Epic Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Review & 20 pound Brisket Smoke- Texas Style BBQ

I’m aware that many of you found my channel looking for information about he Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling center. I’ve been wanting to do a full review of the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill for a while. I even filmed the review but I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I ditched it and decided to include partial reviews in each of videos by including pictures and talking about characteristics of the Weber Summit in each of my videos.

It must have been a bit too subtle because people have complained to me that my videos are not “useful” to them. I’m not sure what that means exactly because I try to make all my Weber Summit videos informative as well as entertaining. However, I changed my approach a little bit for this brisket smoke video.

My goal with this video was to review as much information as possible about the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill to help people who are thinking about purchasing the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. However I wanted to do that without making the video too long or distracting from the main point of this video…which was smoking the biggest BBQ brisket I’ve ever cooked. I think you’ll find the first half of this video to be more “informative” and the second half to be more entertaining and funny.

Smoked Brisket is my wife’s favorite…especially when it’s Texas Style smoked brisket. Therefore, I’ve probably smoked 100 packer briskets (we prefer those to just the brisket flats) on just about every type of grills including the Big Green Egg XL, Kamado Joe Big Joe, Weber Smokey Mountain (22.5 and 18.5), Weber 26.75 kettle, 22.5 inch kettle, the Weber Performer, and, of course, the Komodo Kamado (You can see that in my first video.) I’ve even cooked a brisket on the little Weber Smokey Joe.

Smoking a brisket packer in the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is more like cooking in the Big Green Egg XL or the Kamado Joe Big Joe than any of the other grills I’ve used. Not only are they the exact same size, but they actually behave similarly in how they cook. The Weber Summit is obviously a lot lighter and doesn’t feel as substantial as the ceramic kamados, but the irony there is it’s a lot more durable and resistant to cracking. It’s also a heck of a lot more convenient to use. (There are advantages to ceramic kamados too. Go with your gut. You’ll be happy with either.)

The brisket turned out wonderful. It was one of the best I’ve ever done.

Products used in this video
If you use the Amazon links in this section to buy a product, Amazon will send me a (very) small referral fee that I will save and someday use to buy a cup of coffee. (Seriously, it’s that small.) However, it doesn’t cost you anything extra so I will happily accept that small amount of money because, let’s face it, I’m addicted to coffee. In other words, thanks for using these links.

Meat Church BBQ rubs
-They sent rub to me for free, but I like it so much I probably would have used it anyways. (Shhh. Don’t tell them that, though.)

Weber Chimney Starter

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone
-Possibly the best (value) purchase I’ve made for my channel. Get a windsock if you plan on shooting in windy conditions.

Articulating Arm

Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System
Cheap compared to other wireless systems, but not cheap. I recommend it if you have the $, but it’s more of a convenience than a necessity.

Canon 70D DSLR
My primary camera.

The gold standard.

Palermo Digital Barbecue and Meat Thermometer
A MUCH cheaper and highly regarded instant read thermometer.

For great information about BBQ, join the http://www.bbq-brethren.com and www.kamadoguru.com discussion forums. Fantastic people and great resources for information about BBQ and grilling.


Steve Yeater says:

sorry thought I was doing a search

bbeachbbum04 says:

I love your videos! You crack me up =D

Steve Yeater says:

weber submit grill

Erik Carlson says:

Did you have to add fuel when you increased the temp after the 4-5 hour mark? ( I usually have to in my WSM cooker ) I love your style of video and quality. They are awesome. I’m brand-new to your site. Keep up the great work

N1mro8 says:

I really like your vids, keep it up!

greg soto says:

does it work for carne asada

Daniel Haddock says:

Lump..Akorn Kamado

Pink_bunny says:

Dude you rock. Thank you so much for all you do. Just bought my summit today and i am stalking your videos! Ha

Ivan Quintana says:

Hey brother just was wondering what kind of thermometer do you recommend on buying?

Da Bird says:

Hi there, cheers!
I use mesquite, apple wood, almond wood which is my favorite and olive wood. All are great, just depends on what you plan to cook and what flavour you want, sometimes I mix. I have a komodo, how do you truly feel about this weber model? I am interested and do not want to feel ripped off
Thanks cheers From Mexico

George Maurice says:

WSM, Napolean (Canadian made but very similar to Weber, cooking grate can be adjusted up or down 3 spots), Pit Barrel Cooker … Kingsford as I find the temp consistent. In past whenI used lump, it was much more difficult to regulate temp. Great videos, informative and funny

Steve Yeater says:

Kingsford-Weber 22in kettle and pit barrel cooker

John Proffitt says:

I use Kingsford original, sometimes I will add in some Kingsford Mesquite, but I really dislike the Kingsford competition briquettes – they burn down too fast. After the charcoal is going, I’ll add seasoned wood chunks of apple, hickory, oak or mesquite depending on the meat I’m cooking. I have a Brinkmann charcoal grill, and I usually use indirect heat to grill. I think I’d like to get a Weber Smokey Mountain grill or a stick burner and try those as well.

Faded Jordan says:

get to the point my dude.

Keith Clark says:

Hey Justin
Does the weber summit have the same vent holes so we can use the cyber Q temperature control fans?

Neville Chapman says:

ok wow that looked dry.

Jimmy Wilson says:

22″ Weber kettle and I use both.

BGCoop79 says:

I use Stubbs all natural charcoal exclusively whether I am doing a low and slow or a high heat for burgers and steaks. I am using a CharGriller Akorn.

Gary Chupp says:

I like Lump with my xl grill dome. Great vid !!

Alvaro de la Macorra says:

BGE Mezquite Lump, great channel!

Brent Hilgenkamp says:

Kingsford professional in my WSM 22.5″

J Lancaster says:

Weber kettle. Lump for high heat and searing. Briquettes for low and slow. The briquettes seem to hold anymore stable heat for me.

Dan Glecier says:

Thanks for the video. exactly the information I was looking for.

pim1234 says:

Love your dog !

norm lor says:

I cannot believe how cheap your Meat is in America, that here in Quebec would be $200!!

J Liebs says:

great video!  I have a BGE large mostly because we bbq low and slow year round and rightly thought BGE was better insulated for our NJ winters. But this summit looks interesting, do you have any experience with it in NE winter conditions?  also , is there a reason no pellet cooker? I am interested in these as well but again haven’t found one with serious insulation to work well in 20 degree winter.  thanks

Vladimir Goncharenko says:

when you started to cut it, it appeared little dry…

maddog22002 says:

Hi mate.. I was looking into doing a brisket and wasn’t too sure how to go about it (Since I’m Australian) Very informative.. I enjoyed your video. Thank you. 😉

Keith Clark says:

Justin, I use FOGO lump from amazon. I have two eggs XL and Med. and then a Kamado Jr. for the RV thing. It’s lighter than the mini egg. I’m comparing Kamado vs Weber Summit for the desert house.

J0Gu7 says:


Richard Huff says:

WOW! As soon as you unplugged it you sounded better! Lmao! Just joking! Great review!

lampwall06 says:

Lump kamado joe

Chris Kozub says:

I use lump charcoal in my GE stove.
I use kingsford for my blender.

Pretty simple actually.

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