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Sean Prior says:

I’ve used the grill grate for years. Never had a problem with it.

Jabroney says:

Ali Gs dad.

s flen says:

grill grates or grill mats?

todd the wraith says:

are grease fires like these common on propane and propane accessories? i use charcoal and i tell you hwat, i don’t have these grease fires.

The Cooking Corner says:

Hey Jack thanks for the review I was looking into these. one thing. around the 2:10 mark of your video I see you put your phone on the empty wrappers where the raw meat was…maybe wash your phone if you haven’t yet…

Kevin Vold says:

I really liked this episode. I picked up some grillgrates of my own, and will be putting them to the test tonight!
Where would you recommend getting one of those big metal pans? The kind you used to handle the cooked meat?
Thank you for your videos!

Bill Parsons says:

I’ll take the conventionally cooked burger

imthe victorr says:

That sear station was on low… totally unfair.

Rick Davenport says:

Jack, I love your shows.

Dylan Breault says:

This is perfect for people who don’t like the chard or burnt taste that you get wit a traditional grill it protects the real flavor of the food

Louis Lee says:

Jack, what are these grates made of?

Philo Beddoe says:

the grates are really not for cooking its to get blazing hot on the grill to get the marks. thats all its really for.

Juan Winner says:

You doing a review on a item you didn’t go ahead and look at the instuctions. That alone can void this whole review. smh… Not much of a review if you feel you haven’t used it correctly.

asmcriminaL says:

how come you never read the directions and then claim products fail?

Xogi35 says:

How does a cooking show not know to clean your grill once in a while!?!?!

I’m 19 years old and I know this you are literally death to any product you touch, I feel sorry for grill grates because they literally are playing russian roulette with you

Peter Jones says:

How can you call this a review if you never bothered to read the instructions beforehand? Perhaps next time try it their way before you try it yours!

DewtonBrothers says:

its not a sponsored video but you give us a link where to buy and you have your own coupon code? suspicious…

Deathinnovember says:

Does using this product still retain the charbroil taste in the food?

da streets part 3 says:

grease fire is your fault not grill grates.

Takesha Latham says:

Terrible video. If you oiled the grates, the burgers wouldn’t have stuck.

Philo Beddoe says:

see….this is the annoying part. you must read the directions.

Glumfish says:

That wasn’t rare

DevilDog Reeves says:

Jack No disrespect.I didn’t laugh until you stopped in the middle of that word then did that face

kdw75 says:

That grill is filthy. I keep mine spotless, and rarely have any flareups. Certainly nothing that hurts the meat.

Maxwell Edison says:

Try using charcoal next time. Not only does the food taste better, but if you get a falreup, a quick spritz of water knocks the flames down and keeps you from panicking about your
meat “being ruined.”

fizzys26 says:

I’m at 2:20, and I can’t look away from the phone sitting in the raw meat tray. I feel like I’m watching my Dad cook, and my Mom or I follow him around with disinfectant. Love your videos 😉

Gojira1701 says:

Why did you just put the grill grates on top of your grates and not remove yours? I thought that was the way they are supposed to be set up. They replace your regular grates.

Euro Dollars says:

grill grates vs sheet of tinfoil.

James Longmire says:

Where the GrillGrates really shine is on chicken quarters. They won’t flame up like a traditional grill. You could see this at the beginning of the failed test.

Lester Tassara says:

Where did you get that spatula? TY

gregderkowski says:

At 2:13 you can see the grill grate has moved. One section is hanging over the edge. Do these things not come with some type of lock down mechanism??

sMortal gaming says:

Sometimes you want to flame grill meat

Scott Geiger says:

you should of read the instruction before you started…about letting it heat up over 450 degrees, oiling the grates, clean you grill first, your burgers didnt have no grill marks..

jeremy roane says:

whatsesoning didheused

Down Low says:

Does anyone actually follow this tool?

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