Is the Zaigle Grill the Best Way to Do Korean Barbecue at Home? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Today in the test kitchen, Esther Choi is testing the Zaigle Everyday Grill to see if it really is the best way of doing KBBQ at home.

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Melvin Tan says:

just put a disposable grill topper on top of the plates and you are set

Carlos Brown Jr. says:

They should treat it like an infrared grill and heat it from the bottom

AirsoftNY says:

“its boiling my meat…”

woodcock991 says:

I only watch these videos because this chick is hot.

Zuzu says:

Who are you looking at? Certainly not us, your audience.

DarkMaster706 says:

Yas queen! Esther serving looks!

Justin Umali says:

Here’s a better idea
Put the heat lamp under the thing
And replace the heat lamp with a butane flame

Dustin Ross says:

You guys should have experts test the products, not yourselves. Trying to be famous is hurting you.

ABC says:

I’m watching this while peeing and having horribly runny diarrhea at the same time. Your welcome if you’re eating.

Monica Chai says:

We have kbbq at home using a electric grill. It works really well! It cost us 20dls at targer and we use it for all sorts of stuff

PutinKills says:

risk of getting your hand in there seems to high. Makes the japanese and korean BBQ joints that still use charcoal pits way more safer

Charles Mayes says:

Like other electric table burners. this device is limited by the amount of amps it can pull through a regular household wall outlet.

Trafalgar says:

Im single, i live in Phoenix is your close and wanna hang out with a friendly person, hehe

Ervin Fowlkes says:

Can someone recommend a good butane alternative?

国内使う says:

Ether, just want to say I love you

Hans Choe says:

안녕 was so out of nowhere. tho really liked it:)

o0o74 says:

the great feature of this device is skin cancer

Watch MrCuba says:

Horrible design. And a lost opportunity to have the plate itself heat up us well, so constant heat from top AND bottom.

djdsf says:

I know this thing can’t do to much at once, otherwise the heat goes away…

*Immediately proceeds to add a ton of meat and act surprised that it does not work…*

futuresonic says:

Needs heat from the base too.

AnyFunG says:

Just watching you do the meat on. I already don’t like it. The hearing thing is bad placement

96greon says:

Call it what it is its bacon

watchcode says:

pork belly cooked on low… she doesn’t know how to KBBQ.

Mike Moonman says:

Heat rises lol that thing is just an easy bake oven without the oven

John Chase says:

Can’t watch this channel anymore. This host is awful.

Josh Hall says:

It’s not retaining heat because it heats from the top and the meat blocks the infrared as soon as you put it on… This makes no sense. Seems like a dumb gadget.

joseph Reyes says:

Umm, you can do better w a blow dryer and $15. What junk. Her shirt also bothered me. Haha

GodSCulte says:

I saw this on a drama
lmao this product is basically sponsored by kbs

chuchuchuchia says:

Probably no better than like an electric griddle

Kurama Rosetta says:

Someone stole this video. Check it out.

전진표 says:

As a native korean, I dare say it is sucks. I mean it.

fuzzy says:

Probably not the best way, but meh.

bigish100 says:

why do all her videos get so much hate ? i really like them !

Dessydd says:

I lost two inches of my outer ring last night… Mama meeeee yaaa

bluestar1908 says:

OK something I’ve noticed: Why is the entire video mirrored lol. The text on her sweatshirt is mirrored, the labels on the cans in the background are mirrored and yet… the giant Eater “E” decoration in the background is the right way around. Eater, is the E in the background actually backwards in the non-mirrored video?? LOL

Ervin Fowlkes says:

Esther is awesome, easy to follow, articulate, humorous but not corny and best if all she knows her sh—!

PCUser1024 says:

Why is the white balance / colour tone different from episode to episode?

Grant Pawelski says:

That’s bacon.

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