Solaire Infrared Grilled Rib Eye Steaks & Shickone

Solaire Infrared Grill at it’s best!!! Rib Eyes Steak & Marinated chicken Thighs.


Food Adventures with JJ Gonzalez says:


whit coburn says:

Cool video. I like the grill. You might be interested in I use it on my weber. I look forward to watch more of your videos. Why the thin rib eye? Why not thick?

MissBekah Havens says:

Never heard of it! THat is really cool. 

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

love the new grill man. great looking steaks

FitAngie says:

Both look darn delicious! Yum


It appears you put the steak into the same pan where you had the raw chicken. If this is true it is not a good idea. Raw chicken juices can make you sick and I have never seen raw chicken not leak juices into the pan. Even if you say there was no juice this is still a very dangerous technique.

George6335ify says:

Wtf are you doing to those steaks? Looks like you’re beating them

Boston Jackson says:

It’s all good 🙂

Dblok1982 says:

Man you got all these bad azz stuff to cook on and I’m sitting here feeling left out with my 200$ grill!!! Great video Sapo as always I vote pork chops next brother!!!!

keith bettag says:

all that turnin of the chicken would give me about as much excercise as i get with a 12 pack of beer,,,,,looks yummy though

Bubbas Grub says:

very cool. I never heard of them grills.

John Lopez says:

Lol… JJ ran from the other room and said he said my name dad rewind it.

Tribulation Prepper says:

Those upside down “V” shaped grates are there for a reason.
Don’t mess with them unless you want to dump a bunch of fat down on to the fire.

TheWiseOldChinaman says:

Well? We want to know if this expensive $400 grill is worth the high cost? And is it easy to clean?… looks like you don’t ever bother to clean the grill.

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

Sapo great video my friend…I love the grill awesome.

BeeRich33 says:

Ya mon

gowdaflow says:

I saw your video of this Solaire grill when you first got it, that thing is freakin’ great, gotta get me one!

martin blouin says:

+Cook SurfinSapo damn, today i saw you rub your meat

themartinezmafia says:

That’s a pretty cool grill.

Smokes A Rollin says:

Yum Sapo. Good stuff. 

martin blouin says:

loco style, not me the other guy! ahueahueahuea est bonne lol

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