ProFire Indoor Infrared Gas Grill Review & Cooking |

Have you ever wanted to grill indoors? In this video, we take a close look at Profire’s stainless steel indoor infrared gas grill.
Profire Indoor Grill Available Here:

About Profire Indoor Grill:
ProFire 30-Inch Indoor Propane Gas Grill – PFINDOOR-LP: This grill must be used in conjunction with a suitable vent hood (600 CFM for an internal blower and 900 CFM for an external blower) and is only approved for use in the USA. See the instruction manual for complete installation instructions. ProFire has perfected the art of grilling with this high quality, stainless steel BBQ grill. The Indoor Grill features a High Tech ignition system that includes a built-in safety shut off. Bring the Outdoor Flavor inside with ProFire. The ProFire Indoor Grill is only limited by your imagination.

Videography/Edit: Paris Frederick
Logo Animation: Ian Cessna


BigMeat Sunday says:

WANT !1 1 1 !

Richard Klein says:

The video makes it look like there’s plenty of smoke to give a smoky flavor.  Is that true?  I currently have an indoor gas lava rock grill and I would want my replacement to create at least as much smoke as that one.  Will infrared do that?

Vincenzos Plate says:

it would be great if they come a little bit smaller as it could take too much room indoor. I really love it and I would buy you

zach olson says:

Dang. I need one

ombelets willy says:

where in spain ?

carol j says:

How much do these run in price?

Tracy Grott says:

What about ventilation for smoke and odors? Does it have or need a venting system? Looking for an indoor grill that will give us the same results as our outdoor gas grill. We would use it daily!

ZomB Kings Ezio says:

NEATO!!! Hey tony, i don’t know if you remrmber me but i’m Dylan Winkler. You make really good videos and i wanted to congratulate you for all of your subscribers and views. MUCH LUCK IN THE FUTURE!!!

Richard Klein says:

It looks like it’s very hight heat and would be good for steak.  Can the heat be turned down so that I could do chicken leg quarters, for example, without burning them?

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