Weber Spirit II E-310 Review (New Grill Model)

Weber Spirit II E-310 Review, inside of a Lowe’s store. This review is from an owner of the Genesis II E-310 Grill. And the new Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Gas Grill is similar in many respects. So the review is from someone who has used a grill with very similar features. The grill is opened, some parts taken out for easier viewing into the cook box and viewing around the exterior of the grill as well. New features are pointed out. There is even a comparison made with a Genesis II E-310 also on display. So you can see and hear the difference in design of the two grills. If you’re interested in a Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Gas Grill, this is a great video from you. If you like this video, please subscribe to the channel. Also you can give the video a thumbs up and share with friends.

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sigzor302620 says:

I saw these new spirit II and I am not impressed. The original with the enclosed tank and the 4 wheels is better quality.

Mike Parks says:

I am looking for a new grill not sure how I feel about the new sprit model. I was set on getting a weber now not sure how I like the changes. I do like the bigger wheels but not sure about that open cart and drip tray in the open. how well do you think the cart is built compared to the previous model? I am also looking at Broil King Signet 320. Hopping whatever I by will last for me more than 3 to 5 years of use 2 or more times a week year round

Michael Mulloney says:

Thanks for the video. It was very helpful. Would you recommend the Spirit II e-310 for a novice griller?

rwdplz1 says:

Just picked one up, going to take it for a test grill tonight: hot dogs, hamburgers, and a couple porterhouse steaks.

chad says:

Darnell, WTF man what up?

Daniel Rivera says:

I don’t like these new spirit 2s at all. I’ve been looking to buy a weber grill, and have to get an older spirit quick before they no longer have any. I think the exposed tank is hideous. Going to get one with the door and 4 wheels to roll on. I feel like weber cheaped out here for this model

TheEnzoferrari12345 says:

they are ruining the product to cut costs and advertising it with fancy words such as “easy access” that thing needs a cover underneath !

Jeff Sibbald says:

Just bought the spirit ii can’t wait to put this thing to the test and see how long it lasts

Puppatweena says:

How does the Spirit II compare to the Genesis II in build quality alone? Is there a big difference between the two models? I’m trying to decide which one to pull the trigger on.

Miss Sha says:

Thanks i love your reviews on the grills

MegaRandall2011 says:

You mentioned in your video that this model came with iGrill. It doesn’t really. But it does come iGrill3 ready for about $89 you can purchase the unit as an add-on. That said, Weber is kind of cheap in that when you splurge for the Genisis LX line, I feel like for the money, the iGrill should come included as standard equipment. I just ordered the Genisis lx s440. Still waiting for delivery. I did purchase the iGrill3 and have that delivered and ready to install when the grill arrives. PS – Good job on the videos. I enjoy seeing all the videos of different models and capabilities of the Webers you have made.

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