The NAPOLEON LEX 485 is a BEAST! I reviewed the grill and it out performed any expectations that I had! Watch my review video and find out if this is the grill for you.

Overall score: 4 out of 5 stars
Of koop je Napoleon LEX 485 bij

This is a really great grill. High quality and super versatile

For my dutch viewers – haal je vlees bij

Packaging & Assembly
+ Strong packaging material
+ Small package for this size grill
– Very efficiently packed, will require to search for parts before assembly
– Assembly takes a long time and requires 2 people
– Old fashion assembly methods (drilling screws)

+ Many extras, back burner, sizzle zone, ice box, chopping board, side trays, warming rack
+ Insulated
+ Large cooking service, 20 burgers
+ Lot of height between the lid and the grill surface
+ Wow factor with lighted controls
+ Impressive size
+ Large storage area
+ Easy to remove drip pan
– I would have loved to see a light in the lid or on handle bar to be standard, to light your grilling surface at night.

Build Quality
+ Thick Stainless steel grill grate,
+ Cast iron sizzle zone grate
+ Light materials used for non-critical parts to safe weight

User experience
+ Reaches desired temperature super fast
+ Reaches very high temperatures
+ Very versatile

Warranty & Service
+ Some parts have a lifetime warranty, others 2-5 years
+ Good value for money

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The Unknown Rebel says:

Mijn reactie past niet helemaal bij het onderwerp van deze video. Maar zou je misschien een x een video kunnen maken hoe jij je bbq’s onderhoud of schoonmaakt.
Heb vandaag m’n weber charcoal grill schoon gemaakt met veel elleboogwerk en vroeg me af of er misschien een makkelijker manier is wat tips en tricks misschien.

Btw Nice grill in de video heb hem zelf niet maar is wel een hele goede keuze om te overwegen ipv een weber gezien de vele opties die je krijgt voor je geld.

Tezido says:

Mean machine! Awesomeness

BigMeat Sunday says:

Nice review Roj, I got luck with mine, all i had to do was put the side wings on and connect an extension cord to power…. kinda took all the fun out of it 🙂

Black Eagle says:

good grill
have fun with him
and i am happy too see new videos with this grill

Loofy 26 says:

Nice and complete ! can’t wait for the Proq GFC 4200 review Joel !! ☺

White Thunder BBQ says:

I hate assembling grills lol

Doc Manhattan says:

Die uitspraak, damnit

David Boulianne says:

cant find a review about the lex 485 with only 3 burner….

souffled says:

Ps tell me how to buy it. I’m in Singapore. Thanks !

SoundsRight says:

but its not a WEBER

Józef Babula says:

www fakt 21.05.2016

MaifeldBBQ says:

I also recommend thus grill. I own it since last year and I love this Grill. Nice Video! Keep it up X.

Birute00 says:

Nice review. I also hate assembling grills.

michael landry says:

nice gasser Roel!

Cremantus says:

Very well presented… thumb up!

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

That’s the exact same model I have Roel. Awesome grill, and great review!

hentai nat says:

Your voice overs has some noice (I am not sure if I am the only one who notices it and gets annoyed.), this might help:
(Or edit the noice out which isn’t practical.)

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