Gotham Smokeless Indoor Grill Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Gotham Smokeless Indoor Grill Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Today, I review the Gotham Smokeless Indoor Grill.
About Gotham Steel Smokeless Indoor Grill: the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill is the ingenious new way to cook and BBQ indoors without all that smoke. It has a convenient temperature dial that maintains perfect heat across the entire surface for perfect grilling every time. Plus, the Smokeless Grill features a heated grilling grate allowing oils and fats for healthier eating to drip into a pan that cools the oils and fat, so smoke can’t form. So food like bacon stays crisp yet juicy. And with a lot less fat. And like all our Gotham Steel products, it’s made of Ti-Cerama surface which combines super strong titanium with super slick ceramic which means sticking or scratching is a thing of the past. Making healthy grilling and cleaning super easy and super fun!

So go ahead and BBQ hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, salmon ribs and even desserts right in your kitchen because you know it won’t stick to the grill!

– Ti-Cerama Surface with super strong titanium won’t scratch
– NON STICK slick ceramic coating
– The smokeless secret is a heated grilling grate
– Cooling drip pan so smoke can’t form
– Perfect even heat

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David's Favorite Videos says:

Where do you find those larger drinking strawa?

NoFNclue Watudu says:

Did you try the Salmon???

Jackie Burns says:

Im not impressed with her cussing…she just said god damn….

rrosen85 says:

I see we don’t know the meaning of Smoke-less and Smoke-free, Smoke-less means LESS Smoke, if you didn’t want smoke it would be called Smoke-free grill

fuckyourmother1960 says:

It’s really hard to clean brah

Jeannie Jagessar says:

Love ur videos. U so funny!!

Joey Guerrero says:

“hoddogs” lol

Todd Krivoshey says:

what you’re seeing isn’t technically smoke perse that’s actually steam from the fish itself



Victoria Baggett says:

Love love love your videos. Seen the egg rollie video on fb somehow and have been binge watching all that I can when I can. Keep them coming!!!

Sandra Sealy says:

Seems to work quite well

farpointgamingdirect says:

That fake cheese is mostly oil and water. I’d be interested to see how well real cheese comes off of that grill. Other than that I’m pretty impressed.

Ross Miller says:

I’ve always thought Gotham makes awesome product

Jamie Cormier says:

its word play smoke (less) not smokeless so doesn’t smoke as much

Cooking with Jeff says:

It can’t be smokeless…food smokes when it touches heat. It just doesn’t make noxious, or out of control smoke.

SummerHelene says:

It’s called virtually smokeless – that means a little bit of smoke – almost smokeless… So technically, they called exactly what you wanted them to!

michael white says:

The grill seems like a back slider, it’s smoking then it’s not.

Chris Nemec says:

Smokeless is an adjective that really can’t be applied to grills.
I found your channel by watching another consumer testing video and your video was in the “up next” slot.
BTW, on the package there’s an asterisk next to “Smokeless” at the bottom it tells you that it will produce smoke, but not as much as other grills.

Michael Punziano says:

The infomercial states that it is STEAM, not SMOKE.

land of Lincoln says:

You gave it 4 Vivian heads but 5 heads showed up at 8:37

Maddy Ens says:

After coming back and watching this again a second time I think they were just being a little sneaky with their words. When they said smokeless “emitting little to no smoke” they mean that the grill itself literally emits no smoke. If you were to bring a bbq grill inside and turn it on, your smoke detector would go off, even without food on it. A bbq emits smoke, their grill does not, thus giving you a smoke free cooking tool, they can not speak to your cooking skills as charred food causes smoke, it just does. I would consider a pan to be pretty smoke free, but as soon as something burns in a pan, it to creates smoke. Also I think a lot of what you were seeing was steam because you really didn’t burn anything. Either way though I love your videos and thought I’d share my thoughts 🙂

Mary Hubbard says:

My kitchen is getting full of stuff. I really gotta stop watching you (Not). I love watching your videos.

Em Kay says:

Oh m’lord, people. There is no such thing as a smoke-less anything. There is smokeless (no smoke) or reduced-smoke (less smoke), but not smoke-less. Doesn’t anyone understand grammar any longer?

Ashley Carper says:

my mom told me to watch you! she said you were super funny!

Kelli Miller says:

I can’t remember how I found your channel because it was so long ago. I do remember hating your voice but I couldn’t stop watching and I quickly turned around and loved it

Marc Boyd says:

well it says smoke less…. not smoke free. girl ….lol

John Valente says:

Hello vivian If you look at the box it says smoke-less not smokeless two different things.

michael white says:

Gothan Steel Uhm Smokeless? Grill. That’s what the box should read

Ian Gardiner says:

“Who would ever do that?” ……You did.


RIPPER334 says:

That looks more like steam… Not smoke.

Margie smith says:

Thank you for showing all the great gadgets. We found you accidentally and been watching all what you have put out. We have gone to the Japanese store and bought a lot of things. We love your show.

Chaffegirl says:

lol, you making yourself laugh is so me 🙂

81ici8 says:

The grill is not smokeless, but smoke less. Meaning less smoke compared to a outdoor grill.

carl carter says:

Virtually means a little…lol

Sandra Sealy says:

Never cooked salmon…you’re doing great job

Gorden Wood says:

Uh what happen to the flat top it suppose to have a flat top with it..

D R says:

The abuse that salmon endured brought a tear to my eye.

Thin Soldier says:

Can you do a follow up review after having used it for a few months? Half of the negative reviews on Amazon complain about the non-stick surface being hard to clean. The other half are about the heating element hot heating the entire grill area evenly.

jared dion says:

I found your channel by the egg rolie video where you basically talked shit to that egg lol ha ha lol

Sandra Sealy says:

Love napolian dynamite…especially abt quesadillas….hysterical

Stormy200929 Donna says:

I was looking for reviews on this product and you popped up

michael white says:

Your grill needs to be on the Chantrix program

Em Kay says:

Vivian, I lost it when you said you thought the fishmonger gave you thick-cut filet of salmon. Unlike pork chops, fish isn’t thick- or thin-cut, it just “is,” like chicken. You already said it yourself elsewhere in the comments: this isn’t a cooking show. Right you are, but it is part comedy/part review, and I love it! I also appreciate that your mouth is even naughtier than mine is.

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