Char-Broil Walmart 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Review

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This is a review of my new Charbroil 4 Burner Grill. I bought it at Walmart but it is very similar to other Charbroil 4 Burner grill models except for the fact that it is not stainless steel on the side burner and other side. I show you what happened to my old grill as well as the grill construction problems I faced. All in all, it looks to be a good, cheap grill.


Uzi Ben-Shalom says:

You should know before you buy.. if you have a gas leak on one of the valve, you will be forced to purchase all
of the valve set.

Steven White says:

Thank you for the review and build tips, I just bought the same grill going to assemble it tomorrow morning because it is way to hot to mess with it today. Appreciate the tips

ronnie pascual says:

thanks your video was very helpful. it helped me along while I assembled this myself.

Julio F says:

Thanks for the tips, I just bought this grill today at Walmart. How is it working for you so far?

Jeremy Pearson says:

I just bought this yesterday, I do have a problem I’m hearing a slight hissing sound but no smell of gas. I only hear it when I am very close to the propane tank.

muse 77 says:

first, cudos for putting that grill together! being female and having no one around this week, i went thru high weeds and alligators just to get one already put together. text instructions have all but disappeared or too confusing. i asked sears if they delivered. yeah for $ 69.00. then its in box in a thousand pieces! so thought i’d have to pay someone to put together. long story short, oops, too late, i bought one put together, put in suv, then found neighbor to unload it. sheeze, hope its worth it!

Steve Davis says:

Hopefully everything is well after the storm. Thanks for the quick response. Ordering the grill today.

Sean Jones says:

just bought this last night – stuck on assembly – can’t find part 33? no freaking part labels

Thomas Carroll says:

I was looking at the next model of this grill but cost was a problem is it a really good grill for the money ? I ended up with char broil model 463720114. 35000 BTUs the main two bar burner and the side is 8000 BTU for $99.99 before tax it was a good deal for me got a propane tank level Gage had a friend of mine who is a professional metal worker put a hole in the lid of my grill to fit a temperature gauge properly I did not have to pay him for that just had to buy the temperature gauge

Omar Quintero says:

just got out at walmart for $99

petrovichluzhin says:

What do you do with that little screw on the hole where the gas tank goes?

Liam MacBeth says:

This model now discontinued but the next model is virtually the same. I did use your video to build mine and it helped. The diagrams are sometimes hard to make out precisely and being precise is a good thing. Why can’t they spare a few words? Thanks for the tips. For my initial burnout with 4 burners at maximum, the temp gauge said 650!

Abdullah Al-Majed says:

how’s the gril now ? do you have an rust or any problems

the prices is high in my country (saudi arabia)
it’s 450$ for the same you have

i want the weber grill but it’s too much 1760$

thank you

6hilltop6 says:

75 bucks for the tru 2 burner infared

Eric DIY says:

Still using it this Summer. It’s holding its own still and cooks great.

Anthony Boyce says:

nice review br,im gonna check one too

Tommy Gunz says:

I have this one, rust is no bueno

Todd Hilgert says:

With a new house came a new grill. I started putting it together, and the base was a bit of a bear. Got thru it and smooth sailing thru the rest of assembly. Ours came with ceramic burner tents so I guess those will go crap in a few seasons. Hoping for some good use. We grill 2-3 times a week, so we’ll definitely get our money’s worth

Philip Wood says:

nice review

Paul Bush Jr says:

i just got this grill and the cover yesterday …I have assembled now.I look forward to getting goong cooking within the next daybor so.

neorick27 says:

How has the grill worked in the few months you’ve got it? Has it rust yet? Any complains?

Fletcher Williams says:

just bought this grill yesterday and it was missing parts from the box.  not a good start.  These missing parts have nothing to do with the actual grilling functions and it does work, however, I really wanted this to go down with no mishaps.

Steve Davis says:

Planning to order this grill today with your recommendation. Any problems since your video? Not worried about putting it together, but how is it in concerns of clean up and flaking? Thanks.

Rudolph Pokorny says:

Question on the side burner hose assembly. There appears to be a rather large gap with a screen around in where the side burner connects to the gas on my grill. Is this normal?

6hilltop6 says:

75 bucks for this model in walmart gurnee il..

michael sommerfeld says:

i bought the sister grill model# 463436215 at HH Greg on sale for $159.00 today. going to use your snafu tips. This is replacing a Char-broil 5 burner + side that after 2 years springs a defective regulator. Once again new grill over parts………

City Lights says:

What happens if you cooked the grill inside your house because power went out will There monoxide forgot what’s it called ?

deamer44 says:

Would you recommend this grill?

JD Williams says:

Dogshit instructions…

Glenn Huschke says:

Hi.  I recently bought this same grill and I was wondering, do you use lava rocks in the bottom?  The last time I owned a gas grill, I used the rocks, but now I can’t seem to find out anything about them.  Are lava rocks not necessary in today’s gas grills?

John Maetta says:

Just got one of these on clearance at WalMart for $79.

Tom Hayes says:

I will rub sticks together before I buy another Char-Broil grill

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