This just might be …… the best gas grill !!!

I am saying good bye to my Napoleon Rogue Gas Grills and hi to my new Napoleon Prestige Pro 665

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Rob Metzger says:

That’s one sweet rig! It looks like it could do whole hog. At lest 2-3 suckling pigs.

Bounty Hunter says:

Do a pigling

Foxtrot86 says:

Should have called it the Napoleon Ginourmous… Mooi apparaat.

Luis Winter says:


Chris Shulusky says:

Love a good ribeye

Midnightsun says:

Yes cook a human plz

Sascha Piel says:

Hell yes, what a Beauty!!!! Congratulations to this beast! No idea what to cook on it. Seeing it Standing there is already a pleasure. Happy with my LE3.

babyFiona says:

We just purchased our 1st Napoleon grill today we get it next week the store was sold out I can’t wait to start cooking

Otto P says:

Hey, which maximum temperature reached this grill.
Greetings from Germany

GarPunkt.TV says:

This grill ist just awesome! 🙂

Yo Max says:

Congrats on the new addition….let’s celebrate with some proper prime rib with 2 side dishes.

Alfredo Iganz says:

nice Grill there…have you ever make beef wellington?

Montana Cabana says:

whole suckling pig!

roger lowry says:

letting chicken drip on your other product=bad things happening.
Nice grill.
Don”t kill anybody.

Crasyman67 says:

Never cook poultry above beef

Off Limits says:

Gas is for indoor cooking!

Gregg Carter says:

I think i am in love. Never wanted something so much in a long time.

Shigure Tatsushige says:

Problem with BBQ like this, is overseas they are about $3000 but here in Japan they start at $6000 …I am from Australia and my Weber Gar BBQ cost me $1700, the same one here in Japan is $4800 … the cost of professional BBQ in Japan is fucking stupid and is the reason why 98% of the Japanese use cheap made charcoal Coleman BBQ

Bill Mayhew says:

Leg of lamb. Smoked.

fab lan says:

So he put raw chicken on the top of a barbecue with burgers and bacon underneath them
nice chicken and blood dripping on those burgers

Todd Mann says:

A suckling hog on the rotisserie with the smoke

ChoppersBBQ says:

It looks fantastic and i hope you have many happy cooks on it. For me i have to have that pure wood and coal capability of an offset. I fully admit i am a purist to for BBQ. That beast though seems the closest to making me think twice hehe 🙂

troy bills says:

Hell yes man i been waiting for u to do this forever lol

Michael Sauer says:

You need to do a roasted piglet on this monster. Nothing less!

Timothy Dishneau says:

Got the prestige 500 a couple months ago. Love it so far. I’m sure you will put out some great videos on this grill. Rotisserie prime rib would be my choice for a video. #ENJOY.

Mark Gardner says:

I’ll take the old ones off your hands. Haha

Tourist says:

Man that was some thick bacon!!!

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