Review of Char-Broil 190 Table Top Gas Grill Model 465133010

Review of Char-Broil 190 Table Top Gas Grill Model 465133010.

First use grilling hotdogs using a disposable 16 oz propane gas tank.

I already have a Weber Smokey Joe Silver which I truly like for my charcoal grilling needs but winter is near and I wanted a gas grill counterpart for easier grilling in colder weather. This Char-Broil table top gas grill met most of my expectations after this initial test. At $25 it is proving to be a good value purchase.

Two issues:

– The legs do not fold and lock over the lid so you will need to tie them together somehow and be careful and use both hands during transport.

– You need to remove the regulator in order to properly fold the legs.

Other than that the grill produces good heat, is small, and stores nicely — convenient for small grilling tasks.

As for longevity only time will tell but if it does last then I may consider buying a Char-Broil 4′ Hose and Adapter to connect to a standard refillable propane tank.


Mark Garza says:

The thing you turn the grill on, it fell off. What do I do?

jbp0879 says:

Nice work with the information in the video.  I actually have a question.

I’m new to griling out and I just purchased the Charbroil model you used for the video.  Is the gap/hole between the regulator and burner supposed to be completely empty?  I was under the impression that a hose would be there.  I’ve read that this is so that air can help with heat but I’m not sure at all.



Ivonne Marquez says:

How did you attach the regulator to the gas.

Rahmat Amin says:

hi. does it dry the hot dogs or kabab ?

witchady14 says:

i just purchased the grill and the open square near the regulator lights up and makes a noise. is that normal?

Dave N says:

I bought the Master Chef version of this grill and the flame was too weak, so I added lava rocks to mine and now it cooks like a full size grill. 🙂

iixnullxii1 says:

Are you from Bogota Columbia?

DZenitram23 says:

how long does the 2lbs tank last

Machine Gun Nest says:

should show the burner

mila l says:

Can you please tell me what kind of ”carpet” you placed under the bbq? I have a portable one and I want to place it on my balcony floor but I’m so afraid my balcony floor will be very hot aor worse it will melt

lucy moncada says:

can someone show how to assemble the tank to the grill because i have one but it is too loose i couldn’t make it work.

Xiao Ma says:

Hello, Whatevervlog,
Do you know why there are holes near regulators? Should it not completely sealed???

pugs and cats says:

i have one extra screw but it does not fit with the spot it needs it be in (on the bottom )

Devil's Love Child says:

How do I put it together

Derrick Jackson says:

I still love charcoal better tha gas

chakrya men says:

can u make a video how to clean it cuz my I have no idea how to clean.thanks

Chris Finke says:

Did yours smell like burning rubber and smoke the first time you lit it?

Laura Tuller says:

Uh… there is no need for any lava rocks? Because I bought that one AND some lava rocks. Should I take them out?

SqueakyClutch says:

Why is there a hole right in the medal part where you put the propane?

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