Efficiency Test: Slow N’ Sear vs Weber Charcoal Baskets

Theres been a lot of talk lately about the efficiency of the Slow N’ Sear. I had to do my own test to see if it uses more or less charcoal that the standard Weber charcoal baskets. Which one will burn out last and be crowned the king of efficiency?

Products used in this video:

Weber Master Touch Kettle: https://amzn.to/2DjDnDI
Weber Charcoal Baskets: https://amzn.to/2PZqFLZ

Slow and Sear and the XR-50 are both made by the Adrenaline BBQ Company:

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Jeff Shannon says:

Excellent video! I just subscribed to your channel!

Spence Tye says:

Nice video, and the fairest comparison i’ve seen comparing baskets to SnS,. That is temperature recorded at the grate or vent, and critically monitoring temperature during the basket bridge.

Cooking With James says:

looks like a great comparison!! how much your slow n sear cost?

Tom Horsman says:

Nice comparison!

Jeff says:

What if you lit both baskets at the same time but dampened them down so that when burning together they would maintain 250 F Then you wouldn’t worry about the bridge.

JDawg23 says:

Shots fired, shots fired….. stop the fight, stop the fight. This is how you do a test!! Not that nonsense Meathead has been doing. Great video and good tests.

Big Lew BBQ says:

Excellent test and video. You did it with a positive upbeat attitude, with out anger issues, personal vendettas, and plain old fashioned grouchiness, as some SNS testers seem to do. Love it.,
And yes the SNS is a better option for a small family meal like just one pork butt, than my 55 gallon UDS is.
However if I’m cooking four pork butts then the UDS wins out.

Bill B says:

Why not try the same test and put the two Weber baskets on opposite sides of each other?

RaleighSmoke says:

Great video!

John Knapp says:

Are you going to try red kettle vs black kettle?

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Nice comparison Ryan. If i had one i would do a comparison in the winter. Cold enough here 🙂


Good test bro. I agree with other on the winter months. It would perform greater. I may have asked you this before. But are you running for your mic? The volume and clarity is spot on.

Bryan Reyes says:

Great test, as someone who is actually in the market for both of these and trying to find real unbiased results this is a tremendous video. Keep up the great work I will be looking out for future videos!

Hobo Nichol BBQ Testing Laboratory says:

Can someone swinging by a polar ice cap please run this test so we can cut the head of this snake already. Dude, I appreciate the video. I appreciate the level of detail you went to and the fact you kept it very non biased in how you portrayed the info. But this whole debate will never end until someone finds the coldest place in the world and runs the test.

Rocky Crocker says:

Great test I’m happy that you put the time in to do this I use the baskets also and so and had been thinking about getting the slow and sear for a long time I’m really glad to have come across this video so I just subscribed and hope to be able to watch some more thanks

White Thunder BBQ says:

I have worked with both….I really have only noticed a difference in the colder months. The SNS would hands down beat the baskets during the winter. During the Summer its nominal.

Grill Top Experience says:

I did everything I could to make this an even test to compare the two. I even repeated it when it messed up. Did I miss anything?

JD Jorgensen says:

Excellent job! Nice to see a fairly run comparison.

Jody Bishop says:

This is a cool video and it seemed that you didn’t have preconceived bias. I’m looking forward to the next video. I know it’s impossible to use water in the test, but that really is the slow n sear’s advantage. It’s heat sync method makes it almost set and forget.

The Culinary Cookhouse says:

Nice job. I don’t have a Weber so I was more interested in that pumpkin spice bologna lol.

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