How to Choose the Best Gas Grill? – Overview

Check out this Buyers Guide video for tips to help you choose the perfect gas grill for your barbeque lifestyle. This overview will eliminate all the confusion when deciding which gas grill to buy. Let Chef Tony Matassa walk you through it with a review of the things you’ll want to consider when comparing gas grills and their features.  How much grill real estate do you need? What cooking grid and flame tamers are best for you? What Grill Burner configuration is best for a premium cooking style? Let’s have a look!

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Videography/Edit: Paris Frederick
Logo Animation: Ian Cessna


Vik Ram says:


No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

great information

jesus varela says:

nice really informative better than any teacher i had

Christina Stratton says:

Great Video. I’m shopping and this was so helpful. 🙂

Ranjit says:

I don’t agree that the rear burner is only good for rotisserie, I have a hi end Webber and found to make awesome pizza on the BBQ you need that rear burner to brown the cheese.

Danyal A. says:

What do you think about this grill?

It’s affordable so I can easily replace it in a couple years, which is also why it doesn’t really matter that it uses porcelain-coated cast iron. I intend to mostly use it for parties so the large area and 5 burners is great.

What do you think? Thanks!

Abel Sánchez Fernández says: what’s your opinion on Char-Broil Performance 36G? I’m thinking of buying it but not sure about their TRU system…

Kareezy says:

Great video.


i just bought a E-310 spirit weber grill that has porcelain-enameled cast iron grates.. i don’t want to scrape off the porcelain with metal utensils so i plan to use wooden utensils. i also plan to clean off the grates with a piece of wood and see how that goes. i intend to clean this more often than my old grill. it was a char broil and it lasted 15 years. this new weber grill set me back $500.00 and i intend to make it last as long as possible. it was a very good informative video and reinforces my purchase of this new grill.

Fausto Naranjo says:

Very good video very professional and to the point, it helped me to decide what grill to buy.Thank you BBQ Guys.

Muthukumar Ramasamy says:

I am so lazy to write reviews but after watching this one I felt I should appreciate for knowing all the info I want to know in a very short time. Excellent presentation in very short time. Clear audio, video and language.

norm lor says:

thanks so much as I AM looking for a good quality Gas grill for my yard which is VERY small6X3. I bought a tank 2 yrs ago and still have gas in it due to me having a cheap table top bbq. I haven’t finished watching your video and hope it mentions rotisseries as well!!

Jonathan England says:

@Tony Matassa – Good stuff! Very helpful. Also, you sound very much from Louisiana.. am I right?EDIT: Nevermind. just looked at your channel and saw all the other LA related videos.. lol.  great channel and video production. Pls keep it up!

Justin B says:

Great well presented video not confusing or hard to understand thanks BBQ guys

Navdeep Sandhu says:

Thanks bro..excellent presentation

Cici Campbell says:

Thank you Tony!! You are super knowledgeable!

Tara Fjeld says:

where is the hottest part of a gas grill??

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

I have questions, Will send you a PM…

SmokeyGoodness says:

Really informative video, Tony. I had a gasser, years ago, that had Lava rock near the burners. Kinda’ liked it, but it rusted out on me in a big hurry. Are manufacturers not really using lava rock anymore?

jwrtiger says:

I have a Vermont Castings that has served me for many years but now it is time to look for a new grill. Just wanted to say you did a great job on this video; good visual, audio, and script. Very informative and helpful for me in making my decision. Thanks…

kuhne says:

We, as a people, need to grow up! Maybe a few years ago it wasn’t cool to do things that we now should accept. You have men turning women, gay marriage, legal marijuana, we really should also accept men who prefer gas grills over charcoal, as equals, please stop discriminating

White Thunder BBQ says:

very informative Tony. I’m still rolling with an old Weber genesis I got on Craig’s list for 40$. makes for a great outdoor griddle!

Uzi Ben-Shalom says:

You should know before you buy a Char-Broil grill.. if you have a gas leak on one of the valve, you will be forced to purchase all
of the valve set.

wurz elle says:

excellent video

SIRA063 says:

doesnt the perforated sheet also shield the meat from the heat?

Howie Rader says:

Great vid…new subscriber, thanks!

Jay Bennie boy says:

what type of girls are you standing in front of

Alan Bright says:

Hi Tony, can these grills be used for indoor cooking?


Very informative Tony. I just had one of my subs ask my advice on gas grills earlier this week. I gave him my advice, but also referred him to you since you get to test and cook on so many different types of grills. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Wishing you and Paris a wonderful weekend brother!!!

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U says:


Juan Su says:

Thanks for the great video! Very informative indeed!

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