26.75″ Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill Review

A quick review of my new 26.75″ Weber One Touch Gold charcoal grill.

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area859 says:

Thanks again for your feedbackl! You are definitely helping me make a decision! ..also…what are your thoughts on the Pellet Grills! Seems like they are getting more and more popular and I hear the taste is fantastic? Any thoughts? …also,don’t know if you already discussed this …but what brand of Lump coal/Charcoal do you recommend. Thanks!

StokedOnSmoke says:

Pellet grills are freaking amazing and if I didn’t have 2 kamados then I’d seriously consider one. Take a good look at those for sure. As for what brand of lump I recommend, it all comes down w/ you have available in your area. Do NOT buy Cowboys lump that a lot of places sell. It’s horrible. Google “naked whiz lump charcoal”. It’s an awesome site that reviews lump charcoal brands.

StokedOnSmoke says:

i actually haven’t cooked ribs on it yet b/c i always do those on my 22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain. but….it is plenty big enough to handle a rack or two of ribs along w/ a water pan. what type of ribs do you typically cook? maybe i’ll try it out soon and post a video so you can see how it all fits before you buy one.

James Otto says:

I have the 22.5 and didn’t know they had the 26″, this would be nice for indirect cooking, coals on one side and food on the other. Also cooking for big parties.

asterpitix says:

Please tell me what is packaging measure?

Blair Weidman says:

I always have both top and bottom vents wide open. but my temp just doesn’t get hot enough. I always end up having to throw a bunch more unlit lump on the pile and keep the lid open on the grill to get more oxygen. don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

Brian Liles says:

I just bought one of these last week and have cooked on it a couple times. Love it! It is a little on the large side, but, like you, I tend to cook for a lot of people or I cook a bunch o’ meat at one time and we eat it for a few days. Thanks for posting up the review. 🙂

Distance Shooter says:

Outstanding grill.  Next move is to Kamado grill.  The ultimate.

alex mielnik says:

I REALLY wish Weber would make a Performer version of this cooker!

Robert Case says:

I have had the 26.75 for six months and have a difficult time controlling the temp on low-and-slow cooks. Close down the vents 50% and the coals go out. Too much charcoal and the temp will be too high and can’t get it down. I had a Weber Performer for 17 years so I know what I’m doing. Never had any problem with the 22 inch. I tried the snake method on a butt last weekend and didn’t use enough charcoal so had to regroup min-cook and chased the temp up and down. Any suggestions??

ThePrivateJoker says:

Why not propane?..

hardcoremofo says:

wish they had this in a performer.

Jean Coetzee says:

You sound super excited dude ;-p only kidding, great review thanks!

StokedOnSmoke says:

Oh..and what kind of pellet grill do you have? I’ve heard some pretty cool things about those but don’t know too many guys that have them…

Bk94541 says:

I heard stand is wobbles be careful,wish was showing how u assemble…i wanna buy one i like is large charcoal grill ..i have HUGE stainless steel gas grill ,bought it for $1000 year ago ..but man NOTHING BEATS THE CHARCOAL grill taste …fuck GAS! hey man i wanna get one over the holiday is $300 right now …wanna know do u still having it and useing it? still standing ?how about quality in casting, wear and tear?
is NOT really review about 26.75 inch one all is 22.05 is …till i see u have one

StokedOnSmoke says:

i’ll PM you so i can send you some links.

Arcade Party says:

omgosh!, it’s so big!

is the grate still made out of steel plated nickel, any stainless steel options for this size?

Man its freaking huge!

dmon715 says:

I literally just won this beast, along with $100 worth of bbq accessories in an silent auction, for $90. These things retail for $400 at the big box stores around here. Talk about an epic win! Thanks for the review!

StokedOnSmoke says:

The JJ is sweet! I’ve been loving mine! Tons of grill space and ultra portable. You’ll be amped on it.

StokedOnSmoke says:

Awesome man. Glad to hear you’ve added a trusty Weber kettle to your arsenal 🙂 They are so much fun to cook on and yeah, like you said, extremely versatile. I haven’t cooked on my 26.75″ in a while so I’m gonna give her some action this weekend 🙂

yambor44 says:

I have the Fast Eddy PG500. Best one yet! I have also owned/used the Traeger Texas 075, Traeger Lil Tex, Rec Tec and Memphis Advantage. I still have the Rec Tec also. The Rec Tec and the Fast Eddy PG500 are the tops of all the pellet grills I have owned. Enjoy the ease of them and they turn out great tasting food.

area859 says:

That would be great! Thanks! Will look for it!

StokedOnSmoke says:

one thing you could do is keep an eye on Craigslist. There are apps for your phone that will alert you for saves searches. If you find a 26″ for a good price, snag it then sell your 22.5 and you’ll be all set w/ the extra grill area. The 22.5 is a great cooker though.

skyvaulter01 says:

I ended up getting the 22.5″ one touch gold because, at the time, I didn’t want to spend $200 on a new grill, but every time I see the 26″ at Ace, I kinda start wishing I would have gotten it, just for the extrat space that I have needed at times. Love my 22.5″ kettle though.

