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Introducing the Weber Genesis II line of gas grills! In this video, we take a close look at the Weber Genesis II Special Edition 4 burner grill.
Full line of Weber Genesis II Gas Grills:

Genesis II Special Edition featured in this video:


Brock Warkentin says:

Such a huge downgrade from the S-330. No enclosure??? Mice will love this bbq… dont get why Weber went down this road.

CThienV says:

yeah, what happened to the search station?

Danny Hernandez says:

Day 1 of owning the Gen II SE 410 and the BBQ guys give a good review. I found the instruction manual on putting it all together EXCELLENT compared to anything I’ve ever put together–good thing, too as it took several hours. I went with the NG model and could only find it in Black. Have heard NG doesn’t get as hot but the temperature reached 650 when I was burning it in… First meal of corn, chicken/veggie skewers and short ribs was a pleasure to make. The corn on indirect heat at 400 for about 15 minutes turned out not be enough–I turned the middle burners up to low for another 10 before it cooked perfectly. The chicken was great at this temperature and I turned up the middle burners to medium for the beef and it cooked quickly. Super expensive vs. the Spirits in the $500 range (2 over the years) but I’m not getting any younger and this seemed like the right step up! Be prepared to deal with less space, it is show piece, not something to tuck away in the corner. As for the open cart design, wasn’t sure about it either but I realized I don’t store much under there anyway and the mice seemed to make their way in regardless–now they won’t have such a protected spot!

Vincenzos Plate says:

hello chef how are you? missed your reviews

Maddog8148 says:

Where is the Sear Station burner? Plus this one is made is China Right?

Mike Cranfield says:

I bought my 5th and last Weber about 18 months ago… it is now rusted away and the gas cylinder base has cracked in half!!! in 18 months!!! Not to mention 2 sets of flavourizer bars etc…

Jeff Wills says:

I’m lucky to have bought my 330 last year. This years models seem like an overpriced Char-Broil.

gino volta says:

Hello Chef Tony. Need your help. I am in the market for a natural gas BBQ. Between 4-6 burner. My price point is $2000 max, and that’s even pushing it. The 3 grills I have in mind are Weber, Broil King and Napoleon. Can you please give me your professional opinion on durability, life of grill, and better even cooking! Thank you sir.

Joseph Lebo says:

Hello, I have a question about the Genesis II 410 special edition (non LX version). I know that the sear station has been removed, but does the 410 special edition get hot enough to sear?

peter ruiz says:

I just bought mine. hope I love it ad much as I think I will

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