Egg KILLER – Kamander grill UNBOX

This is a look at the Kamander grill by Char-broil and an unboxing and construction. Took me approx 90 nminutes to construct and is very rugged. model

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Pigskin Barbeque says:

Have you guys conducted a test to see how long it will go at 250 with a load of that charcoal?
I may have to get 1 of these.

Rick Reyna says:

I’ve had mine for about a month now. Love it! Cooks amazing! From low and slow to high searing!

wilhemena cooker says:

yep, all these reviews and comments have convinced me to stick with my cheap charcoal Weber – going on 15 years now and still works great!

tribe of Benjamin says:

For the people on here that keep complaining about rust. There’s a reason they make covers for most grills…duh. Most covers cost less than a large bag of lump charcoals so stop bitchin

TheASTrader says:

This is begging for a custom paint job.

Dico Sudiki says:

Zone a zone

tribe of Benjamin says:

Just one of these from HSN. Haven’t used it yet . Hopefully my first cook will go well

Norman Baker says:

wow, people gets nasty, why don’t they enjoy what they bought, who cares what anybody said about BGE or Primo, or any grill, if you happy with your grill that’s all it matters.


Affiliate links to Amazon. This is not a review, he gets paid if you buy this grill.

Clyde Sanders says:

I bought my first BGE 15 years ago. At the time I owned 2 smokers. Today I own my original BGE and have added a second egg. Bottom line, you either own and use a BGE or you don’t. Nothing else compares !

Andrew Bausman-TTE says:

Yah, you don’t know shit about Kamados but it thats all you can afford I guess its better that a kettle.

Darryl Warren says:

WD-40 will clean the sticker off

sideshowtink says:

I really want that but could never assemble it!!

Les Vegetables says:

Lol char broil.. big green egg killer? Cmon now. I don’t even own a BGE. What big box store can I find this egg killer at? Home Depot, lowes, Walmart? Lolololl

Gary C says:

Well BGE owners, it seems thou does protest too much. I ordered my Kamander after seeing this stream of invective. You spent too much – get over it.

Damn Yankee Rider says:

mine arrived today

Aaron Wayman says:

Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to pick up a kamado style grill for years but not wanting to break the bank. This was one sale last week at Sears website the sale plus their weird coupon program allowed me to order it for 240.00. looking forward to it now!

hopheadeddie says:

My Acorn has lasted me about 3+ years. I have done everything with it from Bread to Long cooking roast. Unfortunately I didn’t religiously keep it covered and it has rusted. The bottom fills up with water even when covered. I’ve seen them new at Lowes outside on display full of water. I paid about $300.00. I think it was worth it especially when my budget would not afford an egg. I’m probably going to get another one.

Ken Bard says:

After seeing this and reading a many reviews on this Kamander I liked the concept and the price so I bought one on sale at True Value Hardware just after July 4th .. they had them marked down to $299.
Good price – decent Kamado but not so good support from Char Broil though.
Like many others commenting here.. I did not want to spend $1000 plus on a ceramic unit at this time (though if I did I would go with Komado Joe not BGE)
With that said, when I purchased this I did a burn in… then a few days later did a test run. I am more of a low and slow guy – I have WSM, offset, and Weber Kettle.
The first test run.. I found I could not keep the temperature down on the Kamander. I had read one review where a guy said he had to seal the input vent / channel. Well as it turns out I had to do that too. (I called Char Broil about this and they are in denial) Anyway I did this by putting thermal tape at any found cracks (not broken) and potential cracks where the connections are made, now that I have done that I am impressed with how it holds temperature and the efficiency of the use of charcoal. I did a 14hr pork butt the other day.. and it was very stingy with charcoal use. I like a lot of smoke in my meats so I put lots of wood chunks in with the charcoal. It is not as smokey as the offset, but it was very tasty – and I was able to put the butt on at 11pm and go to sleep while it cooked… I know that this will not likely last more than 5 yrs, but by that time I will have the skill for using this and move on toward buying a Kamado Joe or Primo (not a BGE)

I have a buddy from work that has the Akorn and he loves that too.. similar metal kamado.

Donnie Darko says:

Whole chicken upright fit?

D Jaquith says:

The BGE will outlast my lifespan and probably my kids. Nice freebie you received there my friend. Keep these _reviews_ coming and I’m certain you’ll have a ton of free crap .. maybe not so many subscribers.

SteenSmokeHouse says:

Good job sir!

Mike Beagan says:

I bought this about two weeks ago for $300 to see if I liked kamado style grilling before I spent ALOT of $ on something else. This is a solid grill. If it lasts 3-4 years it was worth the $. I’ve done a whole chicken (delicious) and pizza (delicious) right now I’m doing pork ribs for first time. I’m holding a 260 temp for 4 hours now with no movement on temp. That’s impressive.

Para 82 says:

Very cool attitude.

Jamal Franklin says:

Dont trust reviews from Amazon testers…..he got this for free…..go get a dislike

Gilbert Pataky says:

it’s silly to compare a $350 item to a $1200. goofs! i got mine for $269 on sale. what a bargain and it cooks great. smoked ribs the other day. this unit held 260 degrees for a solid hour without any temp change. best money ever spent on a grill!!!

Frans Vermeulen says:

Yes, I do have a BGE. And I love it.

JAG says:

Maybe you tell us one more time how well it was made! Lol

Andy Mendel says:

I had a steel ‘fake egg’. Not bad to cook on but it rusted out after 3 or 4 years. My Kamodo Joe isn’t going to rust!

t scooter says:

Super lame item! Don’t ever buy this junk !!!! This video is 100 % fake news and propaganda about a piece of shit product. !!

Damn Yankee Rider says:

want those stickers off. peel as much as you can then use WD-40

Jeff Vader says:

7:10 is that condensation in the thermometer?

helio raposo says:

I rather have the big green egger because of the ceramic.. It’s a different type of cooking because of the ceramic..

Gilbert Pataky says:

since getting this grill i have come to the conclusion that it performs very well but does require a grill cover when it rains. it will take on water.

Scott Sawyer says:

I own a BGE and I also own a Char Broil grill. They each serve there own purpose but DO NOT compare the two. My Egg will last forever, my char broil…..Not so much

Robert Pitner says:

I think he definitely put the wrong title. Char-broil only offer 5 years warranty. Big green egg offer lifetime warranty on the dome and base and 5 years warranty on hardware. My opinion though is that char-broil looks like Weber grill that have been upgraded to a new look. I know own Weber charcoal grill and Big green egg and soon will be owning kamado joe. I just letting you know people owning a cheaper grill your actually spending more because in 2-6yrs. You gonna have to buy a new one. That’s why there is called smart investment. And i totally understand why some people buy cheaper grill because you are not use it like what most people like me I use my grill almost every day. So my point is think before you buy it. I made mistakes buy a cheaper grill it only lasted 2yrs for me….char-broil cannot bit BGE grill you might need change that title. You know that The big green egg company started 1974 that’s about 43yrs and they have competitions all over in US and UK. You can at compare that to BGE.

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