Weber Spirit E-310 Review. Good Grill VS Bad Grill

Review of the Weber Spirit E-310 Grill and an explanation of what makes a good grill versus a bad grill


MrPCT007 says:

Nice Video, just order an E210 spirit from home depot. There was another you-tuber that showed how he build his and the level of quality. I’m coming from a Grand hall Odeon 32 Black ($1000+) I love my grand hall. Started having problems with the igniter and I feel the infra red burners are starting to degrade. I live on the coast and my deck is over the water. No problem with rust , just a problem with finding replacement parts. I guess there’s a reason BBQ galore stop selling it. I also needed a slightly smaller unit. Just my wife and I and we both grill at least 3 times a week. I’m glad you pointed out the quality of the construction.

tonajim51 says:

I am about to buy my 3rd Weber grill. Why? Not because they needed to be replaced, simply because I love Weber grills
and I feel they are the best money can buy. I bought my first one probably sometime in 1999 or 2000, I built a new house in 2001, and I know I had it prior to that, just can’t remember exactly when I bought it. That one is still working well and I have it at our camp, which I am about to sell and will leave there only because most of the sales in my park include the grill. I bought my Genesis 4 years ago and brought it with me to y winter home in Florida. The only thing wrong with it is a dent in the door that happened when the wind caught the cover and blew it into my neighbors yard. (forgot to lock the wheels) I am in the market for a new one as I purchased a home for our summers up north and will probably buy the 310. Everything in this video is accurate, I can’t add one thing. Yes, they’re on the pricey side. You can get cheaper grills, and they’re just that…CHEAPER. Consider the one at my camp. It is over 15 years old and I would definitely keep it if I was keeping the camp. It still cooks the best steak I have ever had. So how many grills have you bought in the past 15 years?

jbw5485 says:

rub the stainless down in WD-40. all your kitchen appliances also. the smell goes away quick and it makes the finger prints disappear and shines like new.

Sonicman1979 says:

Saw this grill at Home Depot today and was impressed. Your very informative video has convinced me that this will be my next grill very soon. Thanks for posting!

Hylee Bekkers says:

Great Grill but don’t buy it from Home Depot if you want a solid metal door.
And…… your grates are upside down!

xMxH says:

Nice video and cool patriots spatula go pats!

Bryan Torres says:

i bought one of these and I’ve had it for less than a month and I’ve used it like almost 10 times already. love it

Dean Paulsen says:

Is your running gear still holding up on your Weber Spirit? I have owned one for a little over 3 years and had a wheel fall off. I removed all of the loose parts from under the lid, tipped the grill on its side only to find that the 3 remaining wheels were about ready to fall off as well. The cause – I found it to be rusting out. Really makes me mad because i have a grill cover over it in the summer and move it into my garage during the winter months. I have since installed some after market wheels and sprayed some flex seal all over the base of the unit to try and prevent further rusting. I also need to replace the flavor bars and grates. I am not very happy with my purchase. My last Weber grill was awesome, I got a good 13 years out of it before i bought this one.

jbw5485 says:

i’m laughing at all the comments about the grates being upside down. i would’ve never known without these videos or webers website. all the pre assymbled grills in the big box stores have the pointy side facing up. i got mine still in the box so i could build it myself. flat side of the grates are up. haha

John Schneiter says:

My Weber Spirit Just died after 8 years.. What happened was that the floor of the cabinet dissolved all of a sudden.. It was fine last weekend & fell apart a few days ago.. My 1st hint was that the stainless door fell off.. I to put it back and the lower rail on the “Frame” (Weber tells me that is what this section is called) and the lower rail dissolved in front of my eyes.. . THERE IS ONLY A 2 Year warranty on the frame per weber… The Spirit, it turns out has components (the frame) made in China. The Genesis does not. Mine lasted 8 years.. and died.. I can’t complain.. My last Weber was a Genesis that lasted 15 years.. so I’m now in the market.. The exterior stainless is still in perfect shape.. The floor ended up like tissue paper.. Grrrr..


just got one 349.99 out the door new at fleet farm

akbychoice says:

I’ve seen full aluminum cast hoods cave in because people have turned up the grill to burn off the grill grates and they over heated. Be diligent in the safety department. Seen plenty of charred siding or melted vinyl siding because of the proximity.

edward opdebeeck says:

can you talk with a more boring monotone.

Jason Hyber says:

Just ordered mine today. I noticed your grates kind of come to a point. In some of the pictures the grates look flat. Any idea on the difference or what I may be getting? Ordered right from the Home Depot website.

Michael Anderson says:

Great video. Can you connect your Weber to natural gas and not use propane?

Manfred Strack damenwäscheträger says:

good explanation!

Dan LaChappelle says:

just bought one, big fan of the Weber

smasila says:

Use WD-40 to clean the stainless steal.

Johnny Dangerous says:

15 minute mark

liljuve13 says:

Just got mine at target for 200$ clearance. Display model. Can’t wait to fire it up

Captain Oveur says:

I just bought this grill last week but havent had the chance to use it yet but I am excited and cant wait to start grilling on it. I too was going to ask about the grates until I read the posts. I guess I installed mine correctly with the flat side up!!!

1timby says:

I have one of Weber’s Genesis Silver B NG grills. It’s going on 20+ years. A few month ago I had to do a refresh on the grill. I replaced the burners & Flavorizer bars. As well as the starter. The parts were inexpensive & easy to replace. I have SS grates, SS Flavorizer bars & SS burners. I paid $550 years ago. It’s been the best grill I’ve ever owned.

I live in North Texas & we grill year round. I also bake in my Weber.

I hope you have as much luck and enjoyment as I’ve had with your Weber.

