Battle of the Kettle Grills – Weber vs Sam’s Club (Members Mark)

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Swof says:

I have no idea why I watched this

John LeGresley says:

Obviously not a paid endorsement, give me a break….

Kenny Isaac says:

The bottom vents on the Weber should be wide open. The only reason you could be having trouble with the temp on the Weber is the vents weren’t open. I think the MM grill is great for the money but the Weber is a much nicer grill than you make it out to be. The 3 leg design is better than the 4 leg because no matter where you park the Weber it won’t wobble but the MM will wobble on a non level surface.

Snoop Hogg says:

If you know how to grill it doesn’t matter how much money you spend. I’ve got a $35 Walmart POS. I’ve had it 8 years. Cooks great. This summer it goes in the trash. I’ll get another POS. Hopefully it makes it at least 5 years and I’ll be happy. Expensive grills are overrated. Just bragging rights for the yuppies.

Steven Grossberg says:

If you are grilling burgers and hot dogs, you should have the cover off. You want a temp as high as possible, usually around 400 to 500 degrees F. The included dome thermometers are very cheap and usually not accurate. Most likely those 2 would show different temps under the same conditions. Plus the temp is shown at the top of the dome and not by the grate which is what is what counts. Just about any grill, with the top off using lump charcoal will grill about the same. A better test would be comparing conditions under a smoking scenario.

Philip Maddox says:

Obvious bias towards Members mark

HarDrvKllr says:

I bought my kettle for $150, and it was the limited edition, everything minus the center grate and “cooling rack”, you can get the premium for $99 both are 22″ kettles.

ItsBeerMe says:

I had my Weber for years now bro switch the grill racks and see if that makes a difference for the heat

manbeastx69 says:

Weber all day any day by far,the warranty is far superior and so is the customer service.Time to do some indirect heating on both if you know how and show the difference once you learn how to grill.

8329kelso says:

I want a members mark grill the only thing is how am I going to move that huge heavy cast iron grate when it’s hot no less, to add more charcoal. I reload cause I smoke more than I grill. That’s the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger.

Jason says:

i have a weber smokey joe grill i got at walmart for $30. works great.


Great video, thanks

edubeus says:

The members mark has no control of temp if the lid is on and the vents cracked it should not get that hot the Weber was doing what it is supposed to do smoke the meat lid on and vent cracked it will hold that temp for hours

Darryl Brooks says:

What about the thickness of the metal? Is on thicker than the other or are they the same. That plays a big part in heat retention.

Benji Smith says:

I know the winner of this before it the video even starts.

Nursing317 says:

Clearly you didn’t do your research on the kettle. Of course you’re having temp issues, the bottom vents on the kettle are closed! You should redo this video… it’s a shamefully biased mess due to this.

Dave Verbiak says:

Lol, watched this video and went straight to the comments, fellow Weber owners had already hit on everything I was thinking. Bottom line for me, if you buy a Weber charcoal grill, you’ll have it for life. If you buy the Sam’s club, probably not…just my opinion

Paul Rhodes says:

I agree with other commenters, the Weber is a far superior product. In the last shot when you’re talking, it shows the bottom vent on the weber is closed, which is why you were unable to get the temps you were looking for. The two vent system gives you much better control over your temperature. Additionally, the Weber is backed by a much better warranty and brand. I would assume if you are just cooking burgers and hot dogs the Member’s Mark grill will suit your needs just fine, but if you want a truly versatile piece of equipment, the weber is the way to go. With a few accessories you can turn it into an effective smoker as well. As others have said, I’d recommend learning more about what the Weber is truly capable of, and why the brand has such a loyal following!

Bill I says:

You must be a liberal, trying to sell your agenda with false narrative! it was obvious that you were one sided from the start! That Weber Gill is top of the line! Your grilling in below 32 and using a cast iron grate to hold the heat on the Sams, do that in 90 degree temps and that grill will be on fire! FRAUD!!!!!!

Nclght says:

It’s rather amazing that you are reviewing grills yet you have no idea how to use the most iconic grill in history.

twinslotaddicts says:

Great review Jack, TYFS!!

michael mixon says:

Weber grills are highly overrated!

OakBarrelBBQ says:

Clearly don’t know squat about grills or grilling. Obviously a friggin lefty. The Weber blows that piece of crap away.

CaliBorn73 says:

Wow this guy is clueless. Stop reviewing products if you’re too lazy to learn how to use them properly.

David F Homan says:

You should do some stick burner reviews

porschetr says:

Was the bottom vent of Weber open in the beginning? Did you put exactly equal amount of charcoal on both grill? Were the charcoals spread exactly the same? Square inch wise, were both vents open equally? (the shape of Sams grill could be deceiving), if so more lit charcoal will burn better. and I have no issue removing and installing the Weber ash tray with one hand. It takes two seconds.

