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I am often asked what exactly is an infrared burner, what are the advantages of infrared grilling? In this video, we take a look at what makes infrared a great addition to your outdoor kitchen!
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Some information about Infrared:
QUICK PREHEAT, EASY GRILLING: Preheat your infrared grill on high in as little as 3-5 minutes! Infrared heat cooks food faster as well. We all lead busy lives and sometimes don’t have time to grill after work during the week. This quick pre-heat and faster cook time allows you to grill more during the week and not just on the weekends anymore!

JUICIER FOOD: Infrared grilling means your food will retain up to 35% more of its own natural juices, which produces incredibly tender and juicy results.

EVEN HEAT: Infrared grills can provide very even heat distribution across the grill, reducing the hot and cold spots often found on non-infrared grills. TEC and Solaire are two brands that score very high marks for even heat distribution.

STEAKHOUSE QUALITY SEARING: The majority of infrared grills reach incredibly high searing temperatures to produce mouthwatering, restaurant quality steaks. That said, infrared grills are not just high heat grills anymore. Technology has improved over the years and several infrared grills allow you to cook with precise control on low heat as well, such as TEC and Lynx.

MINIMAL FLARE-UPS: One of the most inconvenient hassles of traditional gas grills are the unpredictable flare-ups. Infrared grilling drastically reduces the chance of flare ups. TEC’s radiant glass panel system virtually eliminates flare ups while ceramic infrared brands like Solaire and Lynx will produce some flame kiss.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Compared to traditional gas grills, infrared grills burn less gas to reach the same temperature, saving you money on fuel.

EASY CLEAN-UP: Most infrared grills are super easy to clean, by simply turning the temperature to high when finished cooking. This will turn any food particles and residue into ash for a quick and easy clean-up! The grill that scores the highest marks for easy clean ups is TEC’s Patio FR.

Video Filmed/ Produced by: Paris Frederick


Stanley D'SOUZA says:

John d’siva

David Ferrer says:

I had a question about the Tec Cherokee fr 23 inch I see it used 16.4 ounce propane bottles? never used those ones I’m just wondering how much grilling time one can get out of those ? I don’t grill much food usually a steak or two for me and the wife and some veggies will I be fine ? also leaving it outside will it be okay or should I put it back away till I need it again.

redwhitentrue says:

Which Steakhouses use infrared, exactly?

Helter Smelter says:

infared is the beezkneez

White Thunder BBQ says:

I’ve never cooked a steak at such a high temp….I was thinking of trying one on a kettlepizza. how long do you think I should give it per side?

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