking system was the most efficient.

Fwirs says:

Very informative video

Lbolting005 says:

El stupido yo, me gusta not know nothing holmes. Dang youngin.

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