Weber Genesis E310 Review and first few cooks.


I was looking for the best Gas Grill. My old gas grill died after about 12 years and they don’t make it anymore. After much research I decided on this Weber E 310 after looking at the E330 and many other grills. (I don’t need a sear burner and I only used the side burner on my old grill once or twice in over 10 years so the E310 saves about $100 over the E 330.)

Overall this is one great grill! I am more impressed with it than I thought I would be, and am looking forward to many years of use. Here is my review showing several foods cooked on it and links.

Weber controls pricing on their products. You will never find it “On Sale” or reduced in price so you might as well buy it from Amazon and save on sales tax and get free shipping! Here is the link:

Here is the Maverick PT100 Thermometer used in the video: (affiliate)


revoff1319 says:

I’ve only had my e310 genesis for a month but it’s already my favorite grill of all time and that’s without the grill grates. However my custom cut grill grates just showed up today FedEx. Can’t wait to try em. Great video.

RGP in POOL says:

I have the same Genesis 3 burner model. I love it. So solid and the even heat distribution is awesome. Had a 4 burner cheap bbq before. It didn’t heat evenly. Got used to it and learned to move everything around properly, but with my Weber…all I do is flip. I truly love it.

Aaron Aa says:

Have you had any problem with it falling over? Its a great grill but its so top heavy that mine has fallen twice now wrecking the manifold knobs, clean snapped them the first time and theyre bent now. Im gonna have to punch some holes and run a chain through it and tie it to my deck to make sure it doesnt happen ever again.

Jeremy Blanton says:

I’ve love my Genesis.  Have had it about 15 months now.  Mine has the searing station and can push temps up to 700 when I fire it up on high.  It’s amazing.  It’s a great compliment to my Masterbuilt 30 smoker.

Cephus Jones says:

Ok. I have to embarrassingly admit I had my grates on the wrong direction for three years. I had the flat side down. Such shame I feel!

Shawn Neal says:

Thanks for this review. I just got recognition for 25 years at my company and a gift card to order anything on a list they provided to me. I chose this grill and it’s on it’s way. How are you liking the Genesis after almost a year out?

x3christian1 says:

Ever try the TEC INFRARED grills?

Kathryn Reilly says:


Altissimus says:

Useful video Scott, thank you.

I have one question regarding the Maverick PT100, actually – if you insert the thermometer into under-cooked meat aren’t you then potentially carrying bacteria if you insert the thermometer into cooked meat? I’m guessing that – even though the cooked meat is at safe temp – the bacteria won’t be exposed long enough to be killed. Is this a valid concern?

Dum Barton says:

I have the E330 model which has the sear station. It is a “HOT” setup! And the grillgrates are a wonderful addition to this grill. Lately I have been using the flat side and my burgs get a wonderful sear! The Weber Genesis is built like a tank and will last MUCH longer than any flimsy 99 dollar grill from Walmart.

Dave Graham says:

Hi Scott where did u get that Fork spatula for turning your meat can’t find them anywhere my email is Thxs Dave

Bob Marley says:

olive oil? Thats a VERY low combustion point oil. Once olive oil heats up it ruins its flavor. Olive oil is fruit oil and is the last thing you want in a high heat environment. Maybe try a sunflower oil.

area859 says:

Torn between buying this E310 with Cast Iron grates or the S310 that comes with Stainless which is ez maintanance and last longer. Your thoughts on the Cast iron over Stainless grates?

gerry3x says:

wish it had stainless grates

CodyP2112 says:

You have the Grill Grate tool but not using them?


Wow if that chicken burned in the back of the grill, that means that heat is not being distributed Equally. Are all 5 flavor bars in place?

Karl Palan says:

My son just got one and so far he’s really happy with it. Great vid and food looks good. Made me hungry but it’s a bit too early yet to be firing up the grill.

x3christian1 says:

What sterling grill were you talking about in the beginning of the video?

verano1008 says:

What temperature did you cook the steaks at?

Geo HVL says:

This is amazing. I too had a Stering Forge 14 years without a doubt a great grill but now no longer in business and the crooks that have the left over parts are who sent me to Weber. I have an II series E 410. I have had weber charcoal grills for years. The SF was a beast to work on like cleaning the burners was like changing a transmission in a truck. Weber it is all on top with SS screws nothing is hidden so much better. I would have bought the Genesis years ago but the heat output was not even close to the new Webers. So satisfied with the Weber gas grill the Genesis E series 410.On topic of grills and smokers. Yes you can’t have to many. I have a XL Big green Egg, Weber E410, Weber Performer Charcoal 22.5, and last but least a Weber gas bullet smoker. The gas grill I use mainly for foods that don’t need the smoke flavor one thing I love blackened red fish. I have a large cast iron griddle that I lay on the gas grill get it as hoy as it will go and lay the red fish and butter till perfection has occurred.

Lisenko Chavez says:

I like weber grills the bests

michaelclld says:

I just got one of these on clearance at Wal-Mart today for 349, I am curious to try it out. I have never tried the oil oil on the grates, I will try that. What are the grill grates you were mentioning at the start?

Check your local WM these are being marked down all over, they had the Spirit 210 for 199

nick freeman says:

Good promo for machine and weber great make but sadly i never liked the propane bbqs. Ive always been a fire, burn till charcoal and start cooking i just prefer the taste its like mcdonalds vs burgerking, im a burgerking at a push although neither compare cooking your own good ole lean ground beef. I do like the set up of these large bbqs and how you have a place for everything at arms reach.

I personally have a hand built stove i made out a butane bottle lol, lol yeah but tastes great.

ale1ist says:

Good video ! I got my Genesis E310 today , I can’t wait to fire up tomorrow , I’m going to cook some hamburgers like yours .

lpandy21 says:

Thanks for the review buddy!

Furious Mojo says:

Good video

brantk81 says:

after watching this, I’ve realized I that I have been using my grill grates upside down!

karunald says:

Do both side tables fold down on this unit? I hate the design of the Genesis II

greg0716 says:

need those grill grates!!!

Smoky Stoner says:

Good video , i also made one for the fist time . mine is a jumbuck . have a look and tell me what you think

Dan Livni says:

Great video. I’m so glad someone showed an actual video of the Weber Genesis grilling.
You can tell from the video the grill has great heat and fire

50hellkat2 says:

Yum….that yellow lab is patiently waiting for you to drop something. Thanks for the video. It is excellent. What size turkey do you think it would cook and would it cook a beer can chicken? Does it take a rotisserie?

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