All My Grills! Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, WSM, Akorn MAK Grills 2 Star

All my grills & smokers w/ brief grill reviews. Big Green Egg minimax, Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, MAK Grills 2 Star General, Kamado Joe, Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber kettles (including 26 in Weber kettle with Slow N Sear), Akorn kamado Jr…And a few others that might surprise you. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Camping w/ Weber Q:

Bayou Classic Offset Review:
Prime rib in the offset smoker:

Brisket on the MAK Grill

Pork Butt on the MAK Grill

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Fire Escape Griller

T-Roy Cooks

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John Setzler’s Man Cave Meals Channel:

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Glenn Funk says:

Have you looked into Lang smoker cookers? If so what’s your opinion. Been seriously thinking about picking one up. Not a budget smoker but they look amazing


wow. just wow. peasant me

Katz Steel says:

Ok. I don’t see a PK charcoal grill and wondered how it compared to the kettle. I’d love to see you get one of those and put it through some cooks and let us know if it stands up to the hype. For my next grill I’m considering a weber performer deluxe or maybe one of those. I’ve been a weber man for years, but I’d like to see how the PK “performs” before I make a decision. Only thing, the PK doesn’t look like it would hold as much food, especially when doing indirect cooks.

Newb- BQ & Cooking says:

Now that I’ve watched most of your videos…I’ll have a weber in the garage soon! Awesome collection

Marty Lynchian says:

You do not need that many grills. The government should take your grills away and redistribute them to minorities.

WoodwardAcres says:

Have you ever used a Holland Grill? Would value your thoughts. I’m trying to plan for my outdoor kitchen and just found your channel. Great content and very helpful when I try to choose 1 or 2. says:

Great Video

Slap yo momma says:

Where’s The PK At???

95SLE says:

I think you might have grilling issues. LOL. I like your videos.


lol, I love that justification. Stamp collectors never have one stamp lol. Major gear envy ova here…

Aen I says:

Not a bad hobby lol

Simon Divitaris says:

I’m in the process of looking of moving from gas and I’m trying to decide between one that does the lot the Summit or 26″ Weber with a slow and sear and eventually get a smoky mountain? Or should iget a pellet grill? Would like to be able to do low ‘n slow and grill, cheers, simon

Jeff Dupuis says:

Great video!
Question: if you could own only one grill from your collection, which one would you choose, and why?

elvander says:

Great stuff but why is there no PK Grill in your collection?

lyle swavel says:

Very informative, Thank you

Jared Li says:

Awesome collection of grills! I got my first charcoal grill this year. It is the limited edition red kettle and it has been awesome! I got the Slow N Sear for it and that made it even more awesome! Now I feel like I need to expand my collection by adding a WSM since I have been doing more smoking than searing.

Victor Bitter says:

Awesome collection. Just 1 of the triplets would cost over $500 here in Aus and don’t start me on the slow n sear. Jeezuz you Americans have it good when it comes to bbq! Thanks for the tour. cheers.

A Mayer says:

Looking for a recommendation.

Currently have an older weber gas grill that works perfectly, and am looking to get a smoker (that also allows for grilling if need be) with a max budget of $500-750— thoughts?

My thinking is to either get the vision brand kamado or camp chef pellet smoker.

Alex Escajeda says:

New to the channel trying to catch up on older videos, but I agree with you on your comments about the Smokey Joe. I have the silver version with the vent on the bottom of the bowl so the air flow is better than the Gold version. A friend of mine who has the Gold always complains about the air flow/temp control issues. I got lucky and got my Silver for free someone dumped it at a tailgate in good condition but if I had to buy one would definitely get the Jumbo Joe.

StormLaker1975 says:

I would LOVE to have the summit….but man they are pricey! I like my old 22″ kettle I’ve had for years, the only drawback is when it gets down below 0F up our way…cook times really slow down, so I use foil and a couple other tricks to make sure dinner is on time, haha.

Bryant Qiu says:

Mini max is good !!

Bonifacio Capuyan says:

What camera are u using to video your grills. Love the channel!

Luis Marquez says:

Time to change the name of the channel. Cooker Maniac? Feel free to use it.

MemphisMike says:

Impressive collection. I have a Weber 22.5 Kettle and an Oklahoma Joe Stick Burner…i lover the Space of the Ok Joe but too much trouble maintaining temp. Think i may add Weber Performer. Love the table work space it has b

Sujal Patel says:

Awesome video of all your grills. I like watching your videos along with T-ROY Cooks and a few other BBQ Youtubers. I do have a question for you. I have a really cheap grill and I am wanting to step it up. I just purchased 2 months ago a Barrelhouse Cooker and I absolutely love it. I smoked my Thanksgiving Day turkey on it and it was damn good. I’ve done some baby back ribs on it and they were amazing. But I am wanting to get a proper grill as well. I have been looking into Kamados for about 6 months now and I am ready to make a purchase. Throughout my search I came across Pellet grills which I had never seen before and am now torn between if I should get a Kamado or a Pellet Grill. When it comes to Pellet Grills I have narrowed my choices down to The Pit Boss Austin XL and The Rec Tec RT-700 Bull. Both offer a good amount of real estate space for cooking but there is a huge price difference between the two. The Pit Boss Austin XL is currently less than $500 at Walmart and the Rec Tec is around $1200. The Kamados that I have been looking at are the Caliber Pro Thermashell, the Blaze Aluminum, the Grilla Grills Kong, the Kamado Joe Big Joe, and the Vision Grills Signature Grande…..yeah, I know those are a lot of Kamados. I want a good amount of cooking space but the steel and aluminum in the Caliber Pro and Blaze look very interesting. They would not crack like the Ceramic grills but then again the Ceramic grills are tried and true. What is your recommendation between Kamado or Pellet? Which Pellet grill would you choose from the 2 that I have mentioned and which Kamado would you choose from the 5 that I have mentioned? Thanks for your help.

Lou 111 says:

Great video and informative. Was wondering what’s your thought on the Char Broil Kamander Grill? Your input and time is appreciated. Thanks

Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr says:

the mak grill struggles wih wifi bc of the steel build… what makes it great hinders it go figure

Kris B says:

Weber q. Sensitive new age guy grill.

Charles Lewis says:

Man! My wife balked a $400 grill. What a collection.

gardini100 says:

you are far from crazy 🙂

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