Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill – Hands On Review


With summer’s warm weather, you’ll be spending more time outside, and what better way to spend that time than grilling delicious food?

There are a ton of different styles of grills out there, so which one is the best for you? We’ve done some of the work for you in this hands on review of the Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill. It has a wide variety of functions, with a much more accessible price point.

You’ll find that you have a lot of control with the airflow in two ventilation systems on the exterior of the system. On the inside, you’ll notice an insulation strip, just like in your oven, that helps retain heat inside the grill. This grill is also great at catching ash at the bottom of its interior, and also makes it a breeze to add coal later on, too.

You can also do indirect cooking, like barbecue, with this grill, which is a little bit trickier. If you’re trying to do a longer cooking (10-12 hours), you maybe run into problems, as you will find yourself having to continuously add fuel inside the grill. But with that being said, we think the Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill is an amazing grill, with a lot of utility, that won’t break the bank.


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Mike Beagan says:

And yes, that sticker is awful. Saten himself adhered that.

captain sIV says:

You should use lump charcoal for long and short cooks…there’s no additives and no off tastes. It burns cleaner and longer and can be used multiple times.

Loch Ness Biker says:


Joe Zuchowicz says:

Just to let everyone know, I’ve been watching out for a sale on this grill for the last couple of months and K-Mart in New Jersey just put it on Sale for $239.99 that my friends is a excellent price. Went right out and bought one. Will put it together tomorrow. Here’s the link Good Luck and happy grilling.

pmuellerblue22 says:

Good video. Rookie mistake using briquettes. Switch over to lump to maximize the kamado’s cooking ability.

B M**se says:


witherow321 says:

Akorn and broil king keg both options in this category as well

Wayne Gafke says:

On a Kamado style grill need to use lump charcoal then briquettes . The benefit of lump is that you can choke out your fire and keep reusing the charcoal over and over with briquettes you can’t one time use. The other benefit of lump charcoal is when you do go to smoke like a boston but can get longer cook times that you need for the 12 hour cook times then with briquettes because lump charcoal is actually wood.

Gary C says:

How did you manage to remove the large label off the side table? Seems impervious to Goo Gone.

Mike Beagan says:

I have this grill and loaded it with as much charcoal as I could without interfering with drip pan. I held a 250 – 275 temp for 12 hours. No need to add charcoal for low and slow cook. Great grill for price.

Lake Greer says:

I actually just bought this grill and glad to finally see a video on it, I’d like to see MORE videos of cooks on it. For the long and slow, instead of one pile of coals or charcoal, why not try the pyramid snake method where you start a line or snake of unlit coals around the outside of the firebox spiraling in, then light only the end piece, as it burns it starts the next piece of coal, kind of like a domino effect. I’ve used this method even in my basic charcoal grill to grill pork butts and hams with excellent success.

AtafalgiFarm says:

I have the previous model, the akorn, I use lump charcoal in a basket, burned from the top down NOT the bottom up, super long cooks, this is known as the Minion Method and after a little practice you can make a small amount of lump charcoal, use komado joe XL lump for best results, burn a long time. This grill is the akorn 2.0. I love my akorn but this looks good too.

B M**se says:

GR8 review, thanks…

Luberconn says:

This should be able to achieve long cooks using minion method with lump or briquettes. Cool vid tho. That has an interesting take on air flow.

Yao Moua says:

have you tried snake method charcoal setup to see how well that works for a longer cooking session?

Manuel Mijares says:

Awesome review!

Scott Berling says:

Don’t buy this Grill. I just bought it the air vent underneath it is made of cheap plastic which melted the very first time I used it to season the grill. Why would you make everything steel or iron and then put a cheap piece of plastic for an air vent

Joe Nimens says:

Well done review. Thank you.

Will D. says:

this channel is such a mixed bag, I love it

John Coyne says:

Can you use pellets in this Kamander????

Gilbert Pataky says:

love this grill. good quality. you can place the charcoal grate on top of the ring that holds the water/drip tray. gets the coals quite a bit closer to the grille grate. with lump charcoal you can cook 10-11 hours easily without adding coal.

Randy Scott says:

I prefer to use the grill off the old storm door sitting on top of four concrete blocks .

Riley says:

You should definitely get long cooks on this without having to add coal. A really good lump, lighting just a small amount to get the temp up slowly and you should be set. It would suck if you had to add some for whatever reason, though.

Ken Bard says:

After seeing this and reading a many reviews on this Kamander I liked the concept and the price so I bought one on sale at True Value Hardware just after July 4th .. they had them marked down to $299.
Good price – decent Kamado but not so good support from Char Broil though.
Like many others commenting here.. I did not want to spend $1000 plus on a ceramic unit at this time (though if I did I would go with Komado Joe not BGE)
With that said, when I purchased this I did a burn in… then a few days later did a test run. I am more of a low and slow guy – I have WSM, offset, and Weber Kettle.
The first test run.. I found I could not keep the temperature down on the Kamander. I had read one review where a guy said he had to seal the input vent / channel. Well as it turns out I had to do that too. (I called Char Broil about this and they are in denial) Anyway I did this by putting thermal tape at any found cracks (not broken) and potential cracks where the connections are made, now that I have done that I am impressed with how it holds temperature and the efficiency of the use of charcoal. I did a 14hr pork butt the other day.. and it was very stingy with charcoal use I did NOT have to add charcoal… a lot was left over. I like a lot of smoke in my meats so I put lots of wood chunks in with the charcoal. It is not as smokey as the offset, but it was very tasty – and I was able to put the butt on at 11pm and go to sleep while it cooked… I know that this will not likely last more than 5 yrs, but by that time I will have the skill for using this and move on toward buying a Kamado Joe or Primo (not a BGE)

Joe Zuchowicz says:

Almost forgot, if you go through the “Retail Me Not” website it also has a coupon for K-mart of $30.00 off of any purchase of $125.00 or more. Which they deposit into your paypal account. It takes about a month to show up but it still worth the discount. Which than after everything is said and done bring your grill to $209.00 “Very Cool” for this grill.

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