Do You Need a $300 Smokeless Grill? — The Test Kitchen Gadget Show

Testing out the $300 gadget in this episode of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show is host Esther Choi of New York’s Mokbar, who is grilling chicken, hamburgers, and vegetable skewers. In some cases, the Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill comes through on its big promises. But if the best parts of grilling include being outdoors in the warmer months, hearing hamburgers sizzle, and getting to the perfect Maillard reaction — is this $300 kitchen gadget worth it?

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dinein1970 says:

A good Cast Iron grill, like a Le Crucet, would do a better job. Yes, you will have smoke, but SEARING comes with smoke in tow.

Carl Lee says:

This is a genius design from an engineering perspective. Philips is just as reliable as it always have been.

The Reckoning says:

First time viewer… when will there be a competent host available to review products properly.

G Gurunadha Reddy says:

It makes steamed hams.

Astro Mars says:

Esther, you are beautiful but please get out of the kitchen!

Carl Lee says:

Beef burgers has to be cooked well done, otherwise there might be bacteria inside. It’s different from steaks, because there’s no possibility of bacteria inside beef.

uncanny15 says:

Love Esther

Day Harrison says:

so basically she wishes it had a smokey taste but the product is smokeless.. ok .. nevermind

Faith Marianne Lawas says:

There is no sizzle because she didn’t preheat the grill damn it

ᛏᚺᛟᚱ says:

Just get a griddle

Guy Montag says:

that fat? omg its a boneless skinless chicken breast there is no fat.. LOL

Ashley Y says:

A grill that can give you eye damage.

Mr Eyeball says:

*stare into the red abyss where vegans burn in hell and the juiciest meat are raised from the depths*

Mark Jacob says:

Kohls sales it for $329.00..but bed bath and beyond and other places like Wal-Mart sale it for $252.00..Still way to much money for a small electric grill..this thing should sale for well under $100.00

Marcel Gardner says:

300 dollars, I’m good!

Chris G says:

there is no soul in these meat

Gummy Bear says:

It’s basically an open microwave.

RC says:

I got curious over this thing and decided to check Amazon to what others thought of it, and turns out for $70 the Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Searing Grill has much better reviews than this Phillips Grill.

Eater says:

You asked for it, we tested it. What other kitchen tools or appliances do you want to see Esther try out?

S&J says:

Thank God I watched this video! I was about to spend nearly $300 on this grill! Nah, not worth the hassle. Thank you!!!

Esther is cool, beautiful and I like her review. Very useful.

Kucik Kucik says:

She need to be in fashion segment not a cooking segment..

Travis Bull says:

You didn’t let the grill heat up. Bad show. With a stupid hoe, that can’t do anything right.

Codeman Look says:

wow! 30mins for the chicken! That’s a long time.

KontryBoy706 says:

Name a grill you don’t preheat? This video should be taken down. You think you can plug it up and instantly it’s at 446 degrees?! Wow Clearly didn’t read the instructions! DISLIKE!

Peter Mauroyenis says:

145 degrees for med rare really, plus have u ever heard of carry over cooking.145 for mr wtf really?

Anh Le says:

At this rate, can’t you just bake the chicken?

JackieWarner13 says:

What’s with the char/grill marks obsession America has

Bill Peirce says:

Thanks for a honest review.
Definitely not buying it.

labyrinthodont 6 says:

Where’s the lid? Doesn’t grills need a lid

Peter Mauroyenis says:

And she sucks bring back ur old host shes pretty dull.doesnt really keep u enticed to keep watching.actually became super bored as i watched this.very one note, no emotion, no personality.almost like i was listening to a machine or pre taped spontaneity

577AllWell says:

If she’s dumb enough to eat a burger “Medium Rare”, im not surprised she didn’t preheat it and then says “hmm no sizzle”… what an idiot.

wu ming says:

I’m sure this uses crystal halagon tube lamps which people have used for cooking things like pizza forever. Wonder why this grill hasn’t been around for 30 years?

Disar says:

17 minutes for one side? what? How dry is that chicken

Lucas Alves says:


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