Weber Genesis II S-310 – Good Grill VS Bad Grill

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Review of the Weber Genesis II S-310 Grill and an explanation of what makes a good grill versus a bad grill



You are paying over $600 for a better quality but it least they could add a simple side burner. You have to pay at least $1200 if you want side burner.

The Music Ministry says:

I’ve been researching gas grills after using nothing but charcoal since my first grill. I figured there wouldn’t be much difference in taste from one grill to the next so I’ve been really obsessing over quality and trying to make sure I buy a well-built gas grill. You did such a great job of really explaining what makes a good, well-built grill. I’ve been looking at Weber for a few days and your video really helped me make up my mind. Awesome job explaining exactly what to look for in a well-built grill that will last several years. Thanks!

LindyTN says:

I have been thinking I wanted a side burner. But is it really necessary? I guess I could but a skillet or cast iron pot on the grill just the same as a side burner.

J Wiers says:

Awesome video – thanks for posting! Wondering if you think it was worth the extra ante for going with the stainless? Or any difference you noticed between cooking on the cast-iron cooking grates versus the stainless?

nuraman00 says:

Can you post a video of the fuel gauge in use? I’m still not sure how exactly it knows how much fuel is left.

IOPA3M says:

Was choosing between spirit and genesis and now for the difference! Thanks! Will go for genesis

Shaun Wintheiser says:

Do like the Genesis better than your Spirit and why?

Wendell Johnson says:

Do you know it the stainless steel come in the 410 model. I want 4 burners but ive never seen it in the 4 burner model

David Hoover says:

I just bought this grill and I love it!

LindyTN says:

Can you put a rotisserie and cook that way? Some grills have a rotisserie burner. Is that necessary?

smokinquack89 says:

Great video. Curious on why you got rid of your spirit after just 6yrs looked in decent condition last video? Any thoughts on spirit vs genesis is it worth the price difference? Also can you confirm if it has true stainless steel or painted parts? Grills ive bought in past stated stainless steel but if a magnet sticks then its painted.

Asif Patel says:


atl3630 says:

Great job. Thanks

CodeWithChris says:

Can you sear a steak on it even without a side sear station?

boostedmaniac says:

Too bad it doesn’t have a side burner.

Randy C says:

1/ The box is cast aluminum and will corrode in the bottom corners after a few years (5 for me). BUT they will replace it free. 2/ Flavorizers may corrode(mine are porcelain enamel) and they replaced them. 3/The back inner lining of the top corroded also and they replaced it (the whole top). 4/My burners are okay but I had to take them out to replace the cookbox. I would recommend removing any screws holding them in each time you clean the grill and put permatex high temp anti-seize on them to keep them from freezing in place. 5/ I had to replace the back and bottom of the enclosed base at my cost(mine is a Genesis E-310 with enclosed base and 2 doors). I keep my grill on a deck with a grill cover most of the time but the cover doesn’t go all the way down. 6/ I am very hard on a grill. Most of mine don’t last 3 years. In 5 years, I never cleaned the grill insides once besides cleaning the cast iron grates each time (they replaced those free also). I cleaned the outside once or twice. U kuve ub southeast Louisiana and grill often, all year long. I have had many many grills and this is my favorite and I will keep it up as long as I can. I may even try to clean it thoroughly at least 2 or 3 times a year and get a new cover that goes down past the base. I know they recommend running it on high for 15 minutes before using to burn off baked on stuff and bring it up to temperature but I think that is what corroded parts of my grill. Sorry about the rant.

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