We Tried It – Saber Infrared Gas Grill

Larry Okrend from HANDY Magazine and Kelli Billstein from Cooking Club Magazine try the Saber Cast 500 grill. The grill features infrared cooking system, a side burner, 304 stainless steel grates, large controls and heavy-duty casters. The infrared cooking system delivers even temperatures across the entire cooking surface.


Alnasir Shivji says:

I have tried this bbq, and it cooks fantastic. nothing will compare to the charcoal slow cooking, however this is for the fast and easy category. it has even heat and no flare ups, the $200.00 box store specials will give you what you pay for, this gives you more than what you pay for.
I now sell Saber BBQs in my store and recently sent one over to my niece, she just loves it and enjoys the food that comes off this grill.

Kevin Casler says:

they can keep it nothing beats my charcoal smoker grill. the flavor of wood and charcoal is way better than gas.

Rick Baker says:

Cooked on this grill several times and the results are always the same…FANTASTIC!.

Mike Oravec says:

wow. go back to school – this type of logic and science is taught in 4th grade. here’s the short version: ignited gas produces flame > flame produces light > Light produces heat. are you still warm sitting in the shade on a hot day? same principle.

i know, i know. those stupid scientists, and their logic and facts; total scam.

The Common Car Guys says:

I really love the way this grill preforms. I recently started working for this company. I assist the dealers with there orders and customer when they have problems. Honestly this is one of the best grills on the market. Yes they do have a price tag but as a represenative for this company Im trained inside and out on these. If you want to eat the best food you have ever ate get a Saber. I love my charcoal grill but it is no comparison. I’ll be the first to say Im not the best cook but this grill makes it nearly impossible to burn your food and it always comes out with gormet quality food. Anyone can be a chef with this grill.

Olivelimer says:

Wow, I see some rookie grillers posting comments. Did you know that some of the most famous pit masters in the U.S. own a Saber? I own several charcoal kettles and a very popular ceramic grill and I also own this grill. I will tell you as I’ve proven to many of my family and friends that I can grill a better steak, hamburger or chicken breast or cutlet on the Saber than any other grill. If you’re not willing to do some research then stop posting negative comments or do some research. You have no idea what you’re talking about. If all you’re cooking on is charcoal or wood, you have a lot to learn.

Backyard Woodworking says:

nice but expensive

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