charbroil infrared grill review update cleaning

charbroil infrared grills reviews. It still works great but need to be cleaned. how dose it work after 6 months?


engineerncook says:

I have been watching infrared grill technology for 10+ years. Charbroil, Tec, & Lynx keep changing their designs, sometimes drastically. Sabre, a higher end new line from Charbroil not unsurprising looks a lot like Charbroil’s TruInfrared models. A 2012 Youtube video by Charbroil shows holes in the bottom of the corrugated emitter plate for TruInfrared and no grates. The 2017 Charbroil website shows holes at the top of corrugated emitter plate and under a grate with the note: “Burner, grate and emitter design may vary per model.”

Ronald Ross says:

Why didn’t I get grates with mine.. All I got are the plates. There were none at the Sears store with grates nor did the clerk mention them. Now they all seem to have grates. Did Char-Broil redesign after I bought mine last summer or did I just get a cheap model?

Doug Masters says:

They recommend using Nylon not wire brush, the newer ones come with a tool to clean the grates

elfcane says:

28 dislikes CNNTUBE just checking…

KiNGFiSHCA2020 says:

Found the update on this grill one year later, and AGAIN you did not inform your audience of the Product Model from Char-Broil. Details, Wayne, Details!! Amazing that you’re in a business that requires it, but you fail to mention it even once in the video!

Bludika says:

You’re a slob

Yan Deg says:

Those ir plates are upside down. the holes should be directly under the the bars of the grill.

Texas Jim says:

Looks real dirty.

Papa Gleb says:

I’ll give you the best possibly advice in cleaning any grill. Before cooking, heat up the grill for 10-15m then take a white onion, cut it in half and use the freshly cut side to clean the grill. Just stick a fork in it (no pun intended) and use it like you would the brush thingy tool. Works like magic every time. If there are large deposits you will still need to use that brush tool. I use half an onion before cooking and the other half when I’m done or in between different meats so flavors don’t mix. Give it a try, worst it will cost you half an onion but at beast you’ll have a chemical free clean every time.

Jeep Cherokee says:

Everyone has there own special way to clean. About every three months I break the grill down as far as i can. The grilling grates I put in a bucket and spray with an oven cleaner, later a light brushing and rinse with a hose. The burners tend to develop rust so break out the compressor and wire brush any spots. After coating the grates with oil, reassemble. The exterior i use a light coat of car wax, protects the exterior steel and the heat hasn’t affected the finish. Any metal left outside will corrode or rust if not protected.

Chad Crowe says:

they are upside down the holes go at the top

Ken Kloeber says:

Take what this guy says with a grain of salt — he doesn’t take care of an expensive grill and clean the cooking grille after each use, and it’s ‘OK’ that, after only 6 months, his $350-400 investment looks like crap and is rusting because he’s too lazy to take care of it. Then just dumps the greasy, rusty crap from the IR plates into his clean paver patio and garden hose — probably for “the wife” to clean up after him while he’s off drinking with his redneck buddies. Then scrapes the cooking grills again so the crap goes back into the IR plates to block the holes. We can only that this redneck hasn’t been breeding. Note that Charbroil redesigned the IR plates on at least their Commercial series so the vees point UP, and can be located so the holes can sit directly under the cooking grate bars (presumably so the holes stay cleaner.) This guy probably beats his dog also. Sheesh.

toneitdown2 says:

I have the exact same grill I  noticed on charbroils website the holes are now on the top side . I`m guessing to be closer to the grates and to keep from getting clogged so easily . this grill does seem to sip the propane for as hot as it gets

Michael S says:

A little late here, just got a CharBroil True Infared grill, 3 burner, similar to the one in your videos.
So, the grilling grates ARE supposed to be directly over the holes in the infrared plates, according to the instructions, but you are saying you don’t have it that way and the holes in the infrared plates are showing between the bars of your grilling grates?
Just need clarification because I might try it that way too, and just but new infrared plates every 3 years or so…

whaczup says:

That looks like rust, is it?

David May says:

stainless steel does rust if it is not seasoned with peanut oil…religiously.

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