Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill Review | As Seen on TV

Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill allows you to do all of your grilling indoors with less smoke and a nonstick surface. Today I test out the advertising claims.

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dreamersxscape says:

Thanks, Mr. Freakin for your review, my friend was talking to me about him buying a smokeless grill from watching the TV Infomercial, by chance; I found your video and watched, very good…! And shared with him too, He laughed, because the reason he called me is because, on TV, there was NO smoke, and he just could not believe cooking something at high temps will not smoke LOL He said he will stay with his old outdoors grill and not waist the money, especially seeing the clean-upon what is to be a Non-stick surface.

Gordon Hamilton says:

OMG my parents had one off these in the 70’s … exactly the same but without, the rack thing… I remember the spike, connected to the cord; you slotted in. And it had a lid (adjustable vent) … biggest contac to heat plate area needed … not a grill (smaller contact area) ???


Great review! Next time use some nonstick spray. That may help. If I got a new one that’s what I would do to start with. I’d run heat a litter lower also.

Justin Davis says:

They should have just made them cast iron, I would much rather have the rails made from cast iron then that gotham shit.

mark zellers says:

Maybe a little oil on that shrimp?

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

That steak looks like a fish

Carlos Lopez says:

You are so under appreciated on youtube i hope to see your channel grow since you have good quality videos

Midnight says:

Hey, use soap and hot water

David Joseph says:

You can use the abrasive side of sponge when cleaning,it won’t affect the none stick.with none stick you must never use metal utensils on it.any type of metal contact will affect the none stick.

DragoDino says:

holy shit he looks like walter white

Brad Hough says:

Got one for Christmas – garbage! Warped after 1 use, and non stick only worked once. Have to chisel food off now. Threw in garbage.

luke3917 says:

Great video. You’d better not served that egg to my wife. She will ask you ‘ what you’d you to the egg?’

HittaHitta says:

I would lay a damp paper towel over griddle while it’s cooling off

remingtonh says:

You don’t season your meat?

lander2100 says:

I would set the grill on top of the stove and turn on my exhaust fan to allow the smoke to leave the room while cooking.

Bullion Money says:

What I learned from you: How to make perfect over easy eggs. Thank You sir

ace says:

I definitely have to pick one of these up

Orlando Cruz says:

It will be interesting to hear your review on the “3 second eyelash”.

David G says:

You’ll drop the $80? your subscribers dropped the $80

Dean Kamali says:

Walter white making reviews!

Michael Nguyen says:

Why don’t you add water to the pan to reduce the smoke.

manic hispanic says:

Are the cast iron grill surfaces better, than the non stick? I’m assumingthat if u take care of it might

Morrius07 says:

Nonstick is really only meant to be used with a few type of food, sadly, the coating is always advertised to cook everything on it..

Kyle Ross says:

You kind of look like Mr. Clean mixed with Billy Mays.

(Love your videos btw <3)

fstop100 says:

Phillips grill works a lot better!

Azri Stewart says:

thanks for the review, i’ve been wondering about the new copper ceramic bs stuff coming out of late. it sure is pretty, but does it work? well now i know. and from your reviews the answer is “sort of” i’m not blowing ANY $ on something that “sorta” works.

i’m REALLY Leary of “new cooking surfaces” after the DEBACLE that is teflon. no thanks! i’ll stick with my regular gas grill and my cast iron skillets THE ORIGINAL NONSTICK & good for you!! i always cook with cast iron .
Doc: do you give your kids vitamins?
ME: nope can’t afford em.
Doc: why are their iron levels so good?
me: “eh, i cook with cast iron”
Doc: oh..ok well keep on doing that!
and then they stopped testing their iron levels completely. *shrug*

yep cast iron for me!! i’m on the lookout for a smallish (9″-10″ cast iron wok. 😀
once again thanks for the review and have a FAB day!

Char X says:

I really like your reviews and am glad I can come here to see how these products really work. This one looks like they need to go back to the R&D lab before putting it on the market and saying it’s smokeless. I live in a basement without a lot of ventilation and this product looks like it won’t work down there for no smoke. Plus the cleaning is not up to par. Thank you.

Brenda Gomez says:

Maybe if you soak the grill top with water and Dawn dish soap, it will be easier to remove the residue. I always see you washing with water and maybe way too little soap. Other than that ok review. Also i would have sprayed a little oil on top of the grill.

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