Best Gas Grill Reviews | Top 5 Gas Grills | Best Gas Grill 2017 under 500

Here are our gas grill reviews for the top 5 grills of 2017. We have picked what we believe to be the best grills on the market.

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1. Char Broil Classic 4 Burner review- The Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner is a powerful, affordable gas grill with an array of features which makes it a perfect first choice for your backyard or patio. Versatile cooking arrangements allow for a big or small cooking space. The best feature about this grill is the use of its space. The additional side warming trays/cookers are a great addition and help you get the most out of your grilling.

2. Char Broil Tru Infrared Professional review- Infrared Technology is nothing new, but Char Broil have redesigned their older models to give a fresh face to grilling. This amazing grill has very good and even heating distribution, allowing for high to low heat to be evenly displaced. The best part is that the new efficient design reduces fuel consumption, saving you money. 725 total inches of grilling space.

3. Dyna Glo DGE series 5 burner review- The Dyna-Glo 5-Burner is great for big parties with its ability to cool 24 burgers at a time. It can heat up fast and has above-average heat retention when comparing it to other grills in its class. This grill does not come with too many fancy extra features, however it performs very well being a big grill, especially at this price point.

4. Dyna Glo DGE series 4 burner review- this grill has a double-wall lid to keep the heat in and cast aluminum end caps. Battery powered ignition comes standard. The 4 straight burner tubes are stainless steel, as well as the side burner with cast iron cooking grates and enameled heat tents.There are 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters. One year limited warranty.

5. Weber Spirit Gas Grill review- This grill is designed to be small, compact and affordable, but still get the job done in terms of heat. Putting out a combined 26,500 BTU’s it does just that. Cast iron grates are easy to clean due to the porcelain coating. Fuel gauges and an electronic ignition switch are a nice touch to this great little grill.

These are our picks for the best grills under 500. The title of the best gas grill 2017 can truly go to either one of these great gas grills, just depends on your preference. The top grills chosen here are great for barbecues or any other grilling of your choice. Don’t miss out on choosing the best gas grill for yourself today!

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Edward George says:

thanks so much as I AM looking for a good quality Gas grill for my yard which is very high quality..and i found this in this vedio..Thanks #TopReviews

Daniel C. West says:

Just a tip. You appear to have the grill plates upside down ie ‘pointy side’ up. They should be ‘flat side’ up. Just look at the pictures on their website and you will see what I mean.

Sabrina F. Hodges says:

Your grates are on upside down. The flat side goes up, resulting in wickedly good searing for your steaks 🙂 And no, they are not meant to be turned upside down. But to each their own (I read the rest of the comments and now I am going to leave this here for comic effect. haha ).


So professional


Good one! I need to buy one and didn’t know what to get.

Bonnie C. Stewart says:

I need to put a notation in the video that I was told by about 60 people that the grates were upside and has since been corrected. lol

It’s nice that so many people are paying attention to the details.

Jennifer Jorgensen says:

+bechtoea These model Weber grates are not flat on the bottom. They are shaped just like the larger flavorizer bars that cover the burner tubes below the grates, like this ^^^^^^^.

Emily T. Sullivan says:

+Mark Anderson You’re totally right. I also got the same grill as the guy in the video and set the plates pointy-side up. Then I saw your comment and looked at Weber’s website, and sure enough it’s supposed to be pointy-side down!

Mason Liam says:

Outstanding! Love the Weber Spirit Gas Grill! TopReviewsn is on the spot as usual.

Adam Charles says:

awesome video and guide, thank you so much!

Stephen Kyle says:

i just had my Char Broil Classic grill delivered yesterday. it seems i have made a good decision on its purchase.

Luis Colin says:

this vid is the bomb! I need to get some $ thanks for all the info!!!

Nancy N. Bishop says:

You’re right and about the 20th person to tell me. Lol

Thanks for watching and subscribing!

Dale M. Herrin says:

Great review but I believe your grates are upside down. I checked on the Weber site and they show the grates turned with the flat side up

Colton Wyatt says:

can these grills be used for indoor cooking?

Shannon J. Chong says:

Hi , can these grills be used for indoor cooking?

TopReviews says:

Which is your favorite grill?

Kyle D. Merritt says:

The only issue I’ve had was with the cover which Weber replaced free of charge. I have a video regarding that on my channel as well.

Have no regrets with it. I love it and would purchase again without hesitation

David Johnathan says:

Terrific review!!! Thank you so much!!

Leigh P. Clark says:

You should know before you buy a Char-Broil grill.. if you have a gas leak on one of the valve, you will be forced to purchase all
of the valve set.

Samuel Bryan says:

Great review and well thought out testing!

Rewind Remix says:

hey, lovely vid


Awesome video. How did y’all like the Dyna Glo DGE series 5 burner ?

Paul Oscar says:

Great Video. I’m shopping and this was so helpful. 🙂

Jennifer Harris says:

Terrible review. I like your videos. Super informational.

Angel Elijah says:

Another great review, thanks. I hope you can do one for the higher end gas grills, I’m thinking the Weber Spirit Gas Grill is the top grill.

Cory Anderson says:

Best explanation of how grills should work and what makes a good grill.Thank you.

Paul J. Dean says:

+Dirk Diggler Thank You for your review – Just about to fire mine up for the first time and I had them upside down also! So far I like it. Very straight forward to put together.

Julia Kathryn says:

An absolutely brilliant Video. I learned so much! I’m going to try the bread trick. I think my BBQ has too many vents; I’m going to check that also. Keep up the good work.
It is really appreciated.

Logan Gabriel says:

I have 4 grills from Dyna Glo DGE series now and I love every single one of them!!! The quality is just ridiculous!!! Solid and don’t rust!

Oscar S. Harrington says:

Thank you for this great video. You will make influens even here, in Finland. I will buy Weber-

Maria Susan says:

What a great video

John B. Avendano says:

Thanks for the great video! Very informative indeed!

Alex Tristen says:

I love these review, high quality

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