Char-Broil Tru Infrared Gas Grill Review ~ Grill2Go X200 Portable Propane


C.J. Brownbearflips says:

do you remember the smell of the old Burger King , O’yeah like that only better . Dan’O wait till you grill fruit and veggies on that mama ! no just use a plastic dish brush on it ! ttyl.

Rebekah Leonard says:

Glad you’ve gotten one that makes the cooking more fun!!

Norman Abdullah says:

Do some steak Dano

shameless o'shea says:

Those are legit, have a full size for the house. Your old grill was living on borrowed time

Shell Bell says:

Aahhhhh haaahaa!! Hallelujah! That looks like it will cook one heck of a London Broil! Yum! Congratulations!

whtmikeg30vanlife says:

whoo hooo dan gotta new grill….

RoadTrip Eddie says:

Its like a lil smokey joe, but better. Hmmm, making me hungry.

Dave C says:

VS. Weber, which is about 100.00 more for their portable grill, how would you compare? I purchased a Brinkman portable for about 100.00, but it’s a bit too cumbersome for my needs and I’m considering this model, which is brand new to the market! I’d love to see the results of a good NY. strip or ribeye! Thank you for all the awesome videos!!

Scrub Kitty says:

Ya!!! You needed this!!

Steve Prejean says:


Tivvy Times says:

i really like the look of that, but Hells Bells! they’re £165+ ($210) here in the U.K. 🙁

Boondocking Bears says:

Good review, thanks.

farmermdc1 says:

Why are you squeezing the juice out of the burgers? Avoid doing that for better burgers. It does not help anything. Good review of the grille. I think I will probably get one for vacation.

Sims Camper Adventures says:

Thumbs up for sure Dano 😉 that grill is awesome, looks perfect for rving. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Dionisio says:

Hey, Dan. That grill looks ideal for our van. We will look into getting one. Wife and I really like that based on your review. Question: How long did you soak the hickory chips before you put them on the grill? I don’t recall if you mentioned that or not.

Jason Pullara says:

danoooooo, if you want to smoke your food on a propane grill try putting your wood chips (soaked or unsoaked, your call) in foil, poke a lot of holes in the top and keep the grill on a low flame. put the wood chips to one side, get it smoking, then put your food on the other side.

Not as good as a real smoker, but you still get that touch of smoke.

lukngud says:

Hey Mr W.D! You Finally Did It! I don’t know how to act now without the uneven flames and all the foil! I’m really looking forward to more Cooking Vid’s on that Fancy New Gadget! Cheers! Thumbs Up! P.S. I might have to get me one of them there cooking things…

Mike m says:

Very nice grill and you got it right out of the box assembled….love it

Phil O says:

very good vid on the grill, I might buy one for the truck.

Julie Green says:

Great information. Might consider it for the summer. I hate standing by my charcoal grill in the summer in Florida, too hot. Excellent idea with the hickory. Thanks for sharing.

Pidasian Hippie says:

Congrats on finally buying a new grill. You really made a valiant effort to keep the old on going. My home grill has something that it calls an infrared part but it is a weird burner not a whole different grating thing like yours. Maybe I will try cooking my corn on it next time. Is that huge green space your back yard? If so, you have a fantastic back yard.

Chris Stonick says:

Dang just a heads up!! The valve on this unit is a piece of JUNK!! Everyone has same problem. Replacements are back ordered with no time for ETA!!! Hope yours lasts longer than mine. Also it runs hot!!!

BlackTop Boondocker says:

I have the same one but never used it yet.

David Hinnant says:

Nice Dano, but get yourself a table. My back is aching just watching you lol.Grass look’in good!!

Bob Woolcock says:

I wonder if they sell a pizza stone as an accessory? 650 degrees – pizza from scratch. I bought a stone online to fit in my Coleman oven but this grill looks like it might be hotter – which would be great for pizza…

Phil O says:

Dano I like to cook up a few nights of meals, chicken breast, hamburgers, sausages etc. Then I put it fridge, then at dinner time I just throw in microwave, it makes life so easy. Of course im talking about on the grill.

jeff Minnesota says:

Need smellavision. Lol. Looks good…..I had infrared grill at the house it’s awesome to cook chicken on….nice and portable grill

christopher 600cc says:

i was scare to pay $100 for it but coming from you nano i think i will get it then.
i got a cheap one for now the charr broil 190 is ok nothing special for $25/$30 bucks gets the job done

Rick W says:

Congrats Dano! I’m assuming you must be getting ready to hit the road for another great adventure! Wherever you go I hope you have a safe and happy journey and I look forward to all the videos!

Tim says:

I like to toast the hamburger buns on the grill as well. Commercial bread is so flimsy it falls apart before I can finish eating the burger.

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