Just my 2 cents…LOL

Gregory M says:

I had my Sears grill since 1984. I have only replaced the fire tubes every other year or so. After watching the video from kitchen review which they gave this product great recommendation ratings.
It’s getting hard to find the fire tubes and I suspect sears isn’t going to be around much longer looking for another grill is on my mind. So I liked the way your grill looks and the positive comments you have for the grill along with the comments below. Now that it is a few years from 2014 what are your comments in 2016? Cleaning, replacing any parts, removing the tank to refill, etc etc.
OH OH OH by the way do you know your grills will cook either way. LOL LOL LOL I just couldn’t resist that comment. Joke!

Brad Harter says:

You’ve got your grates upside down!

Johnny Dangerous says:

Very true , you get what you pay for and if you do not get a grill the quality of this Weber you will be lucky to get a third season out of them the guts turn to dust.

Javier Ramires says:

Nice video now I am on the market for one and they are expence.

Rob Bradshaw says:

I have a weber baby Q (which i love) I’ve just moved into new house (from apartment) so way more room. wanted to get a weber family Q. how does this Spirit compare? I can get this “free” with Credit card points so not sure whether Family Q or Spirit

rudolfthered says:

I have a brand new Spirit right behind me right now. This video helped seal the deal. Got free assembly and delivery from Ace Hardware this weekend. Plus a $50 gift card. They installed the grates points up. Flipping after I send this comment.

Josh Baker says:

Just saw the E330 at Orchard Supply. They pay the tax this weekend. Your video pushed me into getting this BBQ

yellowmanv1986 says:

I like that Pats Spatula

joe b says:

to be honest, your old grill , there doesn’t look like anything wrong with it to actually toss it, if your replacing it with a weber that’s very cool but  it should be denoted you just want a  weber maybe actually over your  BBQ grill,, on my older model Kenmore I cut a piece of 1/16th inch metal to replace the bottom then made flavor bar on the bottom to vaporize all dripping under the burner I cleaned the old grill and turned it into a rotisorrie grill ,, I do have a weber spirit for fast cooks and love it, but  these older grills are very workable, mine is 12 years old, my weber is 4 years old

Franco says:

Going to buy mine tonight. Thanks to your review. I believe you get what you pay for too. I could buy a gigantic grill from char broil or one of those but the last one I had went out first season. Needed new burner. I am going with the Weber Spirit E-310. Thanks

Franco says:

I used my steam mop to clean the stainless . Works great

B Duil says:

Thanks for the thorough review.  I am currently debating between this grill and the Broil King Baron 420.  I love the spirit, but I find myself leaning towards the Broil King since it has more power (40,000 BTUs on 4 burners vs. 32,000 on 3) for the same price.  After grilling for over a year with the Spirit, were there any times you wished it offered slightly more heat?

Sven Cooke says:

I really like this mid priced, great looking gas grill from Weber. It has been popular in my family since I bought one. It offers great value. You can read my review by following this link.

brianallen0826 says:

it’s been awhile since this video…how do you like it now? My wife thinks I’m crazy for wanting the Weber, she thinks Charbroil is just fine and it’s half the price but I think Weber is the way to go

bechtoea says:

Your grates are on upside down. The flat side goes up, resulting in wickedly good searing for your steaks 🙂 And no, they are not meant to be turned upside down. But to each their own (I read the rest of the comments and now I am going to leave this here for comic effect. haha ).

I have three Webers; A Silver A two burner at my father in laws which is 17 years old, a Genesis three burner that’s 19 years old at my father’s house, and my grill, one I bought new, a Silver C, 17 years old. I bought the other two and restored them each for less than $120. Yes, they last, and yes, they cook fantastic! When it comes to my replacing the old Silver C, I will be split between the Spirit or the Genesis. We shall see.

Frank Einstein says:

The hotter the grill the better, but I prefer them with 3 different size exhaust holes, so there is more variety to have fun with.

ak15 ar47 says:

30 dollars I’d have that old grill looking and running like new some ppl I guess don’t understand how ez it would be to fix. But I don’t but cheap grills I just keep the good ones running 20+ years

Marquette Smith says:

you can get LP or NG, make sure you know first. So I like the add on, from Home Depot, and it’s price control, meaning your not going to find a lot of up and down price from Store to Online. I will add a cover to mine.

Choras Den says:

2 years later… do you still love it?

Lamar Smith says:

Wow, I am glad I came across this video. I was looking for a video demonstrating the Spirit E-330 when I came across your video. I am also replacing the same BBQ Galore grill (I think I had mine for 9 years) with the Spirit E- 330 instead of the E-310. Watched both of your videos and they helped me seal the deal. Have you tried smoking anything? Thanks

Nicolas Rodriguez says:

Go Patriots.

Liz Rothweiler says:

I am trying to replace the igniter kit on this grill and the part does not fit. I have the model 7510 replacement part. Is there a different part for this grill and I am just not finding it? thank you.

kadie1414 says:

Ordered the nat gas version off amazon, front lower door was severely bent. Probably from shipping. Exchanged for a 2nd one and same issue. Returned both for a refund and bought at Lowe’s for same price and they were offering free delivery and assembly! Great video.

Ronnie Burmaster says:

The grates R not upside-down. The flat side is used for hamburgers or anything that you don’t want grill marks on.

Chris Sloan says:

Whats the difference between the spirit 310 and the genesis 310? Is it worth the money extra for the genesis?

lhernana2j says:

Wow. I’ve been grilling pointy side up forever. The guys that put these together nust always put them upside down. Thanks for the heads up.

Ariel Wollinger says:

Your grates are upside down!!

Paul Fusari says:

Thanks – great video. Got my eyes on the e-210. Question – you line your catch pan with foil which make perfect sense to me, but some videos say to never line that with foil. I can’t figure out why, other than they want you to buy replacement foil ones. Any issues with that?

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