Weber GENESIS II E-310 Propane Gas Grill with iGrill 3 (1 Year Later)

Weber GENESIS II E-310 Propane Gas Grill with iGrill 3 (1 Year Later). Provides a look at the Weber Genesis II E-310 Propane Gas Grill, after a full year of use. If you’re wondering will the Weber Genesis II E-310 can stand the test of time, this video is for you. See how a Weber Genesis II’s durability fairs after one year of constant use. This Weber Genesis II E-310 Propane Gas Grill, was used for more than just many cooks on this channel. It has been used for much personal use and cooking. The cooking with this Weber Genesis II E-310 Propane Gas grill, also featured a lot of smoking food, so heavy use of a Weber smoker box. And this Weber Genesis II remained outside the entire year. Covered with a Weber Genesis II Grill Cover, when not in use. The Weber iGrill 3 system was also used throughout the year.

Original review from a year ago:


HuskyKMA says:

Other than not being waterproof, how do you like that light?

sigzor302620 says:

I got the old style e-210. Weber makes quality and you get what you pay for. Your genesis II is really a good choice if you can spend the money.

Kathul Emerald says:

Beast of a grill, the E-310. Got mine around the same time after watching your review, living in Iceland and being covered and outside all winter, used frequently for weekend cookouts and such, the wear and tear is pretty much identical.
These things are built like tanks.

Well worth the money!

Thanks for all the videos!

SLAMMO says:

Just got one .. mine is the snap on model … mine has different grills though ? ( thicker style grills) … awesome review !

Marvin Jones says:

Sweet video bro. I just picked up mine for 499$

da emcee says:

Thanks for the video D, Iv’e had my eye on this grill and I’m finally convinced to get it. Great channel!!! Keep the good food cooking

Liz S says:

Can you fold down the side table? I have an area that is just a bit too short to fit this, but if that side table folds and stays down I’ll buy it.
Also, is the propane indicator accurate? Any help yo can give would be much appreciated!

Carl Hillman says:

I’ve had the finish flake off of mine they replaced the lid free of charge but did not expect that from a 1,00 dollar grill. Wish they were still made in the states! I have the E-410 SE model. Outside of that I do enjoy it and hope my days of throwing away 300 dollar Wal-Mart grills every other year are finally behind me. Keep the content coming!

Sarwar Khan says:

Great vid thanks

rikk19vfr says:

Enjoying your vids D, no bull involved just tells it how it is, perfect just subscribed…..going to look at one of these tomorrow here in UK, after seeing so many reviews of different models this seems like the one to invest in especially after seeing your anniversary vid, great idea thanks, keep up the good work..cheers

Steve Doyel says:

Do you prefer the stainless steel grates over the original porcelain-coated cast iron?

Dan Lewis says:

Did you buy your G2 at home depot?

D Jaquith says:

I have the Genesis II 400 series limited (came with the SS grills and flavorizers). My complaints are it’s impossible to get mine much hotter than 550° F even with all 4 burners 100% on, and the iGrill 3 IMO is junk from too many and slow connection issues .. and the updated App is trash .. the original App was far faster and easier. It has crossed my mind to see if the iGrill 2 would work. In any case it’s Chinese…

I’ve also noticed some deterioration of the flavorizer bars due to galvanic reactions (aluminum and SS) and some pitting on both the flavorizer bars and SS grills.

Kenneth Johnsen says:

Love your videos.
I have been really researching which grill to get next.
I have two kettles and a small Q120.
Your videos are really great, and perfectly shows the functionality and simplicity of the E-310, so that’s what I’m going for.
Best regards, and keep making videos.

Michael Sterling says:

What’s the silver chain for at 2:57 next to propane tank?

St. Driscoll says:

Where can I find the stainless steel grates that you have

Lamar Smith says:

Wow, how time flies, can’t believe it’s been a year already.

W Bice says:

FYI, a minor safety suggestion. Propane cylenders should not be opened more than 3/4 turn. More than that does not increase the flow and if the gas has to be turned off quickly 3/4 turn takes less time than the 2-3 turns to close it from full open. Try it, 3/4 turn open will give you the same flow.

Nic Christie says:

Your videos made me purchase this same grill. It’s holding up just fine!

tom faro says:

Do you use the pellet grill in background more?

Mike says:

How are you, great video.
Do you recommend the stainless steel grates or the cast iron grates that come with it. I am curious because I am in the market for a genius ii and I am curious if I should get the stainless steel grates or not

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