Big Green Egg vs Weber Summit Charcoal Grill vs Kamado Joe Comparison Review | pros cons | Grill Me!

Compare Big Green Egg vs Weber Summit Charcoal Grill vs Kamado Joe w/ pros & cons of each grill. In depth smoker review & how to decide. Hope this helps!

In this new format I’m calling “Grill Me!!!” (because, why not?!?) I talk about the number 1 question I get…and I get it all the time. “If I could only have one grill or smoker, what would it be?”

I know this is long but you will never find this much information in one place that will help you with your buying decision. Here is the table of contents in case you want to reference this later.

:33 – By FAR the most common question I get
:59 – A bit of a verbal train wreck, enjoy! 🙂
1:37 – The most important thing you need
2:24 – Pros and cons of Weber 26 Kettle with Slow ’N Sear
4:00 – Pros of Big Green Egg XL
5:07 – Cons of Big Green Egg XL
6:50 – My unpleasant Big Green Egg story
8:36 – Pros of Kamado Joe
11:41 – Cons of Kamado Joe
12:30 – Pros of Weber Summit Charcoal Grills
13:39 – Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic
15:05 – Advantages to metal
17:32 – WSCG Smart design!
19:00 – WSCG fantastic heat deflector
20:35 – Cons of Weber Summit Charcoal Grill
21:35 – What about Akorn and Big Steel Keg (Broil King Keg)
23:43 – Weber could take over the kamado world…but instead they did dumb stuff
26:48 – My favorite grill
27:17 – How to pick your favorite
28:20 – My funny (but serious) secret for how to pick a grill!!!

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Wamani Kareithi says:

You helped me make an informed decision on an kamado grill. Thanks!


I bet the wife would just tell me the red one green and black one too expensive or ugly and red is hot

jf c says:

Big green egg is gonna be the next NOKIA

grahamjl766 says:

Exactly what I was looking for thanks!!! I think I’m leaning towards the Summit. Funny thing is 10 min b4 watching your vid I was wanting a green egg but the wife said it was ugly lol.

ezaganjori says:

Great video. Been searching for comparisons between BGE and Weber Summit to help with my next purchase. Great to see the Kamado Joe in here too, which I knew little about.

Gary Wagstaff says:

I think you nailed when you said they don’t want to sell a ton of these. It’s not the point.
They’ll sell a bunch to be sure…but it’s not they’re bread & butter.
So I don’t think they have ANY desire to take over the kamado market.

The Summit line is there to be the in class leaders…something that most people may never own…even if they want one.
But it raises the bar, and keeps them at or near the top.

Yes, this is pricey…but it’s also less than I paid for a Summit gasser in 2005. Back then, that was $2500…about $3140 in todays dollars.

I think the Summit Charcoal is positioned to do the same.
It’s the flagship, but will never sell more than their other lines. Genesis & Spirit grills are everywhere…with the Summits probably coming in a very distant third. And I think they’re ok with that…and the Summit Charcoal will be the same. They’ll sell them, and people will love them…but they won’t outpace the “regular” kettles or WSM models. FWIW, I love both my Summits.

And BTW, great videos!

skhou says:

BGE is like Blackberry as Kamado Joe is to Apple. I’m getting a KJ classic soon. Great video!

Gladiator1972 says:

Hello sir, what are your thoughts on the Vision Grills Pro or Signature series compared to the Kamado Joe ?

Mace Cee says:

888th like! I just LOVE creating balanced patterns! :))

Michael Davison says:

Dude, you talk to much. Compare the. Grills

Gabe511 says:

Ivory Tower

Poppi3579 says:

How long will the Weber hold low temps?

Mars Hall says:

Took a vacation off from work and it feels like all I have been doing is watching babybackmaniac, troy cooks, atbbq and killer hogs.. How do you like your komodo kamado compared to these kamados in the video? I haven’t watched a video yet of you using it.
Also, I fully agree with what you said. If Weber lowered the price on the summit it would absolutely corner the market. I bought a KJBJ2 and a KJJR for less than the summit was going for at the time. If it was the same or cheaper than the kjbj it would be in my backyard right now for sure.

Mike Stein says:

My thoughts on the leg sockets, maybe they kept them purposefully, for a bit of kettle nostalgia… Honestly, no idea, seems strange to me also. I wish the made a Charcoal Summit WITHOUT the gas assist, just like a ceramic. Knock a bit off the price, i’d buy it tomorrow!

Don Wooden says:

True story here: I bought a XL BGE about two months ago. I had done enough research to know that the Joe and the Egg were neck and neck. It literally came down to $…… I only had so much money to go with and to get the 24 inch Joe was going to cost me $400 more than the XL Egg. Yes the Joe came with more things standard but I just did not have that money to spend. I called the dealer and they offered to drop the price $100 but it still was not going to work. I ended up with the Egg….

nationshi says:

Great content and format. I’m considering an XL Egg with wood table, versus the Summit Charcoal. The standard equipped Weber is actually the same price as as the Xl, table, with all the necessary accessories. Which would be your preference, considering I can get both for the same price? Thank you!

