Bushcraft! – Expedition Research Kettle and Bushcraft Grill Set – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing two bushcraft products, both from Expedition Research; the Kettle and the Bushcraft Grills.

Expedition Research Bushcraft Grill Set – Review

Link Expedition : http://www.expedition-research.com/bushcraft-grill/

Link Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/2-Pack-Bushcraft-Stainless-Strength-Expedition/dp/B072QZHH25

Price : Retail $20 but at the time of filming these were running for $17

Weight :
Small : 128g / 4.5oz
Mini : 69g / 2.4oz
Carry Bag : 10g / .3oz

Expedition Research Expedition Kettle Review
Link : http://www.expedition-research.com/expedition-kettle/

Price : $20 Retail. $18 on amazon at the time of filming

Weight : 6.2 oz

Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction
New Deep Dish 90-Degree Pour, Stay-On Lid. One Hand Pour Operation.
New Silicone Coated “Stand-Up” & “Lock-Down” Handle. Boil Water in the “Stand-Up” Position for Safety and “Lock-Down” for Storage.
New “Micro-Pour” Precision Spout.
Free Carry Bag Included.
BPA Free.
600ml capacity – 20oz

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Billy Blaze says:

They be done put my name on that ther ziplok bag yo

beanfrompa says:

It says to store these grates in the Mylar bag during offseason.

The wilderness survivors says:

I dont really know if could put these to use. Rarely will i bring a steak on a backpacking trip

Rey Scott says:

I have had the grill set for months. I love it. I like the idea of the kettle, but I really do not like aluminum as it pertains to cooking food. Aluminum will get into your water when you boil it. Gross!

Bob B says:

Luke, you hit the nail on the head. Simple, effective and almost elegant, a grill and pot combo is exactly what I used in the 70’s backpacking hundreds of miles. The kettle looks like it would work great. Watching Australian and European videos, they always seem to have a “kettle”. The only reason we need wood, alcohol or gas stoves today in America is due to governmental restrictions in so many areas.

Jeff Porto says:

Great review..but just to rub it in, I’m going to go make my GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE COFFEE NOW. OOH YEEAAH. LOL. sorry Luke.

Teemu Ronni says:

I have to disagree about the quality. My grill has sharp edges and poor welding joints. Well it wasn’t expencive but quality control is not what it suppose to be. Grill is ordered via Amazon and is from Expedition Research LLC.

Joones Adventures says:

I admire you that you can handle to not drink coffee. I am a big coffee drinker, I guess I drink nearly two liters of coffee per day. Yesterday I only had two cups of coffee and I had a terrible headache when I woke up this morning. Of course it’s easier to stop drinking coffee then to stop smoking. Ower to the items in this video. They look really good. I like the rounded corner on the grill and that there was no sharp ends. The kettle looks really well made with the silicone handles and everything. Does the kettle fit in the Trangia 25 cook set? //ATB, Jonas

Karma Clanton says:

Love the grill, I have one and it’s great!!! Kettle looks good too, don’t have one of those.

Paul Valentine says:

AnyWAY NOT “anyways”!!!

Phil w says:

Already own the grill set. It’s great, the smaller one fits great as a shelf inside my pot allowing me to bake in it.

Scowler says:

I’ve been eyeing the smaller grill for a while. Definitely makes things simpler.

ben terwellen says:

I have both of these components, and as you have shown they are fantastic, inexpensive, well made, light weight easy carry.

Pete McPherson says:

I bought the grill set, I love them both, the small one fits perfectly on my Uberleben twig stove,, love your reviews some of my purchases have been because of your reviews and I haven’t regretted any of them.

grnberet9401 says:

I picked up the grill set based on this video. Great suggestion, Luke!

Gene Carrie says:

I had bought the grill set to go with my firebox stove..great items. Will most likely be getting the kettle at some point. Nice quick review video! Thanks!

Butch Hill says:

Good review! Love the kettle.


I need the grill set, I have a Stanley cooking pot, but if u didn’t have that I’d buy both. Great review.

The Walker says:

The grills are great…. Might pull the trigger on the kettle soon. Week end is full of earned cabbage (the LORD will get his cut). Glad you rate these items high Luke…. they deserve your praise.

mobiltec says:

I bet you really had a hard time making this video knowing that you couldn’t make any coffee with it.

ian millington says:

Hey Luke, while your off the Coffeeeeeeeee, try Earl Gray tea, I have needed to swap for a wile also and it just about scratches the coffee itch :)…. my preferred way is black and sugar added to taste, however I do also recommend testing a few times to see how strong you like it as I oddly enough have it quite weak, ….. good luck and heal soon:)

Lynette Rose says:

Want! Thanks for the review!!

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

How has the weekend been going everyone?
Question, who would like to see more bushcraft related videos on the channel?
– Luke

HostaCarol says:

Amazing, just ordered this about a week ago, the grill and kettle. Have not had a chance to try them out yet. Thanks for the review.

Woodland Adventure's says:

Haven’t used my grill yet hopefully real soon though.

Zachary Lindahl says:

Lol I used mine for a steak like a month ago lol

William Nelson says:

I have a test for you, and it’s a little bit different. I am going to share a YouTube link with you. This guy claims to be the best wood splitter out there. He is teaching his technic. I would like to see you use his technic to know if it is any better than others. From his videos, he does look amazing. Please try it, I would like to know. Here’s the video–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H10hVHCb-Ts&feature=share

CKHall Adventures says:

Great Video…love the grill set. With the kettle would you need to take any other cookie set with you or just the kettle to pour into a bag of mountain house or like product? Also..sorry about the no coffee right now. BUT…have you tried or is it OK for you to drink black tea. Almost as good.

eXplorer says:

Very good video!

washingtonlass says:

Can confirm: am woman, I like fire. 😀

Hiking Archer says:

Love the grill set would go great with my lixada woodgas stove

Zappa870 says:

I keep looking at the grills on Amazon, but, after seeing this in action I am going to purchase. Great review

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