StokedOnSmoke says:

yeah man, tons of grill real estate! i smoked a 10 lb+ butt the other day on it (check out my channel for that video) and towards the end of the cook i threw on a bunch of pork tips too. so much room!

P Matheson says:

I’ve currently got a Charbroil 26″ kettle. Love it other than the fact that it’s cheaply made (Shocker). It’s on it’s last leg after 8 yrs of moderate use, mostly indirect cooking of chicken, pork butts and ribs. I’ve got my eye on this Weber. It’s identical in size to the Charbroil. The only thing I’ll miss from the Charbroil is it is on a sturdy cart with plastic side tables on each side. Thanks for the quick overview!

StokedOnSmoke says:

Yes, without a doubt. I’ve had a few people ask me to do an indirect, low and slow cook and I’m hoping to smoke some ribs on it in a week or so, so keep an eye out!

StokedOnSmoke says:

Ahh, sorry, missed the 26″ part. Yeah, they only come in 22″. I mentioned the tables is b/c you mentioned you’ll miss the plastic tables on the Charbroil. Have you ever seen the King Ranch in person? It’s ridiculously huge. Unless you’re cooking for a small army, the 26.75″ OTG will be PLENTY big enough. Trust me.

Woo Hoo says:

I wish you’d talk faster….

area859 says:

Is there a Huge difference in Taste witht food when it comes to Gas Grilling and Lump/Charcoal grilling? I have a gas grill but am looking to possibly get the Jumbo Joe! Thanks!

StokedOnSmoke says:

shoot, a lot of times i wish i had one of the 18.5’s. they’re much more fuel efficient and can still cook a lot of food for their size.

StokedOnSmoke says:

Dang! That’s some serious equipment! I just subscribed to your channel and will be checking out some of your videos. I’m pretty much an idiot when it comes to pellet grills, so I’ll watch your videos and educate myself 🙂

area859 says:

Would you be willing to do a video using the Jumbo Joe! Loading it up with charcoal to see how much you would use since it’s a narrower bowl and cooking something? Just thought I’d ask! 🙂

P Matheson says:

Yeah- I think they only come in the 22.5 though, right? I need space and 22.5 just isn’t enough. I think they make side tables as well but for only 18.5 and 22.5. I’d really like the King Ranch but I’d have to take out a 2nd mortgage for one of those. Tables…we don’t need no stinking side tables…. : )

StokedOnSmoke says:

If you can swing it, check out the Weber Performer line. They come with a cart and table. Very nice.

Blair Weidman says:

hey Steve, huge fan our your videos. I have couple concerns, I have the otg 26 inch and cook a lot of steaks. I started using royal oak lump charcoal as recommended by many. problem is I get my chimney going and dump in my coals but then its like the heat dies? barely get my temp over 400. not real ideal for searing steaks? any tips?

Tommy Wood says:

Anyone see or figured out to add a side table/cart to attach to the 26.75″ weber grill like in the performer series maybe even trying to see if the other brands like charbroil if their side tables would bolt on to the 26″ Weber since Weber doesn’t seem to be interested enough to do this already.

StokedOnSmoke says:

Dang! That’s pretty sick! I’m jealous!!! Have fun with it!

James Vinzo says:



ALL pellet grills are indirect cookers. PErfect for smoking, slow cooking, or roasting shit. Grilling is hard because most max out at 600°F but many will NOT mkae it to that fucking temperature. Again, GREAT for smoking and slow cooking, basically any INDIRECTLY cooking you want to do.

Englander Stoves makes a pellet grill now that is the only one with DIRECt pellet cooking area. It work really well and I know from EXPERIENCE.

yambor44 says:

Just picked up a 22.5″ Gold today at HD for 134.99! I have a Primo XL and pellet grill but I love the versatility of these Webers that I see in these vids. Also picked up the charcoal trays to do ofset and a Weber 22.5″ cover. I cook for between 15-20 people almost every Friday so having a few grills to cook a full meal is a plus. Always enjoy your vids!

area859 says:

I’m thinking about getting that new Weber Jumbo Joe for that same purpose! I have a Weber Q100 which I love! But want to charcoal taste! Jumbo Joe is only $59.99 at lowes/homedepot.

P Matheson says:

You could do a suckling pig on the King Ranch. I’m good with 26.5″. No need for me to shell out an exra grand for unneeded cooking space and wasted charcoal but damn it would sure be a heck of a show piece.

StokedOnSmoke says:

Let me put it this way…I had a nice Weber gas grill for years, but once I got into charcoal/lump grilling/smoking I sold my gas grill within a few months b/c I knew I’d never use it again….. The JJ is an epic little grill that can cook quite a bit. You’ll be amped on it, no doubt.

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