Robert Hayes says:

Love your honesty!

JW Pepper says:

You mention/complain about the aesthetics of Weber Summit “fake leg sockets” in this and other videos.
You completely missed Weber’s subtle message. Those little nubs are round and protruding for a reason. They are a Tribute to Weber’s tripod heritage.
If you look at it from that perspective it becomes, “Oh wow, how cool is that!”.

Rick van den Bos says:

All nice comparison! But I miss a Basterd..
Have you never owned or used one?
One many of us European think it’s the best kamado

Cory Lee says:

Local store here has a summit coal for 1399..the one with the table…should i get it? I want a yoder but i cant afford it.

Hubolds1 says:

“Bang for the butt” quite the Freudian slip there lol

J Rod says:

Hey Justin, I just wanted to say I really like who you are. Your videos are fun to watch and just seeing you being a good and happy family friendly kind of guy really makes me admire the kind of person you are. Keep up the good work and you have another subscriber!

goober pea says:

“Ivory tower”

MyView says:

28:33 NO!!! I’m as girly as it gets and very serious about my grilling and I know there are other girlies like me but maybe not as many as men! Age demo is correct though….

Dave Wiesenhahn says:

TMI while great info, i fell asleep if i was in from of u i would stay awake, very educated and respected info, but i would need 3 half hour sessions and naps sitting behind the computer. seen so many of your videosssssssssssssssssthis one zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nasser Al-momen says:

Thanks for the info. I’m going for the summit as I want to avoid all the issues of the ceramic ones and love the versatility.

csmith5314 says:

I don’t understand how the akorn is insulated too well when most people say the ceramic holds in the heat better???

David Andryshak says:

Hi Justin..Addicted to your videos. I am getting ready for my next grill/smoker purchase. Moving away from my LANG 48 Hybrid Deluxe. Leaning towards the Summit charcoal but still considering the YODER flat top charcoal. Any insight or info. The YODER does not have as much exposure as the Weber.

Mike Schlossmann says:

I appreciate your review. I would like to add, with regards to the storage issue, if you have a covered area, buy an island online. It was about $120 and I added several hooks to the outside for storing tools.

Alston Maccow says:

I have just bought the Weber summit today,I love Weber but I wanted to buy the big green egg or the Kamado Joe but I chose the Weber. I still think it’s over price but there was something about the Weber that I was drawn to.

ChoppersBBQ says:

Very informative from a man who has used these on a daily basis, exactly the sort of reviews i was after. Weber it seems are still the dominant force in the bbq world.

TugBoatAdventures says:

Ivory Tower*

Great video, you’re a WIZARD!!!!

dochazel2 says:

Not a bad summary,
just got a 26″ to go along with the 22 I got a while ago,
with an expander shelf and slow and sear, its working well so far

to the point that I am jonesing less for my LSG offset,

but I still want the LSG cabinet smoker at some point when budget allows

the 26″ kettle though has solidified my lack of desire for a ceramic…
At times I do 6-8 racks of ribs and that can be a challenge in the sq ft of the ceramics

san dy says:

i would like to know a little about your experiences with kamado joe customer service. Also, what is the warranty on kamado joe classic II ?

gdsmit1 says:

When I bought my ceramic grill, I did the research and came up with the same stuff. BGE put out an awesome product, in 1972. Of course since then they have done nothing to improve it until they started losing market share. Add in that everything is an add on and that showed me that I would never own a BGE unless they changed drastically. I bought a Kamado Joe and have been thrilled with it. I have coworkers that would only ever buy an egg because it’s the name. They are the ones that get the name brand of everything, just because it’s the big name, not because it’s a better product.

Col. Sunshine says:

I 100% agree with the complacency statement. I bought a Kamado Joe a few years back. I want a new one because of all the improvements they’ve made!

tippo81 says:

Very cool Video, really interesting!

Joel Edelson says:

We know you are having issues with dad. God bless you and him. But we miss ya

Jean Bish says:

Great video Justin. I’m thinking of purchasing a 2017 Kamado Joe since they are currently on sake at Lowe’s for $999. I think that is about the upper limit to what my wife would ever let me spend on a grill would be! My only concern is the 18.75 in size. Do you think that the grill has reasonable enough capacity to cook for a family of 4 and occasionally guests? I would want to be able to do 4-5 racks of ribs or 2-3 pork butts. I know that you mentioned that the 26″ kettle w/ slow and sear is a good option with a higher capacity cooking surface but my other consideration for going with the KJ is the potential for very high heat pizza baking in the grill. Have you tried that much on your kamados? is it worth the extra money? Thanks for any advice that you have on my specific concerns! Jean

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