BEST Charcoal Kettle Grill For The Money | Member’s Mark vs Weber

– The MM has no ash sweep system so ash has to be removed by hand after very cook

– Because there is no ash sweep you’re going to be limited to cooks that last a few hours or less. A cut out pie plate will help with that and allow for much longer slow cooks

– Again since there is no ash sweep drippings and ash are going to turn into cement in the bowl and on the bottom vent eventually. To prevent this always use two zone cooking, and keep two layers of aluminum foil or a Drip ‘N Griddle pan on the indirect side to keep drippings from dunking things up.

– The lid hook on the MM lid is just in an awkward spot.

– 4 legs is actually a negative when you’re not on a flat surface. If you’re grilling on an uneven surface 3 legs work much better.

– The cast iron grate is cast iron. It’ll rust and is hard to clean, especially after a 12 hour brisket or pork butt cook. Even with a coating you’ll burn through that in a year and rust will begin.

– The cast iron grate has no hinged openings, so there’s no way to add charcoal or wood without removing the grate.

– Weber comes with a 10 year warranty and Weber keeps parts in stock for just about everything they’ve ever made. I’m looking and the only thing I can find online is a 90 day warranty for the MM gassers.

– Cast iron air vents feel nice at first but in my experience they get hot enough to melt skin and always tend to seize up on cold starts once they get seasoned up with grease.

– There is no tool hook on the handle. Handle hooks are incredibly convenient for tongs and hanging a thermometer.

– Overall a Weber One Touch Premium is a MUCH better deal for only $50 more in my opinion. Slow N’ Sear

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the year of change says:


Whats New BBQ says:

did you snag a weber?! Nice video brotha

Show Some Aloha says:

Big thumbs up. Great review!!!

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Good walkthrough! Comparisons always are interesting!

1984 BBQ says:

Great review !! Very informative

Baby Back Maniac says:

Yep, exactly.

SaltedCaramel ASMR says:

Very interesting!! Thumbs up my friend!!

Red's BBQ & Pizzeria says:

Fantastic review and the tip about the cast iron grates was HUGE, I was contemplating it… but my concern was the rust!! I do wanna see what kind of platforms there are for smash burgers. I know Greg has one, I saw one on Amazon too…

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

That thing will turn most everyone who buys it against any kind of grilling and smoking after two uses. Even if using those accessories mentioned. Good Luck!


Great review of everything Scott.

Modern Maximalist says:

THis was awesome. I grew up eating charcoal grilled meat and prefer it over gas. I want to get a new grill – any advice on gas, charcoal or pellet?

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Job well done sir

AOK Foraging and Adventures says:

Great comparison. Never thought about the 3 leg thing, my chair is 3 leg so makes sense

CastIronSkillet says:

Great information Scott! I’ve been wanting to do a review on my “expert” grill and this gave me some good ideas to go over!

Phil N Florence says:

Nice helpful tips. Weber kettle def.better.

Chad Wallace says:

You should watch cooking with jack show bbq channel on Weber vs members mark

Paul’s Q says:

A much better review then one I seen in the past from someone else who put the Weber down. Great job

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Awesome Review Bro!!

BeardBQ Sauce says:

Good review now get out there people and start grillin

MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife says:

Happy Tuesday !!! Great tips and review !!! Thank you for sharing =)

Kirby's FishNGrill says:

Nice information brotha! If I ever get one, Ill set it up like yours.

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

thanks for the tips. i need to get another weber kettle soon

CB's Greenhouse and Garden says:

Great review between these two grills. Thanks for letting us know the best one to get. Hope you have a great day!

Life's Little Thingz says:

Great review!

Louis at R shack BBQ says:

Great comparison explanation on the 2 grills. I too feel that for $50 more you get a much better Kettle with the Weber.

GarPunkt.TV says:

Nice and informative video! I’ve never heard of the Member’s Mark Kettle, I guess that it’s not available in Germany. Very interesting! 🙂

MeatHead says:

If I ever got a Kettle it would be a Weber for sure. They make a great quality product. If anyone would like to donate WSM to me, that would be awesome. Lol. Nice comparison tutorial Scott.

Adrenaline Barbecue Company says:

Lot’s of great points Scott. We’ll be sharing this with our customers!

Travel with Yvonne says:

really great & Top review !!!!

The Happy Whisk says:

I love that phones have notes. So useful.
The background area of your home is beautiful.
Happy Grilling!

Calvin's Corner72 says:

Good cool tips. I don’t have one these types of grills but it still can be used in other types. Ash clogs unpair dampers yes. Thanks

Mark McCaleb says:

Awesome review! Very good info to help us consider which way to go. Thanks

Big Lew BBQ says:

Great video. The lid hook design on the MM is absolutely ridiculous.

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