Steve McLaughlin says:

This video is just wrong. The temp was at 300 on the Weber, then you couldn’t get the temperature to come back up after opening the grill. Jack, you smothered the fire. The bottom vents have to be open for air flow, so the temps kept falling. Control the Weber temperature with the bottom vents and open the top vent a little, then all will be fine. Not a fair review for the Weber at all. There’s a reason Weber grills are highly rated, and you didn’t know how to use it. I’ve been using Weber kettle grills for over 40 years, and nothing is easier, lasts longer, or does a better job than a Weber.

Autospecialties1 says:

Nice try but you really should not do reviews on something you know little about. Anyone who knows grills knows the smoke coming out around the lid defeats the purpose of the lid, smoke should only come out through the vents. Also, Weber is an awesome grill for getting to temp and holding that temp. I have no problem with my Weber holding as low as 180 degrees or as high as 500 degrees it is a matter of setting the lower and upper vents in the correct position. You didn’t even break in the grills by going to extreme temp to burn off all the bad things from the factory. You should have seasoned the grates and lid also with oil. I could go on and on but I’ll conclude with Members Mark seems like a nice product for the money but the Weber will out preform and out last it without a doubt. I have a 22 year old Weber that is going strong. Oh, one more thing, hamburgers and hotdogs….really.

Dave B. says:

Doesn’t Wal Mart’s membership club store have a $50 fee? Add that to the cost.

Juan Castillo says:

Weber is American made and all parts can be replaced I’d damage. You get what you pay for.. I have had my Weber going on 3 years.. I changed the grill once.. great review though.

Anthony Starks says:

why too much smoke leaking of out/ air leaking in around the lid of the Sam’s club. YOu’ll never get precise temperature control that way.

G Garden says:

Kingsford made a grill like weber back in the day, I thought it was just as good if not better than the weber. And also had the price.

boostedmaniac says:

The beauty of three legs is it will never be wobbly if on an uneven surface. With 4 legs if foot is on an uneven surface the bbq will be wobbly.

Andy Clay says:

Cooking with Jack. And you make hotdogs and hamburgers. Lol. On a grill you obviously have no idea how to use.

Stephen Davidson says:

First I must say that I applaud the effort & the video’s quality. But it’s very clear that you’ve not done too much grilling. The reason you had issues with the Weber grill not getting back up to temps is because you left the bottom vent shut. Guaranteed you wouldn’t have this issue if you slightly opened the bottom vent. Another thing I noticed is that you didn’t season either of the grills before cooking which is NOT good at all. Before cooking anything on a new grill of ANY kind, you need to get it extremely hot to burn off any factory oils & cure the factory paint. After that & letting the grill cool off, you rub the cooking grates & the inside of the lid with a high heat cooking oil (not a spray) which will create a very nice non stick surface and prevent the grill from rusting. The only thing I liked about the MM grill was the criss cross cast iron cooking grate. Makes it easier to get perfect grill marks on the food. But other than that, Weber would be my first choice in terms of a grill.

neocacher says:

You have the weakest grip of any man I know if you can’t squeeze the weber handle.

Josh Jacobs says:

The Members Mark grill smoked so much because it does not have a tight seal between the lid and grill base. The smoke should only come out through the top vents. Also, the bottom vent on the Weber was closed off more which is why you could not get the heat up. Based on your video, the Members Mark does have nice features, and if you are just going to grill, Members Mark would be fine. But if you are going to BBQ, Weber will out perform for taste and consistency because of the seal.

Jon W says:

Dude: My gets past 200 degrees. Also, the grate on Members sucks other than its cast- mines stainless and opens on side(s) to add chips/charcoal…etc. Also, you didn’t talk about the quality of the components…ie kettle metal grade….About the Weber being more flimsy, hell, I’m not going to stand on it…

Kevin Stephens says:

I can assure you, you will get exactly what you pay for when buying ANYTHING Member’s Mark, All of it have bought/seen is pure cheap made in Cheena JUNK!

Nicholas says:

I say take the grill grate off the Member Mark, and then put it on the Weber. Afterwards, promptly sell the Members Mark!!!

Lobo 505 says:

Its hard to tell how the upper and lower vents would work in unison for temp control just by watching a video.  The Weber is twice the price.  I think its worth it.  Why?  More versatility withe the center circular rack.  The charcoal half moons can also be placed in the center as a circle (which might help with temp control).  I like the cast iron Sam’s Club grill, but anybody who knows…..lil add-ons like the ability to put coals in certain places knows…it adds to cost.    Also, I didn’t hear which has thicker steel, better enamel coat etc.

Allan Sharman says:

thank you for the video

George Santos says:

The difference in price translate in years of usability; I am afraid the Mark Grill will be good for a couple of years saving the grate. To each their own; my experience with Weber products, and I own a few, is simply unmatched. But I am sure there are other good grills out there. I’ll stick with the Weber.

mensa517 says:


Dave B. says:

Bottom vent on the Weber is CLOSED.

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