Charcoal Face-Off: Weber Kettle vs. Big Green Egg | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports pits one of the most popular charcoal grills on the market — the Weber Original Kettle, $80 –against a cult favorite –The Big Green Egg, $1,120.

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Ramse says:

I purchased a Green Egg three years ago. CR didn’t test for long duration, low temperature BBQ and that is why you pay a premium price. It can maintain a very long duration cook time for REAL BBQ like brisket and pork shoulder. It can grill too but not it’s main purpose.

Rob Shell says:

You don’t invest in a big green egg to make steaks and burgers. You don’t buy a weber kettle to make a 15 lb brisket or pork shoulder.

Chris z says:

did they cook the steak outside of the Weber? how in the hell did they not get a good sear?

REEF X mr says:

I got seared steak just like what they showed the big green egg can do, on my weber. I would want a kamado if I was really wanting to slow cook a ton of meat. It’s probably also easier to hold temps on them than my weber kettle. It likes to fluctuate a lot and I got to adjust it a few times over a 4 hour cook. I doubt it’s the grill though, it’s probably just me.

Tom Olofsson says:

The Webber and the Egg are different. The egg is an oven. It can get to high heat but it’s real genius is as a smoker and for baking. The Webber is a grill. Steaks, burgers and other outdoor favorites is what it does best. Sure you can use a limo to take the kids to school but that is nit really where its strengths lie.

Adrenaline Barbecue Company says:

I’ve been a subscriber to Consumer Reports online since the day it began. I’m a fan, but am deeply disappointed in this video. You clearly do not know how to use the equipment you are reviewing and your conclusions are misleading. You are doing a dis-service to your readership.

notconvincedgranny says:

Strange…I’ve gotten my Weber to sear steaks, and used it to smoke brisket and turkey. I guess it all depends on if you know what you’re doing. A good cook can accomplish more with an old egg and a warped skillet than a klutz with a kitchen full of good stuff and no skill.

César Amalou says:

Wait, am I reading this right? The Green Egg is 1,040 dollars more than the Weber?? Who in their right mind would buy it?!

Rus ridge says:

Consumer Reports has been worthless for 20+ yrs

Chilax says:

So many flaws to this. green egg had lump charcoal and grates that got hotter. If they putvlump in both the sear would have been better. and webber comes with a searing grate

Arcade Party says:

Is the egg even relevant in 2017. Talk about not being in tune with your viewer’s. It’s Akorn (budget), Primo (made in USA) or Kamado Joe. Any grill master can cook a pizza, sear a steak or bust out a wok on a kettle from brand Walmart to Webber or kamado.

ballbarn says:

You can make the Weber hotter than that with more charcoal. Like another commenter said, people purchase the Big Green Egg for slow cooking most of the time. Also, what’s the point of comparing a thousand dollar grill with a hundred dollar grill. Does anyone cross shop these???

david grier says:

Why didn’t both grills use the same coals? This was not a fair comparison.



Tomasz Haba says:

This was not a fair assessment stating that the weber doesn’t get as hot as the BGE. I’ve been an owner of the Weber Kettle for 8 years and I use lump hardwood charcoal all the time without issue. They should have used it in their testing to compare temperatures. It seems they didn’t know what they were talking about because it’s fairly common knowledge that Lump hardwood charcoal gets hotter but burns faster and leaves very little ash compared to Briquettes. Briquettes only ‘benefit’, if that, is that they burn longer but leaving a lot of clay residue waste and lower temperature.

Stephen Barber says:

The Weber can reach over 500 degrees but the sad fellow can’t get a sear on his steak???!!! The poor guy needs to take a class in grilling! Both “grills” are great (I have both), but they are very different in function. As mentioned in many comments, the BGE shines in long, slow cooks. The Weber is great for quick grilling, but with something like the Slow’N’Sear, it’s capable of some great low and slow cooks as well. I’d rate this CR comparison at about a C-.

Serby says:

Yes but which will last longer? I’ve been through many of those carbon steel grills; they all rust out

cj jernigan says:

should have tested a 22″ weber

95thRiflesOCI says:

Its pretty much expected that the Weber got outclassed and out perform. My Weber can’t even get a decent grill even with the maximum amount of charcoal in its pit at 30+ degree weather….. No wonder they sell these at walmart and they get return after the BBQ season is over.

Luke Pellegrin says:

yep, and this is why it’s time to unsubscribe from this channel. finally had enough comparisons of apples to oranges. of course the Green egg costs more because it’s a high end pit capable of so much more than just grilling. it’s far superior in terms of heat stabilization for slow cooking. CR used to be a valuable and trustworthy source of getting the most bang for your buck. I don’t know if the magazine is still worth reading, but the videos aren’t worth watching anymore.

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

I picked up my green egg at a sporting good store for less than $600. It is the best cooking instrument outdoors I have ever used. Previously I had an original Komodo pot that was handed down from my father it was over 40 years old when I got rid of it because it cracked up. When I first got married I also inherited a Weber grill just like the one shown from my wife’s father, it lasted over 35 years. So I would say length of service is not an issue here. Where the big green egg shines, is in slow cooking you can do a brisket you can roast slow you can praise you can do just about anything you can do in an oven. Also it was not a fair test using lump charcoal against briquettes, lump charcoal burns much hotter than briquettes.

Marchelo DeFacto says:

Best grill is ever the one that has infrared in it … gas grill cooks same as these with infrared

Chemtrail Dreams says:

I am insulted that consumer reports would lower themselves to review charcoal grills instead of sticking with a clean burning fuel like propane, I will pray for you.

himakgam says:

i have both. Hardly use weber. these two are like cooking your food in teflon pan and cast iron pan. there is a significant difference in tastes and appearance.

Omaha419 says:

Give me a break, CR. This is apples and oranges.

ML Greenspan says:

This is like comparing a Honda Element to a Toyota Land Cruiser…The Weber works great, who knows what the CR “Chef” was doing and why he couldn’t get a good sear on the steaks…low heat I’m guessing. The Green Egg should hold the heat better and longer as it has a ceramic interior…but that’s why it costs $1200. Both grills are nice and it comes down to how much you want to spend. I am much less inclined to believe that CR is still credible.

Smokey Canuck says:

Once again proving why Consumer Reports is useless. Having owned/used every size kettle Weber offers and 2 Kamado Joes I speak with some experience. They missed many critical differences worth mentioning between the 2. For example:

The BGE can cook low and slow on the same amount of charcoal for much longer than the Weber due to the heat retention qualities of the ceramic.

Tip a Weber over and you may end up with a dent. Tip the BGE over and your $1200 is in pieces as the ceramic is fragile compared to Weber’s porcelain enameled steel.

Each has pros and cons – Bravo CR for missing all of them in your evaluation though.

veryannoyingname says:

if you want to up your game and control the temperature through out the cook then use digital units that control the fan air input and outflow to the Kamado. you can control 24h cooking times and temperature

grahamNC83 says:

but you don’t buy the BGE to cook burgers. it does everything from low and slow brisket over a 16 hour cook to pizza. the Weber is a great grill as well, but they aren’t I. the same division.

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