Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

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Von D says:

I clicked on the Amazon link but it gives this message….
Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Jeni Carrillo says:

huge fan jack i watch ur reviews before i literally buy anything anymore keep cooking and testing!!!

Larry W says:

Seemed to review the steak more than the grill and I noticed he didn’t mention how bright and obtrusive the heat lamp is. I purchased one of these and sent it back, you need a welders helmet to see your food. The grease splatter, the smell wasn’t worth the high price. Spanish dude lol?

Luis Fernández says:

That’s French!!

Chris Ricker says:

How’s the electric draw?

Cooking With Jack Show says:

*****CORRECTION******** YES, I realized it was French. My bad. Coming from Cali all flip sides were in spanish. I should have looked closer. Not sure why they have it in French. anyone know wny? does Philips have a huge French customer base?

Gregory Thoman says:

Why would you do a chuck roast on the grill? That is stupid. How about a steak? A roast will never be tender.

Kyle Fitzpatrick says:

I remember why I unsubscribed a couple years ago

Bonquishria says:

Well, the french side says “Indoors grill with reduced smoke”

Sayit AsItIs says:

Now I’m hungry and don’t have the grill or the steak. Cheese sandwich again then

Dan Han says:

Great review, Jack! Glad you’re offering prayer for those who need it! God bless, brother!

Brian Davis says:

Can you compare this to the Breville indoor grill?

Jen Marie says:

Sold out on Amazon, but they have it on QVC for $279.98. I want one of these.

illNestor says:

lol that’s not spanish but thanks for trying

Godfather82 says:

Spanish side?? that was French lolll

lyman135 says:

I thought it looked really cool until I went and looked them up. It’s $275. I can buy a real gas grill for less than that. Unless I lived in an apartment and didn’t have a place to go outside I would much prefer a real Grill.

darthvader4hire says:

Jack, followed the link and Amazon is OUT of these. and lists no price HOWEVER they do show alternative items and there are several Hamilton Beach models. in the future can we see some of those on your channel?

realfunny7 says:

med. well for me

Triumphant says:

What’s with the prayers email message at the end?

twinslotaddicts says:

Looks like a great overall product, TYFS!!!!!

Bill Mitchell says:

Did it have a grilled taste?

flashy5150 says:

I bought the same T-FAL Thongs as you have. That’s good, I don’t want to set off a smoke alarm and I’m very glad you told me that. I just bought this item and I’m going to be cooking some Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Cheers

Danny Schwab says:

Wow that’s so cool I’ve got a indoor grill but something happen. But I like to grill but can’t afford the gas or charcoals all the time so I door would be nice again. But man they cost so much. Mine I found at a yard sale it’s nice well was and 5 dollars miss it. But that is awesome grill. Thanks sir. Have a good week god bless

Kris Keener says:


Nate V says:

Charbroiled and butchered that cut of meat.. I love the small grill though.

alan smith says:


Laurie K. says:

Ummm…. you mean French?

Curt Popejoy says:

Seems like a cumbersome unitasker. Get a good cast iron pan instead of this overpriced monstrosity.

philippe gagnon says:

hum! french it is.

Giesy Torres says:

That was french LoL

muzz brudr says:

Wow I want that.

Jen Marie says:

Sorry Jack i couldn’t use your link on amazon because they were sold out, so i bought mine on QVC. Should arrive Wednesday. I’ll let you know what i think. Can’t wait till it get here.

guguigugu says:

no more smoke than youd get from a pan i’d say. put it under the extractor and youre good.

First Last says:

Difference between an electric oven broiler

Allan Cross says:

That is NOT Spanish. That is French and you just offended the entire province of Quebec. LOL

Fuzzyscarfandmittens says:

Why do you insist on cooking a chuck roast on a grill? That’s the wrong cooking method for that cut.

And, as others have said, it’s French not Spanish.

Paul Werner says:

This steak was burned outside instead of „crispy“ …

Michael Reis says:

Thats french….not spanish

D Hansel says:

I like mine medium well.
So bring out the iodine and band-aids and I can save it’s life.
Thanks for the review. I have seen it on TV, but didn’t see any other reviews.

Alphonse-Ovila says:

it’s not spanish …C’est du francais….et je suis au Quebec.

Stephen Walther says:

??? Not available on Amazon 2/16/18, just 2 days after your video!!! What’s up with that?

First Last says:

Are those glass bulbs for the infrared?

DukeofPain says:

the other side was in french…

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