Tenergy Smokeless RediGrill Review

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Deb Allen says:

Another good videp Jack! The steak looked fabulous.

Gale Crowe says:

I’m not familiar with this brand. I’ve been considering the Power Smokeless Grill. ” The Eric This one”
Could you do a review on it?

Michael Ware says:

I have been looking for a good indoor grill that actually works and is affordable. Now I have to sell the Wife on the idea. Thank you for the great review.!!!!!

Mark Jacob says:

Hi Jack, Will there be a black Friday or cyber Monday deals anywhere on these tenergy indoor grills? Also what stores stock this?

xoxDarlinangelxox says:


Dani Marino says:

Great video jack! Looks like a great product

Sheila McDaniel says:

YUM. need one.

YX Flier says:

Jack, you seem so much better! You have the excitement today that has been missing since the stroke. I am so happy you seem to be doing so much better. Thanks for this comparison video. I want one!

Josh Brown says:

KCKO Jack!

Patrick Marin says:

Any cons about this grill i really want to get this

Burkemper100 says:

nice grill jack looks awsome

_ DEVSTER _ says:

Jack it up!!

RealityCheckout says:

It’s really good to see you moving that arm. I know it’s hard but keep building up strength. You sound better than before and look better. Keep it up Jack.

Brenda Carr says:

Thanks Jack! I will definitely check out this grill.

Lexie Hennessy says:

What is it with the YouTube cooks? You’ve had 2 strokes and you’re eating arteries clogging food like you’re on a mission.. :/. Auntie Fee deep fried everydamn thing and dropped dead of a heart attack, that was a shocker. Soulful T over there weighing in at 500lbs, taking appetite suppressants n cooking non stop carbs…. and don’t miss Simply Sarah with her “salad” of bologna, cheese and mayo. Smh. Hash tag kitchendeathwishes


That’s a pretty cool grill bro. Would definitely come in handy with the winter months coming up and on those really hot days.

anthony whitehead says:

love this vid.

Lloyd Bonafide says:

Nice infomercial. Did not realize you painted your nails! Very cute.

mwmwmwmwmmdw says:

this same company makes the battery charger for my AEG

Phantom knight says:

New to you channel….. GREAT video. I just bought this grill, it will be delivered today thru AMAZON. ( like EVERYTHING else in my life)….. Thank you for the video. Outstanding !!!!!

pllewellify says:

Have you ever thought about doing a non-pellet offset smoker?

jonnyboat2 says:

Interesting grill. I need another room to store the gadgets I currently have. During cleaning the tray, it would have been funny had you asked, how do you like my new finger nail polish? I know it was your wife cleaning it.

Sue Pete says:

If I had a need for this item, I would definitely buy it. Looks like a great grill.

Lisa E says:

That thing is too cool. Looking good, Jack. Praying for you and your family.

Tonya Gasker says:


Terenia P says:

Keep up the good work Jack. You are doing exactly what you should be doing! This is my doctors belief as well. She is young and informed with the latest in medical research and doesn’t base her recommendations on the outdated standard American diet way of eating.

Steve Litteral says:


T-CATT says:

Have you done the Hamilton Beach smokeless searing grill?

Hawker5796 says:

Cool stuff Jack! I’d totally get that easily.

jemma28 says:

But does it give you the charcoal smoke flavor or just pan seared Flavor with grill marks?

Ryan Ewing says:

Does anyone know what happened to jacks arm?

Mel's Simple Meals says:

Such a cool grill ! I have not really seen that technology before for a grill and I love my gadgets 🙂 The steak looked amazing..yum !

The Mole says:

always use a condom when handeling the tray

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