26 Inch Weber Kettle Grill Review – 26 Inch Weber Kettle vs. 22 Inch Weber Kettle

Thinking about buying a Weber Kettle Grill? The 26 Inch Weber Kettle Grill may be the way to go. Although the 26 Inch Kettle Grill costs twice as much as the 22 Inch Weber Kettle, I think that is worth the money. The cooking space on the 26 Inch Kettle is enormous. The 26 Inch Kettle can basically knock out two birds with one stone. You can use it as a traditional grill, or even as a smoker if you have it set up correctly.
I cooked 14 pounds of pork roast on this Grill as my first cook. With help from the Slow N’ Sear, I was able to cook at 225 degrees for 16 hours, only adding a few chunks of wood for flavor more than anything.
The 22 Inch Weber Kettle Grill is a great product, and I loved using them for years, but had I known exactly how much more space the 26 Inch Grill had, I would have bought it initially.

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The Slow ‘N Sear XL is what fits the 26 inch Kettle Grill

Information on the Weber Kettle 26 inch Grill:

Information On the Weber Kettle 22 Inch Grill:

Information On the Kettle Premium Limited Edition Charcoal Grill:

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MeatHead says:

Lyle. How big is your Weber smoky mountain? I am looking for an 18 inch, well at least the lid if I can find one. You can get a whole lot of food on the beast

Charley Baker says:

Great review. Webers are awesome, I just did a ham on my wsm yesterday. You like it better with the sns than the wsm?

Grilling with Grove says:

Question for you on the 26, you think you could fit a beer can chicken on it? I recently tired to set a small chicken standing up and couldn’t even do that on the smaller kettle.

Ray Bacon says:

I really love my 26in Weber I love my 26in Weber!


Nice catch Lyle…
I wish I opted in for the larger Grill
Oh well no one says I can’t buy the 26″ down the road congrats buddy

Henry Davis says:

Please post that first cook.

Reverend Guy Wallis says:

no hippies! hahaha great stuff, just subbed 🙂

rustypoorboy says:

I love my Webber kettle.

Kirby's FishNGrill says:

Those weber grills are pretty good. I had the one smaller than the 26 inch. Cooks hot and fast, those attachments are a really good idea for other types of cooks. Good review.

Brandon BGBBQ Gurley says:

Interested in your thoughts on the 26 vs the WSM for low and slow.

Andy cooks food says:

But ima keep them clean though! Haha

Everyday BBQ says:

I like that bigger grill. More grill = more food lol.

Calvin English says:

Hey Lyle long time viewer I love ya baby.I like shooting a little dice at the casinos and playing spades at home with friends and family. Now the 26 is my old favorite.never had one,but but love from afar.Now Ive been telling one of my younger sons(5 sons -2 daughters)of  my afar love of the wsm 18.5 and the 26.75 was shocked when he chosed the 26,this weekend…as the 18 had relplaced the 26 in my mind. Giving credit to the Baby Back Maniac for sharing that he thought the 26 was all time bang for buck fav with the SNS now you to. For me you Barry Bonds Grand Slamed It with the Thermometer,Air Flow Damper,Them 20″S New Legs Attachment and YOUR UNIQUE CHAR BASKET PLACEMENT SYSTEM WHICH COULD GIVE GREAT VARIATION OF COALS IN BASKET AND BETWEEN BASKETS AND ALL AROUND BASKETS AND YOU COULD PUT A HALF SQUARE METAL AT BACK OF BASKET TIN FOIL A ALUM PLATE ON TOP AND HAVE ALL TYPES OF SPACE.WOW!!! WHAT A HIT.

CastIronSkillet says:

Beautiful grill and awesome review!

Вкусные рецепты от Натальи says:

Hello Lyle!!Excellent comparison of all kettles grill.Have a nice day!!

Benji Smith says:

Did you make bbq ” so good that it will make you wanna slap yo momma”? Lol

Baby Back Maniac says:

They are so pretty when they are new. lol. Good comparison, man. Cant wait to see how the pork turned out!

Red Banks says:

Great pick up!!

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

If I could have only 1 cooker…..without a doubt it would be the Weber Kettle…..and upgrading to the 26
only makes it better! m/

Larry Hyland_ Smokin' Buds Backyard Barbeque says:

Nice man..
I Like the “Next Friday” quote..

Adrenaline Barbecue Company says:

Nice comparison Lyle! I’ve told folks for a long time now if I could only have one grill it’d be my 26er with the XL.

Cookingwith Rick says:

Lyle, that’s a really cool grill I never owned a Weber but I know their the Cadillac of grills.

TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

That thing is pretty nice!

No Star Reviews says:

Be perfect for my porch

Valerie Reese says:

That looks like a great upgrade for you. Let the grilling begin!!

Suga Bayee says:


soulfoodqueen.net says:

I enjoy watching your video today

Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB says:

Good review Bro! Side by side comparison.

Booger500us says:

boy she’s pretty sweet!

White Thunder BBQ says:

put some spinners on those wheels – I don’t really like those pinch and squeeze ash catchers.

Pj Danita says:

Ok you get a thumbs up for those hub caps 4:03

Over50andFantabulous says:

Nice grill brother. Thank you for your honest review. I do have a video request. I need a great recipe for potato pancakes. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

2steps69 says:

Looking Good !! Got my master touch from lowes last Thursday. Got a question , Do we new 2 season our newly weber grills ?? Talk too me (big Dog) !!!!!!!!

Jaisun Baloney says:

Love it! Thanks for the vid, Lyle. Wasn’t even aware of the 26 inch Kettle.

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

They are really nice.
I sttod and looked at one yesterday and compared it to the 22 and th 18 inch next to it. Huge difference.

There was also wsm’s 14, 18 and 22 inch in the shop, i had to let Helena hold my wallet there for a bit….

Sam Clark says:

Looks good. Shame we don’t get the 26” models in Australia

Brian M says:

Send me whatever you’re getting rid of 🙂
That new Weber looks nice!

Rocen Rol says:

It will replace your smw , expensive though. I believe I watched a video on your new grill where a guy loaded it with charcoal n it went for over 50 hour’s!!! Impressive!!

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

Bigger the better… lol
When i replace my kettle it will be a 26″
Thanks for the review brother.

RaleighSmoke says:

Looking good, Lyle. I just got another 22, but this time a premium. It had all the same stuff, except for for extra room.

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