Spring picnic How to prepare a charcoal grill

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Spring picnic. How to prepare a charcoal grill.
The brazier is a brazier from the peoples of the Middle East, a copper bowl on legs with wide horizontal margins, two carrying handles and a hemispherical lid.
Inside the brazier, put a copper or clay cup with hot (charcoal) coals. The lid has a flattened top, on which you can put dishes to warm food. When cooking, the lid is removed and the dishes are placed on the taganok. Sometimes the brazier is covered with blankets, under which they are heated. It is best to use cast iron braziers that are strong and keep heat for a long time.

There are also so-called table mangals, the basis of which is a lattice, reminiscent of a device for barbecue, which is heated not at the expense of coal, but at the expense of gas. This allows you to use the brazier to make several dishes at the same time, for example, cook a shish kebab next to the garnish.

In the republics of the former USSR, a brazier is often called any device for obtaining coals and cooking roasted meat (shish kebab). Usually it is a metal box, industrial or home-made, with legs. There are also foldable folding braziers, some of which are disposable, since they burn out from strong heating, and their fastening jams. Widely distributed stamped collapsible structures, they are usually not durable due to the thickness of the metal, but they have a low weight, small size and, as a rule, a low price.


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