– Char Broil Tru Infrared Patio Bistro 180 Review – Char Broil Tru Infrared Patio Bistro 180 Review. This little grill is a performer. The Tru Infrared really does reduce flare ups and keeps the meat moister. See this grill in action cooking hotdogs, Honey Ginger steak and 80/20 burgers.


Brewer65 says:

Nice job Rob, I might have to add this to my grill line.

Fella Rodriguez says:

what about the cleaning of grease and liquids

Joe Gentry says:

Thanks, Rob. This is exactly what I need. I was just talking to my BBQ buddies about it last night.

KiNGFiSHCA2020 says:

Rob: Just a tip but you will get better viewership and “subscribers” if you put DETAILS of what you used in the video comments. I looked at your 2012 video when you were using the AMAZING Smokin’ Tube and no mention of that or the piezo electric starter to light the pellets. Video reviews and instruction are about the finer details of helping BBQ users watch, learn, and click links to how they can “replicate” what you achieved — and hence, avoiding the trolls and chronic complainers. I did not subscribe to your channel because of the lack of details to your review and advice. Happy Grillin’!

jonb219 says:

Great review Rob. I agree with your thinking on the pizza capabilities. Can’t wait to see it put to the test.

lcxt9 says:

how long does the little propane tank last.

Vern Cox says:

Hey Rob how goes it? I figured if you liked this grill it had to be the the goods. So I bought two! I actually already own the Big Easy 3 way cooker and was sold on the infrared thing. I like it so much I decided to buy a full size infrared grill but was a little put off by the cost. Saw this video and hatched an idea. I have two of the 180’s with adapters running off of a full size tank with a y adapter. The both of them are sitting on a table on my deck. I love the set up! Did some Mad Hunky Poultry Brined spliot chicken breast along with some of his general purpose rub in the MES on the 4th. Seared them off on one of the 180’s to crisp the skin and they came out great. I now have an easy to light no flare up rig with 360 square inches of totally usable grill area for the wife.  There is a tad over two feet of table left over to work with as well. Best part is that I have less than 250 dollars tied up in it. Thanks for reviewing this. I will post some pics over on the smoked-meats forum when I get around to it.
Take care.

nathan rubio says:

Have you tried char broil’s Grill2go?

Good vid, thanks!

J. J. Jamison says:

I’m looking at these grills – thought the taller – 2 burner version 18,000 BTU’s would be good. I’m single so like this size (and price)….good job with the demo’s. Maybe this little table top version is right for me……….

kj8060 says:

Would you mind to make a short video how that pizza turned out? Seems like a very good idea.

A. K. says:

this or the weber q1000?

Patrick White says:

Hey Bro.  Hope you lined your Tinfoil with parchment paper to keep the  aluminium out of  your food as aluminium is known to leach into your food if you don’t.  this was a big mistake I was making until I saw a food safety tip from a video in youtube.  Now I won’t use tinfoil on its own.  Use parchment paper to protect your food from the aluminium.
Food looked great.  Great video .

kj8060 says:

Very nice little thing. Thanks for review Sir!

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