Review: Portable Folding BBQ – Product Fail

From time to time, venders send us samples of new products, and we put them through our rigorous human testing process. Sometimes they pass our standards but sometimes they don’t. In this humorous video you get a chance to see a product we decided not to sell for obvious reasons.

After I put this Folding BBQ together myself, I realized how absurd the product design was. Then I had Eric and Jenny independently assemble the unit. Everyone had the same problems assembling it, so I decided to have Janet give it a try and I filmed the process.

Janet’s experience was not unique. Our combined experiences/frustrations led us to believe this Folding BBQ is not only disposable after use, it should be disposed of BEFORE use.

Leave comments if you would like to see more videos like this one. We are thinking a “product pass or fail” series of videos might be fun.


Lam rof says:

Wait, this is actually a good product. The only issue I see is the legs will sing on the beach sand.

rushmixtape5 says:

I wish they put some directions on there or even make it so it doesn’t feel cheaply made. I dunno, still think it looks flimsy? I love cooking outdoors so I don’t think I would use it.

Russell Mitchell says:

I think if they changed the legs alittle so that they stay in and so that it goes together easier it might be an ok product. But I don’t think it would hold up very long.

HappyandAtheist says:

I have something similar. I use mine more as a portable fire pit when camping that to cook on.

casullarms1 says:

Omg. TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN to install the legs,

Zoltán Zsíros says:

I am using one that similar to this for around 8 years now. I bought it around 6$ in local money just instead a throw away grill pack for 3$. It well worth that money. Its not rocket sience to set it up.

albert wang says:

I bought two of these for $10 few years age. I am still using the first one. This thing is super light and much better than those 15~20 dollar small BBQ they sell in hardware store. don’t compare it with pyromid or Gelert. They are not in the same price range. This is a nice folding bbq under $10.

james98520 says:

I have to say it screams fail. At least the Sterno folding stove comes with directions and sturdier. Just wish they would come up with a better source to boil efficiently. But this, it looks like it is ready to be the disaster. I would say better off getting a $5 one time use bbq at Walmart.

Aldrin Vargas says:

MAde in china?

David Sediqui says:

We have used this thing over 20 years at a cost under 5$. Then it was a bit rusty…I can really recommend this thing. The people demonstrating need to get the hang of it a bit more. I would recommend them to go to a restaurant 😉 Or come down at my place for a burger.

Thor nameless says:

Gelert Foldable Barbeque has very good feedback on Amazon. maybe you should test that model. People even talk about cleaning it in dishwasher. Probably not the kind of throw away quality you got there..

JonnyBgooD 007 says:

that was painful…

victoria gomez says:

after I use it how to let it cool down, so I may take it back home?

Multivits says:

I have one of these, It cost me about £6 of eBay and i actually think its great! Its clearly not meant to feed a large family but if its just you and a couple of friends than Its more than big enough and stable to handle a few burgers. Plus it packs away to nothing! I also have the yellowstone fold up which is way better but that £20.

VideoNOLA says:

“Pass muster” vs. “Cut the mustard”? Either way, nope.

fattymoko says:

I’ve used huge grills to cook for 200 to ones as small as this 10 dollar one.  Easy, cheap, fast, portable.  For an impromptu picnic for 2 or 4?  Perfect.  Use it for what it’s for.

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