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Check out this Buyers Guide video for tips to help you choose the perfect gas grill for your barbeque lifestyle. This overview will eliminate all the confusion when deciding which gas grill to buy. Let Chef Tony Matassa walk you through it with a review of the things you’ll want to consider when comparing gas grills and their features.  How much grill real estate do you need? What cooking grid and flame tamers are best for you? What Grill Burner configuration is best for a premium cooking style? Let’s have a look!

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Featuring: Chef Tony Matassa
Filmed/ Produced by: Paris Frederick
Logo Animation: Ian Cessna


Molon Labe says:

Treager is thee best period

norm lor says:

thanks so much as I AM looking for a good quality Gas grill for my yard which is VERY small6X3. I bought a tank 2 yrs ago and still have gas in it due to me having a cheap table top bbq. I haven’t finished watching your video and hope it mentions rotisseries as well!!

Abel Sánchez Fernández says: what’s your opinion on Char-Broil Performance 36G? I’m thinking of buying it but not sure about their TRU system…

Jonathan England says:

@Tony Matassa – Good stuff! Very helpful. Also, you sound very much from Louisiana.. am I right?EDIT: Nevermind. just looked at your channel and saw all the other LA related videos.. lol.  great channel and video production. Pls keep it up!

Blue Marble says:

Cheap $80 BBQ grill are the best.

andrew cousins says:

Hey Tony, great vid. Some advice if you can. I have a back burner and rotisserie ( standard not infra red) when I cook with them should I have the lid open or closed for best results? I’ve tried a chicken with lid down and looked good but raw inside slightly? Have I answered my own question? Any advice I’d be grateful


P14YCR says:

Brilliant video, gave me some great tips, this chef Tony needs his own TV Show..

Michael Parks says:

Your video had a lot of information but was mostly geared to higher end grills. Not much of anything was useful for someone with a budget of about $500 for a new grill. I only cook for 2-3 most of the time. I will often also grill a meat and some veggies too. Ocasionaly I may cook for 5 or6. Currently I have a chargriller grillin pro, 6 years old sub $200 from Lowe’s. Its rusting to bits, I want someting better this spring. What is your opinion of Weber Spirit e310 vs Broil King Signent320? Both are available to me at Lowe’s and seem of much better quality than what I have and around 500$

Last Dog Up says:

The right grill is a 22″ Weber and it burns charcoal.

Kevin Schloss says:

I’m a better than average cook…i love to grill all year, snow or sun. I spend an average of 250$ a grill every 2 to 3 years. Everything on the grill is fine except the parts that you need to cook ie. Burners, grates, flame tamers. I would like a suggestion on a grill that can outlast these grills with a guarantee even if I have to pay more.

whtecupcake says:

Excellent presentation, Very helpful. I’m sure your quite the cook as well. Keep the great videos coming. informative and well researched.

wurz elle says:

excellent video

The Gasman says:

Great well presented video not confusing or hard to understand thanks BBQ guys

Ranjit says:

I don’t agree that the rear burner is only good for rotisserie, I have a hi end Webber and found to make awesome pizza on the BBQ you need that rear burner to brown the cheese.

Francesco Barra says:

My name is Francesco. Six months ago I bought Evolution 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel with Side Burner and Infrared Technology at Home Depot in Katy TX and my experience with the grill has not been satisfactory. In fact I want to return it and buy another brand. I am a fan of grills and with this grill it has been fatal for me. The starter has failed me, the paint has been stained, the tires begin to peel off. It does not heat enough. It takes a long time to reach high temperatures to seal the meat. It has many air intakes and it is not efficient to heat. It loses a lot of heat. I had to seal the air intakes with aluminum foil. the ink of the letters is erased when you wash it. very small wheels and they lock. the grill is running with propane gas. already try a new cylinder and opening the key slowly and even heat is not enough. The problem with that barbecue is the design, it has many air intakes and a lot of heat is lost. As you could see in the photos I sent I sealed the air inlets to gain a little more efficiency, but even so it did not seem enough to seal the meat. I do not like that a barbecue cooks the meat instead of sealing it. for that it requires a lot of heat and that the ruts absorb the heat to seal the meat. I had never had this problem with my previous grills. I thought that with nexgril it would rise in category and it was not like that. I have barely 6 months with the stainless steel grill and the painted parts are already stained and covered with aluminum foil to avoid losing the heat. It does not look good for such a short time of use. It is not easy to move on irregular surfaces nor do I recommend it for gardens. This is my experience with only 6 months of using it. I do not recommend it and I would not buy it again. I want to return it to the store. Dissatisfied.

Fausto Naranjo says:

Very good video very professional and to the point, it helped me to decide what grill to buy.Thank you BBQ Guys.

LeoArif1 says:

Sir, you seem to be quite the expert. What grill do you have at home . Please let me know. That’s the grill I’ll go out and buy. Finish/ problem solved! 🙂

cell pat says:

thank you, this video went straight to the point. the only thing is that the perfect grille won’t be cheap.

Vek L says:

Well done

Greg Goodwin says:

Charcoal only no outdoor oven allowed at my house

Cici Campbell says:

Thank you Tony!! You are super knowledgeable!

Cris Thomson says:

Smoking on a gas grill? Please devulge….

Takohma psn says:

Good vid. Never heard of infrared burners before. Sounds interesting

Howie Rader says:

Great vid…new subscriber, thanks!

Midnightsun says:

Very helpful thank you

vasmikey says:

Thx Tony for the fantastic summary. I am looking for a combo type I guess. I want infra red and conventional. Are those available?

Harry Halvstiv says:

For ones, this guy make sense. And that’s not common when it comes to American BBQ’s folks. I’m actually surprised how many Americans that don’t know a shit about BBQ even if they think they do….does…..

tmo_ krdns says:

Thank you much, this video helps a lot.

TLC Outdoor Living | Houston Pool Builders says:

Thanks for the video this is very helpful 🙂

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